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Where to Find Or Sell Pre-Owned Used Jordans Online!

By January 7, 2022Jordan, Nike

Where to Buy and Sell Used Jordans - AIO BotSo, you’ve come here in search of places to buy or sell used Jordans. Well, we’ve got you completely covered with 10 different places for pre-owned Jordans!

Sometimes, you OD on a shopping spree and find that you ain’t got enough to make ends meet! Or, maybe you just wanna find a good flex on a budget! There ain’t no shame in that. We all gotta do what we gotta do to make it in this game. If you want, you can even find out where to buy and sell used Yeezys here!

However, if you’re doing this to make some money or turn it into a business, we’ve got something better. Selling used won’t always be constant, steady money. But, reselling new sneakers definitely is! Do you have any idea how much money sneaker resellers make a month? Hint: A LOT! So, if you want, you can learn how to do that and start making some good money! Just click on the button below to find out more!




Where to Buy and Sell Used Jordans I - AIO Bot

POSHMARK is like THE place you find when you’re looking for websites to buy or sell used Jordans. But, what’s the deal there?
Well, POSHMARK is a pretty decent place to buy or sell used Jordans. You might even strike a good deal there! But, the best feature is, you get a full refund if your Jordan never gets to you. Or, if it doesn’t match the description in the listing. So, if you find out you copped a fake, you’ll get a full refund!


So, if you haven’t heard already, eBay might just be the next StockX! Therefore, it’s pretty much guaranteed that you’ll be getting the real deal. But, unlike StockX, eBay does offer the option of used Jordans or other sneakers. And, you can also choose the condition you want them to be in! Check it out here!


And, if you don’t wanna try eBay, you can always go for Flight Club for a more trusted platform. Although eBay is definitely building its rep as a formidable resale platform, some people aren’t ready to try! So, you can always go to Flight Club and check out their selection of used Jordans in different conditions. You can also check out other platforms like Kixify, GOAT, GRAILED, and KLEKT.

Pre-Owned Jordans_ Places to Buy and Sell - AIO Bot#4 SOLE SUPREMACY

On Sole Supremacy, you can choose to buy or sell your used Jordans. You can buy pre-owned Jordans from their inventory, or you can sell your kicks to them! Also, they offer an option for trading kicks in-store. Check them out here!


On the other hand, if you’re very old-fashioned or are a parent of a sneakerhead, you can try Facebook Marketplace. You can find budget-friendly used Jordans to gift your sneakerhead, or if you just wanna sell off their sneaker collection. You get direct communication with the sellers for more detailed information. And, if you wanna sell there, it’s completely FREE!


Although MentalKicks looks like the Craigslist of the sneaker industry, they do offer used Jordans. And, they claim that they only deal with ‘100% authentic or your money back. They handle their online transactions via PayPal. So, at least we can guarantee you won’t get money-scammed. However, although they do claim 100% authenticity, they’ve sparked a huge debate on Reddit. So, it’s a definite gamble! 


Moreover, you’ve always got the sneaker SubReddit r/sneakermarket to buy or sell used Jordans. It’s even better than other platforms because you can post the Jordan you’re looking for with our budget range. But, they do warn you – if the price is too good to be true, it probably is!


Also, Offer Up allows you to buy used Jordans – amongst other, somewhat questionable items as well. You can choose the condition you want them to be: New, Reconditioned/Certified, Open Box (never used), and Used (normal wear). Although they claim to have rules against counterfeits and fake items, you can’t 100% guarantee that you’ll get legit Jordans. So, always do your research. And, if it’s listed for a very sweet deal, it’s probably a fake! 

Places to Buy and Sell Used Jordans - AIO Bot


So, this is where things take a turn to the more interesting! You see, some time ago, people started wondering if the resale industry might come to an end soon. But, as soon as Nike launched their Nike Refurbished program, it was a game-changer. Obviously, Nike saw the potential in resale!

Apparently, Nike “extends the life” of like-new, gently worn, or used Jordans; they refurbish them, AND SELL THEM! We don’t care what they wanna call it, that’s resale. These include sneakers that people have returned or exchanged or ones that had small imperfections. Not to be confused with unauthorized authentic sneakers. The program launched in hopes of helping people responsibly recycle footwear and support sustainable sneakers


Finally, SIDELINESWAP – another awesome place to check out used Jordans. From our research, it seems pretty legit too! However, if you’re looking to sell on this website, you gotta know that they’ve got pretty high fees. In other words, they take a huge cut out of the profit. They take a 12% fee that decreases down to 9% after your fifth sale. So, the more you sell, the better the profit!