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Top 5 Unreleased Yeezys + the New Friends & Family Pair!

By May 16, 2020December 29th, 2021News, Yeezy

The 5 Unreleased Yeezys - AIO BotWith as many as five Yeezy restocks in May only, it’s hard for us to believe that unreleased Yeezys are a result of anything other than Kanye having a range of moments. Think Yeshaya bleach incident and multiply it by unreleased Yeezys and every Yeezy restock in Yeezy history. It’s about time we understand that the Yeezy King always has a plan. Whether it’s hyping his brand with false limited stock or making unreleased Yeezys a thing. One’s thing for sure, every decision is a well-thought out marketing strategy with profit targeting the “westside”. 

Does Kanye Leave Anything to Chance?

With Yeezy stocks made available, Kanye is publicly milking his hyped-upon-release Yeezys with multiple restocks to make the best out of them. Like with Yeezy Zebra releasing for the fifth time this June. Since he owns 15% royalties on Yeezy sales and 100% of the Yeezy brand. No wonder he’s an official billionaire! It’s like Kanye got the brand hype he originally sought and is now throwing resale businesses that live off Yeezys into the ocean. While he pulls his long-awaited Foam Runner from it! Cat’s out of the box: the Yeezy supply & demand chain is clearly guided by Kanye’s ambition to out box the Jumpman. And maybe even the sneaker industry!

Top 5 Unreleased Yeezys

If you look behind unreleased Yeezys, you’ll find a potential backstory in the scenes. The fact that Adidas controls Yeezy stocks to prevent its brand from being swallowed up speaks Yeezy hype. Although billionaire Kanye West claims not to be a “numbers guy”. There’s a chance Kanye’s US Yeezy production project is his stepping stone toward leaving Adidas. Since he fully owns Yeezys and his fans are likely to follow him anywhere.

Plus he owns up to being a control freak. After all, he left Nike mainly because he felt his creativity restrained. And speaking of control issues, if Kanye has his hand in that fake Yeezy store in China, nothing would be leeching off his empire. But instead deem Yeezy as a luxury brand deserving of its own cheap knockoffs. Some conspiracy theory magnet you are Ye!

Yeezy 350 V2 Red Knight

Yeezy_350 RED KNIGHT - AIO BotThis unreleased Yeezy was part of the 2017 Yeezy 350 lineup. But it was as fictional as the Cheshire Cat it resembles. Kanye released Yeezy Bred in February. Probably to make red meet the earthy Yeezy style guide halfway.  But that year also saw the release of the 700 Waverunner OG and three legendary 350s: Semi-Frozen Yellow, Blue Tint, and Zebra! Listed among the top Yeezys of time. Maybe Kanye knew what he was doing after all. And the mome raths outgrabe…

Yeezy 350 V2 Coral

Unreleased Yeezy 350 V2 CORAL - AIO BotThis glow-in-the-dark 350 had its shine set for summer 2019. But since that summer covered a dark/pastel color palette, we’re thinking this would’ve broken the chain. However, if Kanye had decided to release this pair, it might have put that chain under its little pink collar. Can you imagine copping these for summer sneakers?! Looking back at 2019, the best Yeezy cop of 2019 was the regional 350 Synth. And Coral could have easily competed.

Yeezy_350 DARK GREEN - AIO BotYeezy 350 V2 Dark Green

Although this colorway perfectly fits as your regular 350, Yeezy chose to withhold it. You’ll notice its colorway relates to Yeezy Israfil dropping this summer. If you look at it without the orange side streak. Also omitting Desert Sage’s orange collar, you’ll be able to spot colorway traces.

Yeezy 700 Frozen Yellow

Yeezy_700 FROZEN YELLOW - AIO BotFrozen Yellow equals unquestionable hype in the unreleased Yeezy world. The Yeezy 350 Semi-Frozen Yellow shook the market when it dropped in 2017. And three years later, it’s selling today in the $300-400 range on StockX. So applying that hyped colorway to the Waverunner model is guaranteed success. Instead, Yeezy dropped the super plain 700 Teal Blue in Q4 2019. It’s one thing to own a pair of OG Waverunners and another to wear a pair of dust bunnies on your feet!

Unreleased Yeezy 1050 Sample - AIO Bot Yeezy 1050 “Unreleased Sample”

Why does Yeezy even bother to aim high? Yeezy Tyrian is set for today, not that anybody’s excited. But this unreleased Yeezy is an exception. There are only 5 of it in existence. And it shows another side of Yeezy. This tribute to nature abides by the Yeezy concept but manifests it through a never-before-seen design. A flower oil painting dominates the upper. And the lower half of the shoe visually appears to be dipped in clay. With its display of branch textures and earth tones. We last heard about the 1050 in 2018 when Kanye was still “perfecting” it. Got that camo vibe as well. Which Nike actually released yesterday. And which our bot copped successfully! So when Kanye decides to release this Yeezy wonder, we’ll do just the same!

The New F&F Yeezy That Got Us Drooling Rainbows!

This translucent multi-colored Yeezy 350 is fairy-like in texture. With its delicate scaly exterior that can’t seem to hide the rainbow within. This sample is so far announced for friends & family only. We’re still waiting to find out news about a public release. If Kanye detaches from the Adidas mothership and takes full control, that might happen. Since “Yeezys for all” is his deepest mission, isn’t it? But if status quo is the way to go, we previously got our hands on F&F so fingers crossed for this one! The Yeezy 700 Waverunner started out as F&F for Kim and Kanye’s little ones. And witnessed a public release in kids sizing later on.

So you can either wait and see how Yeezus treats those unreleased Yeezys or get a head start! By benefiting from our extended free license key renewal and copping the latest “real” Yeezys.