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[QUIZ] The 7 Types of Sneakerheads: Which One Are You?

By September 1, 2021Food for thought, Sneaker News

The 6 Type of Sneakerheads - QUIZ - AIO BotBeing in this industry for a while, you’re bound to stumble upon a few sneakerheads every now and then. And, of course, you’ll realize soon enough that not all sneakerheads are made the same.

The more you spend time in this game, the more you’ll notice. There are 7 different types of sneakerheads in the industry. Take this quiz to find out which one YOU are. Then, make your friends take it and see if you should really be friends with them.

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1) What do you think makes a sneaker STAND OUT?

A) Hype and stock level rules!
B) Colorway and sneaker design
C) Sneaker history behind the silhouette
D) Sneaker technology and cushioning
E) Whatever’s dropping!

2) Where do you keep your sneakers?

A) In a custom-designed sneaker storage unit
B) You’re running out of wall space for shelves
C) A pile of boxes in your basement
D) Airtight plastic bags with silica packets
E) No place fancy: bedroom or closet.

3) How do you style your sneakers?

A) Only the trendiest, hyped apparel – gotta stand out, fam!
B) Skinny jeans with their cuffs rolled up
C) Classic jeans all the way!
D) Definitely sleek techwear
E) Sweatpants.

4) Would you camp out in front of a store to cop a pair of kicks?

A) Depends on the kicks
B) I’ll cop it later online
C) Already have my tent set up!
D) Only if it’s a retro or an SE
E) Depends on the resale.

5) You visit a sneaker convention. What can you be found doing?

A) Flexing your ultra-hyped Jordan 1 Retro Trophy Room
B) Hunting for the pair of kicks you’ve saved up for
C) Trying to find the sneakers missing out of your collection
D) You like to find sneakers with the best cushioning!
E) Buying every sneaker you lay your eyes on just for the flip

6) Pick one of Kanye West’s songs to describe your relationship with Yeezys

A) “Flashing Lights” – you probably own a pair of 750s and love to let people know
B) “I Love It” – completely obsessed with whatever Ye’s dropping that month
C)  “We Don’t Care” – overhyped and overstocked
D) “Stronger” – you appreciate some Boost and PK action
E) “Gold Digger” – you only cop them to flip on the resale market

7) What type of music do you usually listen to?

A) Any type of progressive music
B) Travis Scott, JUICE WRLD, Kanye West
C) Old-school hip hop
D) A bit of this, a bit of that!
E) A mix of R&B and hip hop, or whatever’s playing on Hot97

8) If you could have your own sneaker collaboration, what model would you work on?

A) The BIGGEST names in luxury footwear
B) Spitballing with Kanye!
C) A classic Air Force 1 collab
D) With Nike’s Sole Innovation
E) Just gimme a collab!

9) Which sneaker designer do you think is the most EPIC of all?

A) Virgil Abloh/ Balenciaga
B) Kanye West
C) Peter Moore & Tinker Hatfield
D) Yohji Yamamoto
E) Bruce Kilgore

10) What’s your worst sneakerhead experience to date?

A) You had to pay a kid half your age double the retail price for a Retro
B) Sneaker bots took over the most epic release of your life
C) Your favorite beaters took their last step on the pavement
D) Didn’t do enough research and ended up copping bricks in bulk!
E) You found out that your little brother is secretly a sneaker reseller

Type of Sneakerheads

None of the Above – A Cry for Help!
The Hypebeast Sneakerheads – Mostly As
The Yeezy Sneakerheads – Mostly Bs
The OG Sneakerheads – Mostly Cs
The Nerdy Sneakerheads – Mostly Ds
The Reseller Sneakerheads – Mostly Es
The Sneakerhead Who’s High On Something

None of the Above Sneakerhead_ AIO BotNone of the Above

– The Sneakerheads Crying for Help

So, do you feel left out? You couldn’t relate to ANY of the answers? Does this mean that you aren’t a sneakerhead? No. It just means that you need our help. To become a better sneakerhead, know how to deal with sneaker releases, and find your place in the game. Don’t feel discouraged! You gotta start somewhere. Therefore, if you really feel like you belong in the game but don’t know where to start, we got you! Click on the button below to find out what you’re missing! 


The Hypbeast - Sneakerhead_ AIO BotMostly As 

The Hypebeast Sneakerheads

You started out with your love for Supreme, Palace, and Bape. Now you’ve moved on to a much bigger flex – luxury sneakers. You like to cop an expensive drip for an even more expensive flex! No one knows how you make your money, but you got tons of it. Plus, you’ve got no issues paying resale off StockX or GOAT. Also, you have issues styling your expensive apparel together.

Kinda annoying.
Did I show you my new Balenciaga drip?”

The Yeezy Sneakerhead_ AIO BotMostly Bs

 –  The Yeezy Sneakerheads

If it ain’t Yeezy, you ain’t copping. You also probably own every 350 colorway to ever drop BUT you don’t own a pair of Nike Air Yeezys. (You didn’t know about them back then!) Also, you’re probably a teen or someone who relates to Kanye’s midlife crises. And, you think you style your Yeezys better than Kanye, but always wear skinny ripped jeans and longline tees.

You also might be living off a trust fund.
“When everyone goes big, I go small”

The OG Sneakerheads - AIO BotMostly Cs

 – The OG Sneakerheads

You’re the sneakerhead who’s been here since the beginning. You’ve got OG pairs of Air Max 1s, AF1s, and almost all the best AJ1 colorways out there! Yeezy Boost WHO? No way. Those Yeezy kids and hypebeasts are just in for the money and flex. You’re in it for the sneaker culture. You’re also almost always caught talking smack about the sneaker industry and how it changed. And, you probably own a sneaker collection of classics!

Circa 1990s
“These kids ruined the entire sneaker game. This ain’t how it used to be!”

The Nerd Sneakerhead_ AIO BotMostly Ds

 – The Nerdy Sneakerheads

Like the Ds, huh? We’re talking about the options here, of course. You’re all about the sneaker technology, the cushioning, and the brilliance behind a sneaker design. Finding the right sneaker with the perfect amount of comfort means more to you than hype. You’re almost always on RunRepeat, WearTesters, and checking out YouTube reviews. Plus, you know sneaker anatomy more than human anatomy. 

Got 3D printed sneakers?
“ It’ll break-in. The first step is always the hardest.”

The Reseller Sneakerheads - AIO BotMostly Es 

The Reseller Sneakerheads

We kinda love/hate you. You’re a master at copping sneakers online AND at sneaker botting – they come hand-in-hand. You make tons of money on the resale market and are on a first-name basis with lots of other resellers. Your secret? One of the best sneaker bots in the game. You’ve got all the sneaker guides, joined all the cookgroups, got the best proxies, and run multiple servers.

Where did all the stock go?!
“Oh, it retail’s for $220? I’ll give you a special price of $339! Just for you!”

All Over the Place

 – The Sneakerhead Who’s High On Something

Your answers are a whole mess of letters! You’re indecisive, can’t pick a side, and probably don’t know your exact sneaker size. Let’s be honest, you probably wash your Jordans in the dishwasher. DO NOT DO THAT. For heaven’s sake, check out this guide. You also Google “how to stretch my shoes” after always messing up your Jordan or Yeezy size. You bought a Yeezy bot a while back and keep trying to run it on Nike. In short, your life is a total mess of decisions.

You’re definitely high on something.
“It ain’t no fun if the homies can’t have none.” – Snoop Dogg