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[UPDATE] Are the Tom Sachs Allegations True? Uncovering Nike Secrets

By March 30, 2023October 3rd, 2023Nike

Tom Sachs Allegations 2023 - AIO Bot

[UPDATE] You all thought that the Tom Sachs Allegations were the real hell that broke loose in the industry, a couple of months ago? Well, you couldn’t have been more wrong. Because Nike didn’t pull a Dior to their Johhny Depp. On the contrary, the Swoosh decided to do it Adidas style and put a stop to a planned Tom Sachs x Nike release! The Mars Yard 3.0 was set to drop for Holiday 2023. But according to Sole Retriever, “this release may get canceled and scrapped altogether.” Felt that déjà vu, fam? That’s how Ye’s relationship with Adidas started to go rack and ruin until the Three Stripes full-on terminated the partnership

So, Nike has had its fair share of sneaker-related drama over the past few years. And, thankfully, the Swoosh has a pretty good legal team behind them throwing all kinds of lawsuits around. However, most of the time, it’s all about infringement, copyright, or other manageable situations. But now, with the recent news of the Tom Sachs allegations, we’re concerned.

And, so is Nike.

In fact, sources have said that Nike is “deeply concerned” about the “very serious allegations” against Tom Sachs. If we’re going to give this situation a label, we would describe it as a “Balenciaga F-up!”. Yes, it’s that serious. Maybe Nike should focus less on its retailer rules and pay more attention to who they hire! So, let’s get into these Tom Sachs allegations and how much truth they contain.

Content warning: this article contains subject matter readers may find distressing (sexual assault, harassment, workplace violence).


Nike and Tom Sachs started their collaboration in 2012 with the release of the NikeCraft Mars Yard 1.0 sneakers. And, they’ve also recently worked together on Nike GPSs (General Purpose Shoes).

But now, there is news of certain disturbing Tom Sachs allegations circulating online. And, in all honesty, we’re very disturbed. The Nike collaborator has been accused of running a VERY toxic workplace – according to former employees. In fact, they described the experience as demeaning, dehumanizing, and full of violent outbursts and sexually-charged comments. 

Other employees claimed that Tom ran a cult-like office with diet and fitness regimens, matching outfits, and strict communication guidelines. And, this also includes physical and verbal abuse with Sachs calling employees words like “autistic”, “retarded”, and “b!tch”.

And then, one of the more disturbing Tom Sachs allegations is the “r@pe room”. In other words, the storage closet that Sachs allegedly nicknamed himself. Also, apparently in 2016, he renamed the room to the “consent room” – as if that made it any better. Basically, Sachs had an overwhelming lack of no boundaries! 


So, what did Nike have to say about the Tom Sachs allegations? Well, to say the least, Nike’s mortified! 

“We’re deeply concerned by the very serious allegations. We’re in contact with Tom and his studio seeking to better understand this situation and how these issues are being addressed”

But, as for Tom Sachs’ studio, well… Tom Sachs declined to be interviewed and a spokesperson for the studio ‘denied almost all of the allegations. Actually, the Tom Sachs allegations first started circulating after he and his wife posted a job ad. The job had an absurdly long list of requirements and responsibilities for the employee. Check the full list here. Basically, the employee should expect no boundaries or limits for what could be required of them.

And, they had to work nights and weekends.

If that doesn’t scream red flag, we don’t know what does! However, when you drop a black NBA Star like Kyrie Irving for anti-semitic comments… shouldn’t you also serve the same energy for possible harassment, abuse, and mindless labor?

At this point, we’re just waiting for Nike to make a move. @Nike… your move.