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The 5 Types of Sneakers You Probably Own in Your Collection!

By September 20, 2022Sneakers

Types of Sneakers - AIO BotYou know what they say: you are what you wear on your feet! Well, kinda! You see, there are 5 main types of sneakers that you could own in your closet. All of which can tell a lot about what type of sneakerhead you are. And, in general, what type of human you are too!

Now, we ain’t judging. But, at the end of it all, to each his own! The sneaker industry is not only one of the most profitable industries out there. But also, it happens to be one of the most inclusive ones you could ever be a part of. And so, there are sneakers catering to every person’s taste. The sneaker culture has definitely grown a lot in the past few years with great influencers of fashion. Everything about footwear and luxury fashion has changed. 

Therefore, more often than not, you will definitely find a few types of sneakers in every person’s capsule. So, let’s talk about the classics, the dynamics of the explosive resale sneakers, the hype, and the high-end! 


Before you get right into all the types of sneakers out there, you have to learn how to buy them! Buying sneakers online is not the same as it used to be. Sneaker buying and reselling is a legit business that a lot of people pursue. People are making a LOT of money reselling sneakers – especially from high-profile shoes.

So, this means that you have to really know what you’re going up against. Luckily for you, we’ve got a great guide on buying sneakers online and how to do it. Click on the button below to check out this guide. You might end up becoming a sneaker reseller yourself after all this!

A Guide to the Types of Sneakers 

The Starter Kit

Casual Kicks - AIO BotThe first types of sneakers are the ones that everyone has in their wardrobe are casual sneakers. Or what we like to call THE STARTER KIT. These are the sneakers that your parents probably bought for you before you had any say in what you wear. But, you still have a sentimental connection to them, and they make you feel nostalgic. 

You can find these kicks in almost any and every closet you come across. If you happen to open someone’s closet and not find like, these kicks… RUN! The typical start pack includes:

The Hype

Adidas Yeezy Type of Sneakers - AIO BotNext, we’ve got another type of sneaker that we liked to call THE HYPE. These are the sneakers that you bought because you were influenced by the trend that was going on. More often than not, you find yourself drawn to whatever is living on your social media homepages. And, more often than not, they’re probably Yeezys! This is also called the Yeezy Effect. Now, once you have this, you can’t ever shake it off.

“The Hype” also includes other sneakers, but with a sneaker designer like Ye, there’s no room for competition. The man drives the hype train himself. And so, if you’re all about the hype, you probably have Yeezy pairs, including:

Court Kicks

Type of Sneakers - Jordans - AIO BotAlso, other types of sneakers include the ones with the technology and performance behind them – aka, COURT KICKS. Now, this is mainly for the people who live in athleisure or basketball shorts. OR people who like to make it seem like their life is together. Either way, these types of kicks definitely are ones that you shouldn’t skip out on for YOUR sake. You need those comfortable and supporting shoes in your life. What you lack in mental stability, you can make up in SOLE stability!

“Court Kicks” are basically performance-turned-lifestyle shoes. So, even if you don’t hit the gym or do any type of workout… The odds are you still own some of these:

  • Air Jordan 1 
  • Nike Dunks 
  • Air Jordan 4
  • Nike Air Max 

The X Factor

Sneaker_Collabs - AIO BotAlso, other types of sneakers that could fall under the hype category as well are THE X FACTOR sneakers. These are definitely our favorites of all the sneaker types on this list. These are the sneakers that result from a collaboration of two or more forces. It brings together the sneaker industry with all kinds of people from across the globe! This could be your favorite rappers like Eminem, a favorite designer like Virgil Abloh, or a musician like Travis Scott.

These are not exclusive to sneakerheads. Most people who buy these kicks are probably fans of the collaborator rather than the sneaker brand. So, if you’re into pop culture, fashion, or design at all… you’re gonna have some of these kicks!

Fancy AF 

Luxury Kicks - AIO BotFinally, the last types of sneakers are the FANCY AF sneakers – aka the luxury and design sneakers. Now the line between luxury and sneakers has long since blurred, thanks to none other than Kanye West. So, your favorite luxury sneaker might as well be your favorite Jordan at the same time. Like the Dior x Air Jordan or Travis x Fragment x Jordan sneakers! However, you still have to be more on the boujee side to be rocking a pair of these kicks.

Also, if you have a pair of these Fancy AF sneakers, there are two possible explanations for that: either you have one of the most epic sneaker bots on your side. Or, you got a couple of grands to spare! So, if you find any of these pairs in your friend’s closet, STEAL THEM!