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Upcoming Yeezys – What they say about the Brand’s Standing

By September 9, 2021September 28th, 2021Sneakers, Yeezy

Upcoming Yeezys Brand positionWhatever your level of sneaker botting or copping is, looking up upcoming drops must be a part of your daily or weekly routine. If you’re anything like me, your search history includes many variations of words like upcoming Jordans, best Jordans 2021, new Travis Scott sneakers, and upcoming Yeezys. So, mark your sneaker calendars, fam!

With that last search possibly taking over tabs in your browser and head. Like who wouldn’t want to cop & flex the newest Yeezys out there? But there’s something about Kanye West’s shoes and brand that seems pretty off lately! So where do Yeezys stand in the game? And will Adidas drop them the way it let Reebok go?

Upcoming Yeezys 2021

First, let’s take a look at the latest Yeezys to expect in 2021. Although we’ve had high and low months this year in terms of Yeezy releases, the coming weeks hold a lot of new colorways, hype, and hopefully reselling profit!

So, what do we have lined up? Here’s the cop or drop of the year!

September 2021 Yeezy Drops

Upcoming Yeezys SeptemberSo far in September, we had 3 colorways of the “How on earth is this a trend?” Yeezy slides dropping. And following up closely is the Yeezy Quantum in Onyx. Which btw is a fine fine colorway if you ask me. Check it out here.

Next, we’ll have:

  1. Yeezy 700 MNVN “Honey Flux
  2. Yeezy 500 “Brown Clay”
  3. The Yeezy 350 V2 “MX Rock
  • Upcoming Yeezys October 2021

Upcoming Yeezys October 2021

October will bless us with few Highly hyped drops. Upcoming Yeezys in October 2021 include:

4 Yeezys is a lot less than we expect as we near the Holiday season. But Kanye and Adidas more often than not drop unannounced Yeezys. So, we’ll keep an eye.

  • November

Upcoming Yeezys Blue TintMaking a big, welcomed comeback in November 2021 is the Iconic Yeezy blue Tint! The first Blue Yeezys ever, still hold a solid resale price of $500+, making them one of the more expensive Yeezys. But whether this value will drop or not, has so much to do with the stock number, and what Kanye will be up to around release day.

So far, we don’t know of more upcoming yeezys in November. And honestly, we’d like for Kanye to keep it low then, as we’ll be busy doing some Black Friday shopping. Speaking of, you’ll need a good shopping bot to help you kickass this BF, so make sure you get one on time.

  • December

Upcoming Yeezy 450 ResinFor a rainy month, December 2021 looks awfully dry! With only the Yeezy 450 “Resin” scheduled to drop then, we’ll get to be more chill around Christmas and New Year’s. But again you never know when Adidas and Kanye decide to spice things up with new colorways, silhouettes, a restock, or a whole event like Yeezy day.

More Upcoming Yeezys

new Yeezy Tan GreenDateless Yeezys are a real thing in this industry. And as we near the end of the year every year, we’re left with a bunch of Yeezys that didn’t drop. Some of them remain a sample, while others get rescheduled.

But if we do get these 2 Yeezys, Ye will be ending the year on a very high note.
The most interesting drops, we HOPE to get a release, are the all-new silhouette Yeezy 1050 in “Orange”, and a Greenish Yeey 350 V2. Which we gotta say look so similar to one of the most talked-about unreleased Yeezys ever. 

Find all “Maybe” Yeezys here.

Will Adidas Leave Kanye Behind?

Or more like will Kanye let Adidas go?
Yeezys still got it! No matter how much their value fluctuates, they’re still your go-to kicks to cop in bulk and flip for cash. They’re almost always a sneakerhead’s debut kicks, and the cleanest silhouettes to flex. 

But with all that’s going on with Kanye, does Adidas have the capacity to keep up with him? Especially that Adidas recently let go of Reebok, so they seem to be in a mood to drop whatever’s weighing them down.

But again, is Yeezy really such a heavy load on Adidas? In a recent post discussing Adidas’ 2021 performance and the possibility of a big return, we concluded that 5 out of the top Adidas drops this year were Yeezys!  And that says a lot about the value of Kanye for The Three Stripes brand. And how well Yeezys fit on Adidas’ long list of partnerships.

But one cannot ignore the fact that this partnership needs some rekindling. And no, dressing the 350s with new material isn’t enough anymore. Nor is moving the production to the US. We need more to fall in love again! Possibly a 3-way collab? Why not? Everyone’s doing it now, so we might as well see a new name on Kanye’s kicks. Something along the line of the Yeezy D Rose that hasn’t made it to the public yet?