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Travis Scott Jordan 6 Drop Just In Time for Tea! The British Khaki Jordan

By April 21, 2021Jordan, Sneaker News

Travis Scott Jordan 6 Release Information - AIO BotIf you’re a gamer, you probably know Travis Scott from Fortnite’s Astronomical concert back in 2020! Whereas if you’re a die-hard rager, you know La Flame from his Love Sick days! BUT, if you’re a real sneakerhead in the sneaker industry, then you know Cactus Jack from his epic fly kicks! One of the most beautiful events in sneaker history is the day that the music industry and sneaker industry came together to create the most remarkable sneaker collaboration of all time. The best thing about these collaborations is that they create the most HYPED, most expensive, and above all, most PROFITABLE sneakers ever – the ones that make the most money on resale! So, it is no surprise that the Travis Scott Jordan 6 release is about to be one of the most savage cops of this quarter – if not the whole year!

How to NOT Pay $2,000 on Resale

Travis Scott Jordan 6 Release - AIO Bot - @brandon1anSo, here’s the thing. Travis Scott sneakers have crazy insane resale value – ragers really really want to get a pair of his kicks. This is exactly why you don’t want to be stuck paying resale! How can you cop this Travis Scott Jordan 6 on retail you ask? If you’ve been here for a while, you already know what it’s all about – sneaker bots. The best sneaker bots out there are your ticket to reselling and NOT paying resale. You gotta get a bot that will help you cop this Jordan super fast, without a hitch, and possibly even in multiples! It’s something you can only dream of in a drop this BIG. 

In short, we suggest you go for an all-in-one bot – like AIO Bot – that gives you a chance to cop every sneaker from any brand off of any website. When a sneaker bot supports multiple websites (or perhaps 100+ websites like AIO does), you never have to worry about a sneaker dropping somewhere you can’t reach! Actually, you never have to worry about any sneaker release. You’ll be copping WINS like there’s no tomorrow! And, if you want to cop the Travis Scott Jordan 6 this month, you gotta run a sneaker bot for it. There’s just no other way – unless you’re willing to pay around TWO GRANDS. Check AIO Bot to find out what you’re missing!

Would You Like Some Biscuits With That British Khaki?
Travis Scott Jordan 6 

Although Travis Scott literally lit 2020 in La Flames, his sneakers have yet to make an appearance this year. But, thanks to @brandon1an on Twitter, we got to get up close and personal with his new Travis Scott Jordan 6 British Khaki! So, now we know exactly what to expect. This new Jordan takes us back to 2019 with the Cactus Jack AJ6 since it looks exactly the same but with a few tweaks. The upcoming Jordan 6 features a tan suede upper with stash pouches on the ankle collars and matching laces. We also got a decent amount of branding from Nike Air, Jordan, and Cactus Jack. We got branding on the heel, tongue, insoles, and even the outsoles in bright crimson infrared colors. 

To finish it all off we got a white midsole with a translucent glow-in-the-dark rubber outsole! Now that’s literally a lit pair of Travis Scott Jordan 6 sneakers. Oh! We can’t forget about the special shoebox that comes with a dustbag – we do love our sneaker boxes. This amazing pair of Jordan 6 Travis Scott sneakers drops in full-family size and it even got its own line of matching clothes. 

Cactus Jack AJ6 Drop - AIO Bot - @brandon1anRelease Date: April 30th, 2021
Retail Price: $190
Average Resale: Around $1,500

A Pre-Cop Gift!

We’re feeling very generous today! So, we’ve decided to give you a little something-something to help you in your copping way; a gift if you want. We’re giving you everything you will ever need to cop this Travis Scott Jordan 6, and any other sneaker you want. All you need is a set of specific proxies (here), a very savage strong server (here), and the best sneaker bot for the job, of course (here). And, if you find that you need more help, we’ve got a guide on the ready here to get you going.