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Travis Scott Nike Sharkidon: That Mocha Got Us in a Chokehold!

By September 7, 2023Nike, Sneaker News

Travis Scott Nike Sharkidon Mocha AIOOh what a wonderful place it is, the sneaker industry. Every day we wake up with the mystery of what new rumor we’ll hear about! And well, today’s our lucky day, because Travis Scott and Nike a WORKIN’ it! He might move on from the Jordan 1 as far as we know, but La Flame’s Nike roster is growing. Now, after the Jordan Cut the Check, it seems like we have the Travis Scott Nike Sharkidon to look out for! So, we’ll check that out now because we can’t miss anything mocha-related, can we?

Travis Scott Nike Sharkidon: The Second Original Silhouette!

As we already mentioned, Travis Scott and Nike retired the Jordan 1 collaborations. However, they just aren’t about to let the golden goose that is the partnership go to waste. So, after years of retros and new colorways, Travis will finally get his own original silhouette. The first one is the upcoming Travis Scott cut the Check! But great things always come in two, so La Flame and Nike will give us another original silhouette. We’re lowkey glad they decided to do that too because OGs are always worth the investment!

Travis Scott Nike Sharkidon AIOThe new Travis Scott Nike Sharkidon features a simple colorway. A white leather upper with hemp mesh sits on top of the signature mocha midsole. That midsole takes inspiration from 1997’s Nike Spiridon! Naturally, the kicks feature a modern twist, which is the lateral strap. Kinda reminds us of the late Nike Air Yeezys, and this partnership certainly feels like the perfect replacement. Also, the mocha colorway is an immediate reminder of all Travis collabs. So, kinda feels like it has a chokehold on all of the sneakerheads with a Cactus Jack sneaker inclination! Finally, the kicks feature the signature Cactus Jack branding. Now, what do we know about this release?

Release Details

So far, all we have is pictures that Travis chose to share with us on Instagram… and rumors. The sneakers will most likely drop sometime during the Summer of 2024. While that’s a long time from now, we, fortunately, have a lot to look out for until then! For example, many awesome Jordan kicks are coming soon, all you have to do is check the AIO blog. Oh, that will totally come in handy soon, especially with the holiday season RIGHT around the corner!

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