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Trending Sneakers 2023: Find Out What Sneaker Trends to Follow!

By January 26, 2023Food for thought, Sneaker News

Trending Sneakers 2023 - Sneaker Trends - AIO BotA lot of things happened in 2022 that have fundamentally changed the dynamics of the sneaker industry. And, it might get pretty hard to keep up with the trending sneakers and all the best sneaker trends. It’s a sensitive time… So, you really don’t want to offend anyone with the kicks on your feet or come off super ✨uncool✨.

Basically, here’s what happened – most of the sneaker trends in 2022 won’t go through in 2023. For starters, the drift for most popular sneaker brands is completely different. One of the top 3 changes that have affected the trend lines for the year 2023 include:

  1. Kanye West and Adidas are no longer a thing. So, for the most part, Yeezys are OUT
  2. Nike suspended Kyrie Irving which also means that Kyrie sneakers are of the past 
  3. Although 2020’s year of the Dunk was awesome, 2023 is not going to be the same

Also, trending sneakers don’t stop just at the ACTUAL sneakers. After the whole thing with the StockX fake sneakers scandal, we gotta pick the right resale sites too – fake sneakers will never be trendy. Therefore, it’s not just about the shoes, it’s about WHERE you should buy the shoes in 2023. Click on the button below for the best sneaker resale sites to use in 2023!


Sneaker Trends that are IN Sneaker Trends that are OUT
90s sneakers
Y2K chunky shoes
– Adidas Samba & Gazelle
Sustainable sneakers & ethical fashion
– New Balance 993, 990v3, and 1096R
– Nike Dunks (or Pandas in particular)
– New Balance 550 sneakers
Adidas Yeezy sneakers


Before we get into the upcoming sneaker trends, we have to note that the trending sneakers of 2023 don’t include: all Air Jordan sneakers. Mainly because Air Jordans won’t ever go in and out of style – they’re THE forever trend. So, don’t be surprised by the lack of Airness on this list!

#1 Samba & Gazelle

Adidas Samba Gazelle - AIO BotFirst, some of the trending sneakers making a comeback in 2023 are the Adidas Sambas and the Gazelles. These are the most classic sneakers that you can NOT go wrong with. And, the reason we think they’re coming back in style is because of all the celebrity endorsements!

From Bella Hadid to Kylie Jenner, all the A-list celebrities are wearing them! 

The vibe we’re going for in this sneaker trend is the classic soccer sneaker silhouette with a clean sleek look. And so, after the World Cup, these types of sneakers definitely caught a lot of buzz. Also, Adidas’ latest collaboration with JJJJound on the Samba sneaker is the cherry on top!

Therefore, you should get a few pairs in the classic colorways of your choice and add them to your rotation!

#2 Y2K Chunkies & 90s Sneakers

Chunky Sneakers Trend 2023 - AIO BotNext, another spin on the upcoming trending sneakers is the Y2K and 90s vibe return. The chunky, thick sneaker aesthetic has become a new staple for all your hot girl walks! And, the best thing about them is that they’re hella comfy! 

So, the reason for this trend to come back is mostly because of Gen Z, TikTok, and Gen Z TikToker. But, we’re not really mad about it. We’re getting mini skirts, chunky sweaters, oversized tees, and more. However, we do hope that low-rise jeans do NOT make a comeback.

Surprisingly, some of the brand sneaker trends for this category are not what you expect. The Salomon XT-6 Skyline shoes have been gaining popularity, especially when Bella Hadid put them on. 

The hiking shoes turned NYC street shoes guarantee both style and comfort. Also, the Hoka sneakers – running and trail-ready – have also been gaining traction.

But, for a more familiar vibe, you can always go for your handy-dandy Air Max sneakers. They already come with the 90s, dad vibes.

#3 New Balance FTW

Trending Sneakers 2023 - New Balance - AIO BotFinally, the last trending sneakers for the year 2023 are a no-brainer – New Balance sneakers. Of course, we don’t mean ALL the New Balance kicks. Although we do love the 550s, like the Nike Dunks, they may have overdone it a bit.

So, the New Balance brand has always been synonymous with “dad shoes”. But, considering the entire trend of dad shoes is on the rise, it only makes sense. 

Also, another reason for the rise in the sneaker trend is the sneaker collaborations with New Balance. Some of their greatest collaborations include the one with JJJJound or the most recent one with Joe Feshgoods

This is why there’s a whole online debate on who’s better: New Balance or Nike?

They may not be the most aesthetic-looking sneakers on the market, but they’re very comfy! And, who are we to question fashion?