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TikTok’s UGG Boot Guard Trend is Taking Sneakerheads By Storm!

By November 24, 2022Sneaker Tutorial

TikTok’s UGG Boot Guard Trend - AIO BotWe’ve been in the sneaker industry for a very long time. So, we’ve definitely seen our fair share of ugly sneakers and weird sneaker trends. However, the latest UGG boot guard trend takes the cake!

And, the thing that’s fueling the trend is none other than the short-form video platform, TikTok. This is the place where usually all the strangest trends begin. These protective shields have been going viral lately and naturally, they’ve sold out! Now, as sneakerheads, we totally understand the need to protect your kicks – especially with the upcoming weather change. But… they’re just SO ugly.

So, would you get yourself a pair of the UGG boot guard to get you through Winter? There are a few things you should know before investing in this monstrosity! Also, be warned, shopping for the guard might make you wanna invest in a UGG boot too. Proceed at your own risk.

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The UGG boot guard is a protective guard that guarantees to keep your kicks looking minty and fresh! No more dirty soles, no more wet toe boxes, and no wet socks. Which ultimately also means no more smelly, musty kicks. The slip-on guard comes in a way that any sneakerhead can use throughout the Winter.

It is a silicone rubber-made sneaker accessory that you slip over your shoes. It stretches to fit a range of sneaker sizes and comes with a flat style and round toe. And, it also happens to be very comfortable! Also, to make things even better, they designed it specifically for the wetter weather. This means it offers good traction for snow or rain. And, it comes in different colors. Yay? 

On September 28th, Instagram sneakerhead Tolga posted a picture of his custom coffee-dyed Salomon S/Lab XT-6. But, here’s the twist – he had a pair of tan UGG Boot Guards! After this, the chain reaction started and sneakerheads all around the world started using the guard with different kicks. 


And so, the UGG boot guard hashtag started circulating with over 21 million views on TikTok! People like TikToker Cain Beaudoin displayed the rubber guard with Nike Dunks which made it even more appealing! The fact that they are functional, have multiple uses and keep your kicks clean increase attention to them.

Although a lot of luxury brands are focusing on creating footwear with high rubber outsoles, sneaker brands aren’t. The most popular sneakers in the world are usually not very weatherproof. And, in all honesty, we do not wanna compromise sneaker designs for weather-proofing. So, the UGG boot guard does seem like a nice and easy fix!

You can literally take them off and tuck them away once you reach your destination! And then, you flex your CLEAN kicks all you want! Plus, caring for your soles will definitely increase the shelf life of your kicks. In other words, you get to flex them longer!

So, yeah they do seem like a sneakerhead’s dream come true. However, at $50 a pair, they’re kinda on the expensive side. In fact, with a price point like this, they’d make for the perfect sneakerhead Christmas gift this Holiday season. Definitely worth keeping the soles of your kicks clean throughout Winter.

You can’t flex dirty soles, fam!