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Travis Scott Nikes Air Trainers CANCELED? Will This Be the End?

By November 24, 2021September 1st, 2022Nike, Sneaker News

Travis Scott Nikes - Air Trainer 1 - AIO BotNow, although we never consider a sneaker cancellation something reasonable, this time we might actually see their point. The upcoming release of the latest Travis Scott Nikes – the Air Trainers 1s – might just be canceled. And, possibly the entire sneaker collaboration between Nike and Travis Scott too. But why all the heat?

Well, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past month, then you must’ve heard about the Astroworld tragedy. Let’s take a look at what happened and go in-depth as to why we’re all pretty mad at Travis.


Travis_Scott Nikes_ Release Cancelled - AIO BotASTROWORLD – the concert from hell – was the place where countless people fell victim to negligence and carelessness. The Astroworld festival took place on November 5th, 2021 at NRG Park in Houston, Texas. What happened in this concert is the only legit reason for canceling the Travis Scott Nikes.

The concert resulted in the death of 10 people aged 9 to 27 years old. Hundreds more were treated for injuries at a field hospital at the concert venue. The victims got crushed under a surge of fans near the stage. But, to make matters worse, Travis continued to perform almost 40 minutes after the surge began! The big point here is that Travis has command of the crowd. The type of command that could have altered the outcome of this event. 

Of course, it is not clear how much of the chaos Travis could actually see from the stage. Nor when concert organizers became aware of the severity of the problem. With 50,000 people in the crowd, we can’t really say. But, we can’t deny that Travis Scott Nikes will definitely never be the same. In an Instagram video following the event, Scott expressed his devastation about what had happened. Travis later announced that he will fully refund all the attendees for their tickets. 

We extend our deepest condolences to the friends and families of all the victims of this concert. We pray for healing and justice for all the victims and all those impacted by this festival. 


Travis Scott Nikes - Air Trainers - AIO BotOn November 15th, sneakerheads received a notification on their SNKRS app that one of the Travis Scott Nikes got postponed. It was the Nike Air Max 1 collaboration with Travis Scott. Nike pushed back the release out of respect for everyone impacted by the tragic events at the Astroworld festival. But, that is not the only one that Nike postpones, or maybe even cancels. The new Nike Travis Scott Air Trainer 1 collection was also in the works. 

The collection had a rumored release during the Spring of 2022 and included multiple pairs. We’ve received unofficial images of one of the pairs featuring a Light Smoke Grey – Honeydew – Particle Grey colorway. But, the Swoosh might just toss out the entire release of these Travis Scott Nikes. 

Although Travis expressed his grief towards the friends and families of all those impacted, people are still questioning his sincerity. And, of all Nike dramas, this was a life or death situation that cannot be taken lightly. And, we all know Travis’ influence on the sneaker industry and the culture as a whole. So, we can’t blame the Swoosh if they feel worried about backlash.

The fate of the Travis Scott Nikes Air Trainer 1s is still unknown. In fact, the fate of the entire partnership is on the line. The Air Max sneakers will obviously drop at some point. But, how will that go down? We guess we’ll have to wait and see. Just make sure you keep yourself updated by following all our latest blog posts