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Is uSNKRS the Best Nike Bot? Or has it Fallen off the List?

By September 8, 2023September 16th, 2023Bot, Reviews

AIO Bot - USNKRS Bot ReviewThe sneaker resell market is insanely competitive. It’s kind of weird how many people are willing to pour thousands of dollars into one pair of shoes. But, zero shaming here. If you’re that much of a sneakerhead, more power to you. In fact, we’re here to review one of the most known sneaker bots on the market: uSNKRS. If you’re a fan of Air Jordans and Nike Dunks, this one might be up your alley. But, is uSNKRS as good as they say? Let’s dive into this fully honest review so you don’t waste any penny. 

What Is uSNKRS?

uSNKRS is a shoe bot specifically designed to cop Nike shoes. A shoe bot automates the entire process of buying a pair of shoes from task creation to checkout. Sneaker bots are actually the core of the shoe reselling market that generates millions of dollars in profit.

Nike has gone above and beyond with constantly enhancing its anti-bot strategy. Regardless, bots still manage to infiltrate the Nike website and get you the pair you desire. uSNKRS is one of many but is it one of the best


  • Supported sites: Nike SNKRS
  • Operates on: Windows and macOS
  • Availability: In stock 
  • Price: £90 for a 2-month license
  • Where to buy: utools’ store 
  • Number of supported countries: 34

uSNKRS’ Features

AIO Bot - uSNKRS Nike Bot ReviewFor £90 / 2 months, what does the uSNKRS bot offer? Quite a lot actually. 

Calendar and Polls

  • uSNKRs bot calendar loads products, stock, prices, and dates in a user-friendly and easily accessible layout. Its UX/UI stands out from the rest. 
  • Allows you to easily create tasks and decide which sizes you want to enter based on stock.  
  • Offers you access to polls to see upcoming questions on live shows and feeds so you’re always in the loop and can easily get your answers. 

Scheduled Tasks

  • uSNKRS bot offers you the option to schedule your tasks. Some shoe drops happen at questionable times, like very late at night or very early in the morning. 
  • Enables you to set up your tasks at whatever time the night before. So, you don’t have to be up during, the bot handles it for you. 

uSNKRS’ Exclusive Access Checker 

  • Allows you to check all your accounts to see if you’re eligible for exclusive access drops.
  • Enables you to access detailed information about the time of purchase.
  • Displays the products that you have access to.

Customer Support

  • Offers quick and instant customer support through the uSNKRS’ Discord after purchase. 

Active uSNKRS Team

Another important feature of the uSNKRS bot is its team. It’s clear that they’re constantly enhancing the bot. In the last 9 months, they’ve introduced 100 updates to the bot! Someone’s been busy. 

Some of these impressive updates include:

  • Unlimited tasks 
  • Quick edit tasks
  • Statistics dashboard that shows your entries and wins
  • In-app notifications
  • Account testing
  • Extra devices that let you use the same license on two separate devices

So, Is uSNKRS Good?

It’s displayed in bold large letters on the product page that uSNKRS is “by far the most successful SNKRS on the market”. So, how close to the truth is this? Well, sneakerheads are a fan of uSNKRS bot.

The bot’s Twitter account, active to this day, has 38K followers. You can see endless retweets of success snippets and tweets of people expressing their satisfaction. It’s also described as “the most consistent”, “ultra-fast”, “winning at copping and UX/UI too”, and “easy to use”. 

The bot’s UI is clean, but many users find it hard to navigate, mostly due to the amount of features included in it. However, it’s actually priced fairly given how loaded with features it is. Keep in mind that uSNKRS is strictly limited to Nike while other bots cover a wide range of shoe websites, like all-in-one bots

It’s also important to note that the success of a sneaker bot highly relies on how warm your accounts are and how well you set them up with proxies. If you don’t know how to keep your accounts boiling hot, check out this guide!

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