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Is It Illegal to Buy Unauthorized Authentic Shoes? Everything UA Sneakers 

By April 29, 2023Sneaker News

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Unauthorized authentic shoes: what the hell are they… and, honestly, where can we get some? We’re here to set the record straight on all the rumors circulating around UA sneakers. What they are, whether is it illegal to deal with them, and more. We’re here to see if we’ve been missing out on some sweet sneaker deals! We don’t do fake kicks. But, legit sneakers at reduced prices are what we LIVE for!


When you hear the word unauthorized, you might think of fake sneakers or cheap knockoffs. But, that’s not the deal here. So, what are unauthorized authentic shoes? Well, there are two ways to break down UA sneakers.

The first way to explain what UA would be describing them as grey-market sneakers. Unauthorized authentic shoes are sneakers manufactured in the same factories but sometimes “after hours”. In other words, not under the authorization of the company. They are not 100% legit since they lack proper quality control – allowing more defects and mistakes to pass. Also, they may substitute certain materials for much cheaper products for some of the parts giving it a retail haircut. So, there’s no stopping it from falling apart on your feet.

Another way to explain unauthorized authentic shoes is by thinking of them as sneakers that didn’t make the cut. Kinda sad. This is all related to quality control where UA sneakers have minor flaws or defects. A more common name would be B grades or factory variants!

So, to further explain what unauthorized authentic shoes are, we’re gonna use a simple case study. Imagine you’re going to buy an iPhone but you didn’t buy it from an authentic retailer. But, someone else got the same or similar iPhone parts and put them together. Maybe even in an entirely different country! Would it actually be the same?


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Authentic kicks are the ones with legitimate designs and official retailers marketing the products. Sneaker brands approve both the retailers and the manufacturing process. 

The thing about manufacturing sneakers is that sneaker brands give contracts to multiple factories. Usually, when they manufacture these sneakers, they go over the required amount to account for quality control. Crooked stitching or material damage prevents these shoes from reaching the shelves! For example, instead of producing 50,000 pairs per model, they would produce 20,000 or 30,000 extra. This is to replace the ones that fail the quality standards – which explains the terms ORIGINAL REJECTED.


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So, here’s the big question: is it illegal to buy or sell UA sneakers? No.

Although sneaker brands claim no affiliation to retailers selling unauthorized authentic shoes, it still is not against the law. No one can stop you from selling a product online, BUT you can not claim that it is legit. 

Sometimes paying the retail (or the resale) is just too much to cough up. So, the next best thing would be springing for unauthorized authentic shoes that cost less! This way you’ll get your hands on something close to the original with a smaller retail price!


You can also get authentic authorized kicks from the aftermarket. Places like StockX, GOAT, and Flight Club offer you a space to buy and sell sneakers online. They all offer legit checks to any pair you’re selling or purchasing, so you’re mostly safe there! Now the downsides here would be having to pay extra money over the retail price to secure a pair, and there’s a shady bit about the legitimacy of sneakers. Especially with Nike’s latest accusations and StockX’s authentication tags drama, you can never be 100% sure you’re buying LEGITS!

So, one can guarantee that you’ll get legit UA sneakers. Therefore, the most guaranteed and SAFE option would be buying sneakers from online sneaker retailers… How? By using sneaker bots.

You see, instead of running the risk of wasting money on possible fakes, use your money on sneaker investments. Sneaker bots offer you the chance to cop 100% legit authentic pairs at retail. Just find a bot that has a great history behind it, super powerful features, and HUGE success to back it up. And, luckily for you, you’ve got TONS of options – but only one is the best (as in AIO Bot *wink). Click on the button below to check out all the top bots currently dominating the sneaker botting game!



Finally, where to buy unauthorized authentic shoes? Well, there are certain places to buy UA sneakers that have developed a reputation over time. But, you have to make sure that you’re copping them from trusted sellers. Fake sneakers are so easy to design and replicate nowadays, that you have to be careful! However, sometimes finding a UA sneaker might be such a gem. So, good luck, fam!

*DISCLAIMER* We do not guarantee that these websites sell legit unauthorized authentic shoes. We advise that you take caution when purchasing sneakers off of these websites. Therefore, make sure you do your research and reviews on the sellers.

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