Gum outsoles for the Yeezy Boost Frozen Yellow

By October 18, 2017October 29th, 2020Sneakers

Adidas Yeezy Boosts have been doing so well so far this year. And apparently, they will be doing better! The release date of the Yeezy Boost Frozen Yellow or “Yebra”,  is so close yet so far! But at least, it’s now dropping November instead of December.

Recently, we found some interesting information about the possible EXACT date of the November Yeezy Frozen Yellow release. Here’s a hint, it’s towards the end of November… possibly after turkey day….. ???

Yeezy Boost Frozen YellowAdidas Yeezy 350 Boost V2
Release Date: November 2017
Color: Semi Frozen Yellow/Raw Steel-Red
Style #: B37572
Price: $220

Gum Outsoles on the Yeezy Boost Frozen Yellow

regardless of the sample pictures, some people have been wondering lately whether or not the Yeezy Frozen Yellow will boast a gum outsole similar to the samples Ye’s been sporting. Although renderings of the shoe did not feature a gum outsole, the ones on Kanye’s feet hinted at the possibility. Usually, the samples of releasing shoes that Kanye flaunts look exactly like the real deal. That is unless it was design made exclusively for Kanye.

A day ago, the Yeezy Mafia confirmed these speculations. And according to them, the Yeezy Frozen Yellow, now dubbed “Yebra”, will feature a gum outsole and it will not glow in the dark. And with the Yeezy Mafia stating that, this means all other samples we’ve seen before are FAKE!

One of the pros of a gum outsole is that it’s more rigid than the regular rubber outsole, which makes it more durable. But other than the durability factor, gum outsoles tend to get less dirty than the regular ones, so that’s another plus.

Gum outsoles have been a trend this year and we all know that Kanye is the fashion-forward type of man. Remember how he complied with the dad shoe trend by releasing his Wave Runner 700s? The shoe got a lot of hate from sneakerheads, but the trend was pretty big over the summer and admittedly, had its own target audience.

The Most Limited Run Yet

Before we talk about the release date information, which may be fact or fiction, let us ponder upon what to expect with the Yeezy Frozen Yellow runs.

Since earlier this summer, we’ve been hearing that Yeezy Frozen Yellow will be the most limited release yet. According to the French sneaker site, the Yeezy Frozen Yellow seems to be reserved for Adidas Consortium, which means that the run would have to be limited to retain the exclusivity.

And along with the information about the gum outsoles, the Yeezy Mafia tweeted an official photo that said the stock level for the Yebra will be low. 

Limited Release For the Hype?

Like many, we thought oh it’ll be a limited release for the hype, just like the Zebras. The colorway doesn’t seem to be as popular among the masses as other releases. We were hoping that Kanye is only releasing the Yeezy Frozen Yellow “Yebra” in a limited run just so he can add to the hype. Hence making it more desirable, only to re-release it later on.

However, the Yeezy Mafia is saying otherwise:

Furthermore, the Yeezy “Yebra” will not be releasing on footsites and will retail for $220.

Legit Release Date?

The same French sneaker site mentioned above revealed some interesting information and it makes us doubt our own existence! They’re saying that the exact release date for the Yeezy Boost Frozen Yellow is FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 24th, 2017

That would be Black Friday, which sounds like a perfect day for the release. But remember, this is only a speculation and nothing is official until Yeezy Mafia, says it is. However, it’s interesting to wonder whether or not we have an exact date in our hands. But if it really is Black Friday, we suggest you have the Yeezy Supply website ready and go light on the Thanksgiving dinner so you’re not struggling with a food coma or something.

Yellow is not a fans’ favorite!

Remember when Yeezy Mafia challenged sneakerheads to highlight their Zebras with a yellow Sharpie?  And some crazies (well maybe we should call them brave) actually did it, and even got a prize? *heavy breathing*

Well, it seems that The neon color of the Yeezy Boost Frozen Yellow “Yebra” is definitely not to everyone’s liking. 

Why all the hate?! It’s just a “yellow Zebra”, hence ” Yebra”. You may not be a fan of “Yellow”, but the overall color scheme of Yeezy Boost Frozen Yellow’s primeknit is quite subtle. Well, at least it wins in comparison to the clunky Yeezy Wave Runner. Come on!

Well anyway, it’s still Kanye at the end of the day. Love it or not, it’s already an instant classic!


The Yeezy Boost Frozen Yellow release is only weeks away! We’re not sure about the exact release date, but we’re trying our best to bring you the latest information regarding the release. That means even if it’s a rumor, we can’t just disregard it! We bring you the info, you be the judge! Crossing our fingers for Black Friday! And while y’all are waiting for the Yeezy Boost Frozen Yellow, checkout the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Blue tint.