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4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Cop The New Travis Scott Air Max Colorways

By September 8, 2021Nike, Sneakers

Travis Scott seems to be dominating the headlines recently. From his latest Air Jordan collab with Fragment to news on expecting a new baby, he’s everywhere we look. But La Flame’s ongoing partnership with Nike, is what matters to us the most. And just when we thought we only had 1 upcoming drop of his to worry about, THESE COME OUT! 5 new Travis Scott Air Max colorways are in the works, and here are 4 reasons you should not cop them!

Travis Scott Air max1. They Look HOT AF!

The upcoming Travis Scott Air Max colorways are probably too hot for you, too good for your taste, and too cool for you to style! Just like all his collabs TBH. You gotta be willing to take the heat to cop these kicks. 

So the upcoming collaboration will feature the classic & iconic Air Max 1 silhouette. And from all the peeks we’ve seen, we’re looking at 5 different colorways. Raging from muted Grey and brown tones to the newest bold “wheat” colorway, the new Travis Scott Air Max collab should launch during the Holiday 2021 season. 

The 5 Travis Scott Air Max colorways will supposedly stay true to Tinker Hatfield’s OG design. You can find details on the looks here.

According to @py_rates on Instagram, we’re getting “Off Noir, “Baroque Brown”, “Grey Haze”, “Wheat”, and “Saturn Gold” colorways. 

 As with almost all Mockups and sample sneak peeks, the final version might look a little different, making them all more exciting to wait for. And too hot for you to handle.

2. The Travis Scott Air Max Will  Make You TONS of Cash

Hype, exclusive, and hot sneakers flip for a lot! And you may think it’s common sense to go after such kicks, but in reality, not everyone can handle the pressure of making so much money, so fast! So, if you’re scared of fame & fortune, steer away from this collab!

The previous Travis Scott Air Max 270 is currently reselling for $470+. An easy peasy $300 profit per pair! And given that the silhouette wasn’t THAT IN or familiar, we expect the next Air Maxes to do MUCH BETTER!
A quick look on StockX at older releases shows that Travis’ Nike & Jordan kicks hold a price premium ranging from 70% to 2500%. That’s net profit over the retail price!

So, if the new Travis Scott Air Max collab scores anywhere in that range, you have all the right to be intimidated and not cop it. After all, what are you gonna do with all that money? So, you might as well step down and let the real sneakerheads do their work!

Travis Scott Air Max 1 colorways

The Sole Supplier

3. Copping will Feel GOOD!

We’ve all take Ls at some point in this game. Worked our a$$eS of, bought the perfect proxies, rented a pricey sneaker bot, and got NOTHING in return.

Some might’ve gotten so many Ls, they’re scared of joy! Frightened by the feeling of checking out. Immensely afraid of receiving that confirmation email.

Now, if we were to sum up EVERYTHING that could happen on a sneaker release, we’d use a Travis Scott sneaker as an example. They’re limited, hype, unique, and super hard to cop! Therefore scoring a pair of the Travis Scott Air Max will feel out of this world. And if you’re not used to that level of joy, we’d recommend you skip this drop.

4. Sneaker Status

Not all sneakers are made equal. Some are just normal and vanilla you’d rock for the comfort and practicality. But other kicks are made to be FLEXED HARD. They scream style, hype, and MONEY!

The new Travis Scott Air Max collab is one of these. A pair you’d rock to your sneaker initiation ceremony. The one that’ll get your sneakerhead status up in no time. 

If you get to own a pair of these it’s because you either:

  1. Have the best sneaker bot in the game.
  2. Are considered F&F or know a VIP in the industry
  3. You’re straight on RICH and can afford to buy kicks off a reselling platform

So if you’re an average human, laying low and taking it easy,  you should not cop, sell, or even flex a shoe like Travis’ new Air Max. BUT if you’re determined to make a statement in the game, ditch your 9 to 5 job, and cash in on your sneaker love, this drop is your next target!