Two New Yeezys in One Week

By October 19, 2017October 29th, 2020Adidas, Yeezy

How much can our hearts handle?

The Wave Runner 700 orders from August haven’t even been shipped yet, and Yeezy Mafia is already sending out New Yeezy Alerts! In fact, in the same week we were alerted with not one, but TWO New Yeezys!

Introducing The New Yeezys

Numbero uno! The Basketball Yeezy:

Here are photos of Kanye flaunting what seems to be a high-top basketball-esque styled model. The colors of this one give off a Wave Runner-ish vibe, especially with the fluorescent yellow laces. But the suede on the sides gives a way more subtle look than the Wave Runners. And at least the silhouette is not a chubby, chunky dad shoe.

Kanye in new Yeezys

We don’t have news about the name, release date, or if it will even be available to the public. This would be Ye’s first attempt at basketball sneakers. Although We did see something similar to this new Yeezy back in June, anyone remember?


They debuted just in time for the NBAs, what a coincidence! Next to the Yeezy Mafia alert caption for these new Yeezys was a basketball emoji.So It doesn’t get more obvious than that. The 2017-2018 NBA season starts October 20th. Kanye sported these new Yeezys on October 13th. That’s exactly a week before the NBAs start. The timing is so perfect, almost too perfect. YE, YOU’RE SUCH A TEASE!

But the teasing didn’t stop there!

Numbero Dos: The all-white, Yeti looking Yeezy

Yeti Yeezy

In fact, both Kanye West and Kim, have stepped out in an all-new all-white Yeezy. At first glance you could be mistaken them for the “Gum White” Wave Runner 700. However, If you look closer, you’ll notice that this design isn’t a Wave Runner at all and doesn’t feature a gum outsole. 


Unlike the “no release info” in the caption about the Gum Whites, Yeezy Mafia said that these all-white new Yeezys are  “COMING SOON”. That means it will surely be available to the public. But how soon is soon?

It’s weird for a white shoe to drop in winter. But if these chunky whites are going to be released in winter, we suggest you don’t wear them on wet days or in the snow. For some reason they remind us of a “Yeti”. Don’t ask!

Hold up! We’ve just received an update while writing this article! The Yeezy Mafia tweeted a whole new colorway of what’s called the . The new colorway looks like a warm grey and consists of cow leather, suede and mesh. Now we’re thinking about a homeless Yeti wandering far from his igloo, because it melted due to global warming?


Yeezy Desert Rat 500
Apparently Adidas will be replacing BOOST technology with adiPRENE. Wait, WHAT?! BOOST material has been an integral part when it came to defining a Yeezy, ever since Kanye began with Adidas. Moreover, as far as answering the how soon? question, we now know that the Yeezy Desert Rat 500 is expected to drop Spring 2018.

Final Thoughts

We hypothesize that this entire teaser strategy is a way to introduce the new Adidas Yeezy line. These new Yeezys have nothing to do with previous generations, and could be the mark of a new era. So Adidas and Kanye are testing the waters. Furthermore, these new Yeezys look like upgrades to the Wave Runner 700s. We have a gloomy feeling that the V3 could consist of Wave Runner-inspired Yeezys.

Does that mean we’ll have to welcome a new family of similar blocky, chunky, funky-colored looking shoes? Do you think the V2 is saying farewell? Moreover, do you think Adidas and Kanye are letting go of  BOOST technology?

It’s definitely something for sneakerheads to consider. We’re still not sure if we’d cop or drop those new Yeezys. Would you?

Stay tuned for the latest release news, and click here to know more about the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Blue Tint.