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Travis Scott Sneakers – Cactus Jack Bringing Up Some La Flame Heat

By May 18, 2021Nike, Sneaker News

Travis Scott Sneakers - 2021 Releases - AIO BotDo you know what Travis Scott sneakers are most famous for? Forget that a lot of them bring some pretty wild colorways on the sneaker table. Forget that one of these sneakers’ designers is La Flame himself! Heck, let’s even forget for a minute that they’re one of the most hyped sneakers of the entire sneaker industry! The thing that makes them most famous is the crazy amount of MONEY we be making off flipping them on the resale market. 

So, our boy Travis first started out playing the sneaker game back in 2017. And ever since then, he has never dropped a single sneaker that ever flopped! That’s gotta be some kinda record. Give the man a trophy, will ya?

This coincidentally works really well for us! First, because sneaker news of this year brings a lot of word about upcoming Travis Scott sneakers. So, second, this means a lot of KA-CHING for us. We’re here to take you on an Astroworld-worthy ride down the line of La Flame’s kicks – all those you’ve missed out on, all the money you could have made, and all the upcoming sneakers you’ve gotta cop! Since Cactus Jack rides the Swoosh, you better make sure you got your Nike bot or a savage all-in-one bot on the ready to jump on the greatest side-hustle in history.

A Feast of Travis Scott Sneakers – Air Force 1s

Nike Air Force 1 - Sail and AF100 - Cactus JackTravis Scott sneakers started out with his venture with the checks – ain’t no checks over stripes questions for Cactus Jack! He started out strong with his very first Nike Air Force 1 in White and Sail – a complete classic! You just gotta make sure you know how to keep’em clean. You can’t go flexing a crusty-looking pair of Air Force 1s. 

And, you also gotta make sure you don’t mess with the sizes! So, make sure you get your size right, or else you’ll be Googling ways to stretch your shoes and tying all kinds of lifehacks. Too bad we can’t go back in time and cop a pair of these Travis Scott sneakers! The AF100 White resells for an average of $1,527 and Sail goes for a little less, around $1,171

Keep in mind that they both retailed for $150. Just gonna leave that there.

Jordan 4 Cactus Jack – The Blue Jordan

Jordan 4 Cactus Jack Retro - Blue JordanEven the Jumpman wants to cop some La Flame heat with the Jordan 4 Retro Cactus Jack! The Jumpman x Travis Scott sneaker collaboration was the beginning of something legen-wait for it- dary! It looks so much like Eminem’s Encore Jordans – which will cost you a couple of organs! But, you can always go for a cheaper dupe with the University Blues!

This bad boy retailed for $225 back in 2018 but holds a crazy massive resale of $1,018. Gotta be kicking your 2018 self in the ass for this L.

Jordan XXXIII Travis Scott Sneakers

Jordan XXXIII Travis Scott - Air Jordan 35The man’s on literal jetpacks when it comes to Travis Scott sneakers! With the Jumpman spirit, La Flame went all the way from the Jordan 4 to the Jordan XXXIII with his Army green sneaker. This Jordan dropped in 2019 and caused a complete AstroThunder sneaker storm. Everyone wanted to cop a pair of these kicks because they knew what was coming their way. The sneaker that initially retailed for $185 now holds a resale value of about $250 – an easy sneaker to make some extra cash!

Highs and Lows with Jordan 1s

Jordan 1 Cactus Jack Brown - High and Low ModelsThe year 2019 was definitely the year for Travis Scott sneakers, bringing us more releases of the Jordan x Cactus Jack collaboration. But, this time, we got a Jordan 1 – the greatest sneaker in all sneaker history!

La Flame must’ve been roasting up some coffee beans or something because his version of the Jordan 1 featured dark brown mocha colorways and the backward Swoosh! He liked it so much that he dropped a low top version of it too!

You can cop both off the aftermarket for $996 and $1,639 for the low top and high top Jordan 1s respectively. Man… That’s lotta money to pay for a brown Jordan with a reversed Swoosh.

Jordan 6 Travis Scott Olive Green

Travis Scott Jordan 6 - Cactus Jack Olive GreenMore of the Jumpman! We ain’t mad though. This Travis Scott sneaker was THE BOMB. It was the major drop of the year 2019 with an olive-green base, infrared accents, glow-in-the-dark outsoles, and tiny little cargo stash pockets on the ankle collars. It literally is one of the best Cactus Jack sneakers out there!

You can still grab a pair of these Jordan 6 Cactus Jack sneakers for around $650 on!

Nike Air Force 1 Cactus Jack

Nike Air Force 1 Low - Cactus JackA huge change from Sail and AF100 – that’s for sure. The Travis Scott sneakers took a turn to the bizarre side with 2019’s Nike Air Force 1s – probably taking inspo from his (at that time) possible brother-in-law, Kanye West. But now everything’s changed. We didn’t get to cop these sneakers, Kanye and Kim are getting divorced, and we ain’t got around $600 to cop these kicks! We miss the old days.

SB Dunk La Flame

Nike SB Dunk Low Cactus Jack - Nike SneakersWe really thought 2019 was IT for Travis Scott sneakers, but he really took us by Astro-storm in 2020! The SB Dunk Nike Travis Scott sneaker that featured in his JACKBOYS music video was the talk of the year! He hooked the Dunks with some paisley bandana prints and a bit of some color blocking action! Not to mention the literal rope for laces. He definitely was hanging way too much with ‘Ye at that time. It even came with a cool special sneaker box option! We love sneaker boxes. Learn about all the useful things you can do with them here!

Of course, the ones with the special box will cost you extra. You can just go for the normal box and buy it off the resale market for an average resale value of $1,651. Easy.

Air Max 270 React Cactus Jack

Travis Scott Air Max 270 React - Cactus JackTalk about some ugly dad shoes. To be very honest with you guys, it’s a strange-looking sneaker. It looks like Stormi took a paintbrush all over the midsoles of the Air Max 270 React Cactus Jack sneakers. It gives complete geology, earthy vibes. This Air Max isn’t the prettiest sneaker out there, but for some reason, that doesn’t matter! Everything goes in the sneaker industry. That’s why a sneaker-like this, with a retail price of $170, has a resale value of around $500!

The British Khaki Jordan 6

Travis Scott x AJ 6 “British Khaki” - AIO BotThe Travis Scott sneaker from 2019 just got a fraternal twin in 2021! The Air Jordan 6 British Khaki, sporting the exact same features of the previous Jordan 6 but with an all-British Khaki colorway! We don’t really know what makes it British, but we do know that it’s selling for 94% over its average retail price of $250. The lucky sneakerheads that got to cop this Jordan back in April are reselling it for an average resale price of around $582!

Upcoming Travis Scott Releases

Travis Scott Air Max - Cactus Jack Air Max Sneakers - PY_RATES - AIO BotHere’s a bit of awesome sneaker news for you! This year we’ve got FIVE different Travis Scott sneakers in FIVE different colorways in the Nike Air Max 1 model! So, you know what this means? It means you get five chances to cop this sneaker! Learn more about the new Travis Scott release and everything you need to prep your feast here.