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Virgil Abloh Net Worth [2021] Coughing Up a Sweet Sweet Deal

By June 29, 2021July 15th, 2022News, Nike

Virgil Abloh Net Worth - AIO BotThe Millennial Karl Lagerfeld – Virgil Abloh. The creative and artistic brains behind the rise of luxury streetwear in fashion. And, above all, the pioneer high-end fashion meets sneakers with the Nike Off-Whites. He is a man with many talents and many MANY endeavors in the fashion industry. This includes being one of the highest-paid sneaker designers in the industry. This brings us to the matter of the Virgil Abloh net worth.

Now, you know our mothers raised us right! We know it ain’t appropriate to ask a guy how much money he makes. So, we did what any reasonable sneakerhead in the industry would do! We did our own research to seek out the Virgil Abloh net worth! And, we’ve definitely come to a conclusion. 

So, how much money does Virgil Abloh make? Well, in short, A LOT. But, we know that doesn’t cut it for the most seasoned vets of the game. Let’s get right to it and dive into Virgil’s most private and personal matters! Things we probably shouldn’t be getting into!

Who is Virgil Abloh?

Who Is the Designer Virgil_Abloh - AIO BotBefore diving into the deepest financial matters of the Virgil Abloh net worth, we should get to know him first. There’s more to the man than just being a rich sneaker designer with sick kicks! He is the designer of the Haute streetwear brand Off-White, an entrepreneur, an architect, engineer, artist, musician, AND he’s also a DJ. He is the chief creative director and artistic director at Louis Vuitton AND CEO of his own brand Off-White. Definitely giving Daenerys Targaryen a run for her money on the whole title thing. 

Virgil grew up on the hip-hop and grunge style influences of Nirvana and the Beastie Boys – talk about The Man Who Sold the World! A lover of the Jumpman, as any Chicago-area native would be, Virgil grew up with a passion for sneakers! So, it was not much of a surprise that he would aim for future sneaker heaven!

But, did you know that the Virgil Abloh net worth might actually be the doing of Kanye West? Virgil first started his career in 2009 as an intern in Fendi alongside our man Yeezus! He became Kanye’s creative consultant and later on, creative director at DONDA-Kanye’s creative think.  

But, it was with Louis Vuitton that he found his true calling! Now, the man definitely gets a hefty amount of paper at the end of the month. No cap. 

Virgil’s Paycheck from the Nike x Off-White Collaboration

Off-White x Nike Sneakers Collaboration - AIO BotThe part of the Virgil Abloh net worth that means the most to us is the Nike x Off-White sneaker collaboration. Virgil lived the American dream visiting the Nike HQ back in 2016 to begin his journey with the Swoosh. And so, The Ten were born out of the magic merger of Off-White and Nike. He became another pawn in the game of dethroning and surgically removing Adidas from the sneaker game. He even went head to head with Kanye West’s famous Yeezys!

Apparently, Nike pays its designers an average between $64,019 – $130,587 a year – depending on the designer and collaboration. This is a pretty big sum! A sum that is probably even more monumental than this for Virgil Abloh. With the epic supply-demand skills, his collaboration put Nike ON TOP!

Louis Vuitton Contribution in Virgil Abloh Net Worth

Virgil Abloh Net Worth - Louis Vuitton - AIO BotSo, the director of Louis Vuitton’s men’s wear collection must make a lot of money! An amount that surely makes an impressive contribution to the Virgil Abloh net worth value, right? Well, to say the least, Virgil makes SO MUCH money from Louis Vuitton – it’s not even funny! He even designs sneakers with them alongside Nike like the collection!

Aside from Farfetch acquiring Off-White Company for $675 Million with Virgil owning the trademark, he still gets paid from LV! A part of the Virgil Abloh net worth is the 3 MILLION dollar salary that he gets from Louis Vuitton! Bring on the cash! Now THAT’S a paycheck! The man does work hard to make money at the end of the month – with multiple paychecks rolling in!

In short, on average, the Virgil Abloh net worth is around $20 Million dollars as of 2021!

How much is your net worth?