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You Won’t Need Another – The Ultimate Nike Proxies Guide

By August 5, 2023August 8th, 2023Nike, Proxies

Best Proxies For Sneaker Copping and Botting - AIO BotHave you ever wanted to lay your hands on one of the newest Jordans, but failed? Had your devices ready to cop one of those sneakers you waited for, only to end up with an L? If you’re a real sneakerhead, one that appreciates a good pair, then you should be willing to do whatever to lay your hands on the sneakers you want and deserve. Whether it’s Jordans, Yeezys, Travis, or any other sneakers. And nowadays, the only way to really increase your chances of copping a limited release, especially on Nike SNKRS, is by using a Nike SNKRS bot. And a Nike bot is not a real bot without Nike Proxies.

What are Nike Proxies?

Nike Proxies are similar to your usual sneakers proxies but with little tweaks. Nike, like most sneaker sites, tries to stop sneakerheads from getting the sneakers they deserve. Mainly by blocking bots or anything/anyone with “suspicious” activities. This is why you can’t use any proxies.

A lot of the proxies on the market, whether they’re from data centers or big proxies providers, are exposed as proxies and thus are flagged. This means they can’t really hide your identity and you won’t get far using them to cop Nike. As their security systems will detect your proxies, figure out you’re using a bot, and then block you.

What you need is Nike Proxies. These proxies are sold by providers that have optimized proxies ranges. These providers take care of their proxy pools and make sure they’re always clean and ready for Nike SNRKS. These are the proxies you need if you’re planning on hitting hard and cop the top Nike Sneakers.

Why do you need Nike Proxies?

SNKRS proxies and bots Vs Nike

When it comes to Nike, drops are like Raffles. You, and thousands of sneakerheads, join these raffles for a chance to cop these sneakers. This leaves your chances to 1 in 10,000 for example, which is not optimal.

Now imagine getting 1000 friends to enter the raffle for you to help you cop. This will increase your chances by a thousand. That would be amazing, right? Well, sadly, I don’t really think anyone has that many friends willing to help you cop. But that’s where proxies come through.

Each proxy is like a different IP address, phone number, and even computer. Adding multiple proxies to your bot to cop from Nike, is like having different people use different devices to cop for you. Get 100 Proxy, and you’ll have your 100 friends enter the raffle for you to get the Jordans you deserve.

What are the best Nike Proxies?

When it comes to Nike, data consumption isn’t an issue, so you won’t really need to worry about going through 10GBs of residential proxies. So if you were wondering whether to use Residential Proxies or ISP Proxies, you can pick any. DC Proxies will be marked, so if you use these your Proxies will most likely get your tasks banned. Therefore they’re not worth the investment when it comes to botting Nike. Stick to your Residential Proxies and Nike ISPs and you’ll be good.

How to Jig Address - Address Jigging - AIO Bot

And just a side note: Not planning on getting both Resis and ISPs to cop Nike, cause you wanna save a bit? We would recommend sticking ISPs. As ISPs will help you warm your Nike Accounts. Some of the tests we ran on Nike showed that using the same ISP on the same Nike account for a while increases your chances of copping.

So if you’ve jigged your addresses well, got yourself good Nike Proxies, and bound them to your Nike Accounts. It’ll only be a matter of time till your Nike accounts get warmed, and you start copping like crazy.

Some Nike Proxies Providers

ISP Providers

When it comes to ISPs, buying Proxies from known/consistent providers is the key to getting the best ones.

Lowkey providers can be decent sometimes and might hit a bit on a drop or two, but their performance won’t be consistent. And that’s a risk you shouldn’t take because your money is involved here. And you’ll miss out on major drops you could flip!

Some good Nike ISP proxies providers like Ape Proxies, Oculus, Porter, or Zenu keep refreshing their pools. Making sure they don’t get overused or burnt out. And if they do get burnt out and you notice bad performance, all you do is open a ticket in their discord server and they will replace your ISPs with ones that work perfectly well.Best Proxies for Bots - SNKRS - AIO Bot

Residential Proxies Providers

Now regarding residential proxies providers, there are only a few that are worth mentioning. These are the major providers that provide resi proxies not only for the sneaker industry but for all the industries that require proxies. Some of these top providers include:

  • Oxylabs
  • Brightdata
  • Smartproxy

These providers charge a lot per GB though, unless you were buying in bulk. But when we say bulk, we’re talking about TBs bulk, not GBs, which will cost you thousands of dollars.

Thousands of dollars on proxies isn’t something an average or /new sneakerhead can afford. But here is the trick, what we recommend is buying proxies from a third-party seller. Proxies providers buy these Residential Proxies in bulk to get the discounts, and then resell for under the initial price you’d pay. More details regarding this are below. 

Getting Your Resi Proxies for Cheap

The following example, including the prices, is a real example. Let’s say you want to buy some Residential Proxies GBs from Oxylabs, one of the best resis providers. If you go to their main site to purchase, you’ll pay $15 for every GB, for orders less than 25 GBs. $300 ($12/GB) for 25 GBs. $600 ($10/GB) for 60GB and so on…

What if you don’t need 60 GBs though, cause let’s be honest, no one needs that many right now. Do you have to pay $15 for every GB you get? No. Do you need to get hundreds of GBs to get better prices? Also no.

Sneakers proxies providers have hundreds of botters that buy from them. These providers can afford to buy thousands of GBs. And thanks to the amount of GBs they buy, they get their GBs for cheap prices, we’re talking $4/GB cheap… Even $2.5/GB! And then they start reselling them on their sites. They do increase the price a bit, but you will be paying much less.

Money_Banner - AIO BotLet us take for example one of the known sneakers residential proxies providers in the sneakers industry. Porter Proxies. If you go to their pricing page, you can see that they offer residential proxies from Bright Data, Evolve, and Oxylabs. While buying a GB directly from Oxylabs, you’ll pay $15 for a GB. Buying the same Oxylabs GB from Porter costs $8.5. And that’s the trick.

If you plan on getting some resis. Look for Providers in the industry that resell proxies from the Top Providers mentioned above for cheap, stock up on resis, and get copping. Good luck!