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Tips & Tricks to Get Yeezy Boost

By July 28, 2023Sneakers, Yeezy

Get Yeezys - Cop Yeezy - Tips & Tricks to get YeezysWith all the drama going on between Ye and Adidas, no one knows if we’ll ever get to see more Yeezy drops. So if you get a chance to cop some Yeezys, take it! And some Yeezys are dropping next month, so we’re here to gear you up with the best tips & tricks to get your Yeezys.

Take Your Time Setting Up

Your goal here is to cop as many pairs as possible, and you can do it. So investing time in setting up properly before the drop is worth it. Setting up your bots an hour or two before the drops might lead to errors that you could’ve avoided easily if you put in the effort earlier. You might have issues with your proxies, billing info, or bots. And finding out mid-drop isn’t optimal, especially when you don’t know if you’ll ever get another chance to cop new Yeezys.

So start prepping your bots a day or two before the release. Then, test your setup, and make sure everything you’ll use is working. In the end, contact your bank and make sure it doesn’t block any payments or charges that day, to not have any Yeezy charges blocked, and you’re ready to go. And just in case you want some help with the billing issue, VCCs are there to help!

AIO bot facesGet Comfortable with Your Bots

A lot of times during drops, sneaker websites drop new security updates, which forces top sneaker bots to drop updates too to adapt. Your cook group might announce that keywords changed, sneakers early links dropped, or specific sizes got out of stock.

All of what we mentioned requires you to make changes mid-drops, and fast. Adapting and applying these changes requires good knowledge of your bot. The better you are with your bot, the faster you’ll be, and the higher your chances of copping will become. So make sure you’re pretty comfortable with your bot and its shortcuts, to apply the needed changes as fast as possible.

Use consistent bots to get Yeezys

Get Yeezys - Cop Yeezy - Tips & Tricks to get Yeezys

Some bots are good, others are better. What you want to look for though is a consistent one. A lot of bots managed to hit really big on some drops, only to flop on every other release, and that’s not what you need.

You need bots that are consistent, devs that always update their bots and accept challenges. Bots that have active support teams and staff members in their discord server. Bots that have been consistent throughout the years and have been there for all their users.

Add these bots to your arsenal and your copping chances will skyrocket. You can find more about the top bots in the market here.

Get top-notch Yeezy Proxies

Proxies play a major role in botting and copping. Especially when it comes to hyped drops, where you need really fast and reliable proxies to even have the slightest chance to cop.

Not all proxies providers are consistent. And the performance of the proxies of some providers drops after a while if the providers didn’t maintain their proxies pools. So look for providers that are being used the most in your cook group or bot’s discord servers. Ask elite botters what proxies they have been using lately, and grab yourself a few packages.

However, you should also diversify your resources. So make sure to get proxies from different providers as some tend to flop on major drops like Yeezys due to all the load. And try to mix some ISP Proxies with Residentials for even better chances and you’re good to go. More about top proxies providers here.

Join an S-Tier Cook Group

As with everything in life, knowledge is power.

The same concept applies to botting. Knowing what sneakers are dropping, when they’re dropping, and where, is power. Knowing what are the SKUs, if there are any early links, and what the stock is looking like, is power. The more you know the better chances you have at copping!

And you can find all this information in your cook group. This makes investing in a good cook group one of the most impactful things to do. Good cook groups have sources that provide all the information needed to cop any drop. They can provide you with insights into what bots have been doing best, and which proxies are performing better. And they can provide you with the SKUs and early links of specific drops.

You can also find lists of retailers releasing upcoming Yeezys or Jordans, or any other big drop. And the biggest advantage of joining a cook group is sharing experiences with big botters. It’s basically like a study group, but for sneakers. So a good cook group is what you need to get yourself going and start reselling Yeezys and hyped kicks like crazy.

Get Yeezys - Cop Yeezy - Tips & Tricks to get Yeezys

Grab a Good Yeezy Server

While it’s not a must, as mentioned in our sneaker bot server guide, having a good server with high specs and internet speed will always help you get a Yeezy boost. Or Travis Scott shoes, or the upcoming Dunks or Jordans!

Especially if you don’t have a stable internet connection, or if your PC isn’t powerful enough to handle running multiple bots with 100s of tasks each. As that’s what you should be doing if you’re planning on copping the upcoming Yeezys in bulk.

A few more tips to get Yeezys

Finally, make sure you have everything about your setup, and all the release-related info noted. SKUs, Keywords, early links of the Yeezys dropping, everything. This will help you make any necessary changes faster. And it’ll also help you have a better understanding of your setup and what could or needs to be done.

Keep watching both your cookgroup and your Bot’s discord servers, before and during the drops. If your bot was having issues and they applied a mid-drop update to fix it, you want to be on top of it and update your bot fast. If your cook group posted that a specific size or a sneaker is out of stock while others are still in stock, you should know how to swap the tasks with that size and sneakers that are out of stock, to ones that are in stock.

Finally, make friends with expert sneakerheads and botters. They can provide you with great insights on what providers they’ve been using lately to cop, and what bots are best.

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Let’s be honest, copping is not guaranteed. No matter how good your setup is, errors could happen. You might add the wrong keywords or SKUs to your bot, start your tasks too early or too late, your providers might flop, sneakers might go out of stock too fast, and you’ll end up not copping.

But it’s okay, it’s painful, we know, but it’s a part of the game. This game requires consistency, all of those chefs you see copping back-to-back drops started the same way.

So note down your setup whenever you’re running. Look for improvements once the drops are over. And keep on testing till you find the perfect formula that’ll help you cop like crazy.