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Tips & Tricks to Get Yeezy Boost

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  • October 28, 2015

This year still has so many colorways of Yeezys by Kanye West to be released.

Every sneakerhead wants to get a Yeezy but NOT every sneakerhead knows how to buy a Yeezy.

We are giving four tips on how to buy Yeezys:

Have a good Sleep:

The day before the big day is also important, we suggest to have a very good sleep since releases will start early in the morning. Early as in 1-2 AM EST early. A good sleep that day will give you an energy “boost” to buy the Yeezy boost 350.

Connect to a fast internet:

Having a slow dialup-speed internet is a bummer. You should have a very fast internet connection to be able to buy from the sites which will release the Yeezy. Do the following:

  • Connect to a wired internet instead of using WiFi connection
  • Use at least 50 mbps speed, if not you have to upgrade your internet or ask your neighbor to host you that day
  • Close all the software that use internet like download managers, movie streaming programs, etc..
  • Move to Minneapolis which has the fastest internet in the world
servers burning on black yeezy boost

Servers when releasing Yeezy Boost

Try on all websites that are selling the Yeezy:

The Yeezy boost is probably releasing on many websites, make sure you try on every single one of them so you can have the best chances on getting a pair or more this time.

We know that most if not all of the websites releasing the Yeezy Boost will crash for a few hours on the day of the release. But we know that some websites have better IT departments than the others, so trying to buy from all those websites will give more chances in case on website went down and the other have not.

In addition to that you can take a look at our AIO Bot which supports a lot of the retailers that are selling the Yeezy boost. AIO will add to cart, checkout the notify you when it buys it successfully.

Visit our homepage or Another Nike Bot website for more information and assistance.

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