Top Sneaker Bot for 2019: Bruh, What’s the Verdict?

By December 24, 2018January 21st, 2021Bot, Sneakers

As the sneaker industry is continuously changing, new sneaker bots join the game on a regular basis. So for an updated list of the top performers in 2020, click here.

With the emergence of a new generation of tech-savvy young people, it seems as though anyone can create a sneaker bot in their bedrooms and start selling it for $300 a key. A wide range of sneaker bots is coming up each and every season. This can make it tricky to choose the right bot for you. But with many major sneaker releases due next year, it’s important to know the top sneaker bot to get in 2019.

Different Types of Sneaker Bots

  • Shopify Bots

A Shopify bot is a software that will help increase your chances of buying limited goods from Shopify sites such as Alife, Bape, CNCPTS, Kith, Palace, and over 100 more. This kind of bot is in high-demand lately, especially that Shopify sites would release all kinds of sneakers and streetwear items. So running a Shopify bot is kinda like killing two birds with one stone. Shopify sites also drop so many of the highly-coveted Nike sneakers, which are almost impossible to cop off Nike SNKRS.

  • Adidas Bots

Copping Adidas is a bit easier than copping Nike. Most of the time. Adidas bots can cop from Adidas websites all over the world. You can run unlimited tasks as long as each task has different shipping and billing information. And don’t forget the proxies! This applies to any kind of sneaker bot. You and your bot won’t make it past the queue with your own IP address. Read more about HOW TO COP here!

  • Nike Bots

Using Nike Bots is a bit more complicated than Adidas bots, as you will need to generate many different accounts and then enter them in the bot. Each account will also need to have different shipping and billing details than the next. ANB SNKRS Bot is an example of an easy to use Nike bot that actually works on multiple Nike stores and SNKRS.

  • All In One Bots

All in One Bots engulf pretty much all of the above. Currently, the majority of sneaker bots are will support Footsites (Champs, Foot Locker, Eastbay, Footaction, etc), Adidas sites, a wide range of Shopify sites, mesh sites, and sometimes even Supreme.

How to Decide?

With so many sneaker bots to choose from, you need an answer quickly. Well, the answer depends on what you need the sneaker bot for. What are your interests, goals, aspirations? Do you see yourself as a reseller? Go for an All in One bot. Do you just want to cop personal pairs? Use a sneaker bot alternative, a smart sneaker extension like AIOX. Do you only want to cop Supreme? Get a Supreme bot.

You can also always go for a new rising sneaker bot, one on the rise with a promising future. And it’s actually easy to tell whether or not a bot will do well on upcoming releases. One major predictor would be the success rate on previous releases. So when a bot cops successfully on Yeezy A drop, chances are it will again on Yeezy B.

To make it easier we’ve made this infographic to help you decide two things; first, which sneaker tool you need, and second, which bot to get based on which sneakers you want. Check it out:

sneaker bot 2019

The Best Sneaker Bot for 2019

The Verdict: You can’t go wrong getting either an All-in-One bot or a Shopify bot.

In fact, an All-in-One bot basically includes a Shopify bot since it supports a number of Shopify sites, and it also supports Footsites (where you can get Nike sneakers), Adidas (where you can get UltraBoosts, NMDs, Yeezys, and more), and mesh sites. Thus, an AIO bot will most definitely give you the best bang for your buck.

But that doesn’t mean it’s always been smooth sailing for sneaker bot developers. Nike and Adidas are always trying to outsmart the bots in order to make the sneaker game fair. Many great sneaker bots of the past have become outdated, inefficient, and extinct because they didn’t keep up with technological advances. You need a reliable sneaker bot that will continue to update itself to come face to face with the likes of Nike and Adidas.

Luckily, there are many All-in-One bots out there such as NikeShoeBot, CyberAIO, EVE, and AIO Bot. Each sneaker bot is equipped with the tools and features needed to make an efficient All in One bot.


cyber sneaker bot

The windows-only CyberAIO supports over 100 sites ranging for Adidas to Supreme. It’s renowned among many for its efficiency, however, it plays hard to get. To buy this bot you may have to get it from a reseller.


Price: N/A
Availability: Out of Stock 

Nike Shoe Bot


Dubbed Nike Shoe Bot, it’s still working to support the brand and namesake. Nevertheless, it has a good reputation among sneaker bot users for its support on a range of Shopify sites, Footsites, Adidas, and more.


Price: $499/year
Availability: In Stock here


eve sneaker botEve is touted to have a high success rate, especially as a Shopify bot. However, it is just as elusive of a sneaker bot as CyberSole. To buy the bot you’ll have to get it from the aftermarket since it releases at random times, like Cyber.


Price: N/A
Availability: Out of Stock


aio bot

AIO Bot, which featured on CNBC, Forbes, Motherboard Vice, has a high number of happy users who have copped 175,000+ limited sneakers using the bot. The magnitude of shoutouts after major releases is direct proof that it maintains high-level performance and stays up to date.


Price: $325 USD
Availability: In Stock here


But of course, the choice is yours. You can bring yourself steps closer to success, or you can risk your efforts becoming obsolete as the world improves and competition increases.