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Fall In Love With These 7 Valentines Day Sneakers for 2023

By January 21, 2023Sneaker News

Valentines Day Sneakers - Valentine Sneakers - AIO BotValentines Day is right around the corner, people. And, what better way to say “I love you” than with a ✨FLY✨ pair of Valentines Day sneakers! So, with V-Day coming up pretty soon, we’ve decided to help you out with some Valentine sneakers. A few options you could consider getting for your significant other.


There is one thing you should consider about Valentines Day sneakers or sneakers as a gift, in general. You see, if your significant other happens to also be a sneakerhead in the industry, you should be careful. So, the thing is, the type of sneaker you choose says something about the relationship. Here are our interpretations:

  • A Nike Dunk: Dunks are the safe zone sneaker gift. We think they mean “we’re having fun! Let’s see where this is going!” It’s not the equivalent of giving your s/o a key to your apartment. But, more of the equivalent of a mixed tape.
  • New Balance: On the other hand, a pair of NBs say “this is a good, stable, long-term relationship”
  • Adidas Originals: No hate for the Three Stripes, but these kicks deliver either two of these messages, “we should see other people. I already am” or, “I’m not THAT into you”
  • Nike Air Force: this is a definite gift for that sneaky link hypebeast in your life. If you get them an AF for V-day, you’ll be saying, “let’s do this again, NEXT YEAR”
  • Reebok: well… hello?
  • Air Jordans: this is the epitome of Valentines Day sneakers! If you get your s/o some Js, you’re saying “I wanna put a ring on it!”

Bottom line is, don’t send mixed signals!


So, now that we’ve established the general genre for Valentines Day sneakers, we’re gonna take it a step further. We’re talking about the sickeningly sweet sneakers, all the lovey-dovey crap that would make you sick. In other words, the sneakers give you that annoying-cute-couple-standing-in-line vibes. You know what we’re talking about. Therefore, if you want to kick it up a notch with actual Valentine sneakers, and go all out… Keep reading! 


If the person you love is actually YOUR person, you’re going to have to bring your A-game. In other words, Valentines Day sneakers just won’t cut it. If you’re serious about earning real brownie points this V-day, get out the real guns. In short, the best gift you could get a sneakerhead on Valentine’s is a sneaker BOT

Honestly, we’d be super impressed if we received a sneaker bot on V-day! That way, they can cop sneakers to their heart’s desire! It is a gift that keeps on giving! So, click on the button below to do some bot shopping!

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❤️ Nike Air Force 1 Low “Valentine’s Day”
Sail-Maroon (2023)

Nike AF1 Cherry V-Day - AIO Bot

Valentines Day Sneakers 2023: February 2023
Colorway: Sail/Night Maroon – Medium Soft Pink
Style Code: TBA
Retail Price: TBA

❤️ Nike Air Force 1 Low “Valentine’s Day”
Sail-Pink (2023)

Air Force 1 Valentines Day Sneakers 2023 - Sail - AIO Bot

Valentines Day Sneakers 2023: February 2023
Colorway: Sail/Pink – Red
Style Code: FD4616-161
Retail Price: TBA

❤️ Nike Air Trainer 1 “Valentine’s Day”
Dark Pony (2023)

Nike Air Trainer 1 - V-Day - AIO Bot

Valentines Day Sneakers 2023: February 2023
Colorway: Sail/Pink – Red
Style Code: DM0522-201
Retail Price: $110

❤️ Nike Air Force 1 Low “Valentine’s Day”
Hearts (2023)

Nike Air Force 1 low - Hearts - AIO Bot

Valentines Day Sneakers 2023: February 7th, 2023
Colorway: Picante Red – Pink Spell – White
Style Code: FD1031-600
Retail Price: $90

❤️ New Balance 57/40 “Valentine’s Day”
Light Pink (2022)

New Balance - Valentines Day Sneakers 2023 - AIO Bot

Valentine Sneakers: May 5th, 2022
Colorway: Pink – Light Pink – Orange
Style Code: W5740VDA
Retail Price: $100
Avg. Resale: $141

❤️ Adidas Ultra Boost 5.0 DNA
Valentine’s Day 2022

Adidas Ultraboost DNA Hearts - AIO Bot

Valentine Sneakers: January 19th, 2022
Colorway: Pink – Light Pink – Orange
Style Code: GX4105
Retail Price: $190
Avg. Resale: $140

❤️ Reebok Club C 85 “Valentine’s Day”
Chalk (2021)

Reebok C Club - AIO Bot

Valentine Sneakers: February 4th, 2021
Colorway: Chalk – Merlot – Chalk
Style Code: FY4138
Retail Price: $75
Avg. Resale: $96