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The Best Places to Buy & Sell LEGIT High-Quality USED Yeezys!

By October 20, 2021Sneaker News, Yeezy

Best Places to Buy and Sell Used Yeezys - AIO BotYou know we love being down to Earth and honest with you, fam! Therefore, we’ve found the best places for shameless finds of used Yeezys for you to buy OR sell!

Let’s be real. Yeezys are expensive. And we don’t mean expensive just by trying to buy them on the resale market. No. Now, although the most guaranteed way to buy legit budget-friendly Yeezys is by buying at retail. AKA using the best sneaker copping techniques possible to avoid paying resale. But, that might still be expensive for some people. And, just because you can’t afford the retail, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t belong to the culture!

Every sneakerhead deserves to get the epic feel of the Yeezys they love on their feet! New or old, kicks are kicks – as long as they ain’t no bricks or beaters! Find out more!


Sneaker Boxes - AIO_BotReasons to Buy Used Yeezys

  • You will definitely find more budget-friendly Yeezys
  • You may even find hidden gems!
  • If you learn proper shoe care, they can be your new beaters!
  • If their condition isn’t so bad, you can even resell them for more!
  • You’ll also be contributing to sustainability in fashion

Reasons to Sell Used Yeezys


#1 Sneaker Aftermarkets

Places to Buy and Sell Used Yeezys - AIO BotThe first place to buy (or sell) used Yeezys – or even new Yeezys – are the legit sneaker aftermarket platforms. Of course, while searching for used Yeezys you might come across StockX. But, StockX only takes deadstock sneakers that are brand-new. If you wanna check a full list of places to buy NEW Yeezys, check this! You can also download all their sneaker apps and stay up to date with all the latest releases!

However, for used Yeezys, there are other places you can visit. They’re almost 100% guaranteed authenticity, with full-on legit checks! So, you can make sure that you’re getting the real deal with these platforms. These online sneaker stores include:

#2 Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a great place to cop some used Yeezys locally or even list your own Yeezys to sell. You can filter them out according to the sellers up to a 300+ mile radius. It’s an awesome place to find pre-owned Yeezys under retail.

As a buyer, it’s pretty cool to have direct communication with the sellers. You can go back and forth, ask questions, and ask for pictures! Also, as a sneaker reseller just starting out, Facebook Marketplace is great for you! Especially since it’s FREE to sell there! All you have to do is:Where to Buy and Sell Used_Yeezys - AIO Bot

  • Login to your Facebook page
  • Go on the store icon and access Facebook Marketplace
  • Register as a seller
  • Upload your new or used Yeezys with descriptions
  • Quote the asking price + shipping details
  • Sell your YZYs!

#3 eBay

eBay also gives you the ability to buy or sell pre-owned, used Yeezys! It is one of the most common places to buy or sell used stuff. You can easily register and sign up as a seller on their website. You can learn more about reselling on eBay here

With their Authenticity Check, you can shop sneakers with a better guarantee of “No Fakes, No Fraud, and No Doubt”. It works especially well for authenticating sneakers like Yeezys, Jordans, Nikes, and more.

#4 Reddit r/sneakermarket

This SubReddit r/sneakermarket is also an awesome place to buy used Yeezys and other sneakers. But, it works especially well if you’re looking for a specific model or colorway. You post the sneaker you WTB [Want to Buy], and post the price or budget range. Also, you can opt for trading your sneakers. Just make sure you follow these rules:Where to Sell and Buy Used Yeezys - AIO Bot

  • Pay via PayPal invoice
  • Do not pay via Zelle or Western Union
  • Always ask for tracking numbers
  • If the price is too good to be true, it probably is!


Used_Yeezys Box - AIO Bot

  • POSHMARK is another good website to buy or sell used Yeezys – they claim it takes less than half a minute! And, with POSH PROTECT you get a full refund if your item never ships or does not match the listing description.
  • TRADESY offers a “100% Authentic, or your money back” policy or return for Tradesy Site credit for anything you return. You’ll get a description of the Yeezy condition including how many times it was worn.
  • MERCARI allows you to cop used Yeezys from very poor conditions to almost ‘like new’ conditions. They have an in-app messaging feature to communicate with the seller!

And, there you have it! The 5 best places to sell or buy used Yeezys online! You can also always check certain sneaker consignment stores for awesome deals and finds! Make sure to check out our full list of online sneaker consignment stores here.

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