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The Professional Visual Guide on How to Lace Dunks

By July 13, 2023Sneaker Tutorial

Nike Dunks are one of the most iconic pairs in sneaker history. They’re all over Pinterest styled with the most aesthetically pleasing fits. You’d think that these skater kicks will stay in the skater world but even doctors are wearing them with scrubs. But the question is, how are their laces so neat? If you’ve tried to tie your shoe, you know it can be a daunting task. So to cut the staring contest you’re having with the pair you just copped, here’s how to lace Dunks. 

How to lace dunks

lacing dunks - naming parts

How To Lace Dunks?

Laces can make or break your look. And your feet if you don’t pick the right size, but that’s a different story. So, you can be wearing one of the best Nike dunks in history. But, if you don’t tie them right, they’d look horrendous. And nobody wants that. So here’s how to lace dunks in 5 different ways. 

Before we get into that, let’s make sure we’re on the same page terminology-wise:

  • Aglet: the plastic or metal tip on your shoelaces
  • Eyelet: the whole that your shoelaces go in 

I’ll use the below image to demonstrate all styles. 

#1 Sticking To Basicsbasic shoe lacing style over and under

There’s nothing wrong with going with the basic way to style these Nike dunks. If this is your style, you do you. So many people wear their sneaks like this and it’s perfectly fine. Anyway, there are two distinctive, but very similar structures, to this. Over and Under. 

  • Under refers to the ‘factory style’. This is how most shoes are tied. You tie your shoes by pulling the aglet from (1) to (3) and making it pass through (3) from under it. Then you pull it up, to push it through (6) from underneath. And so on. 
  • Over is an upgraded version of the factory style. You follow the same steps as under but instead of going under the eyelet, you go over it. 

Once you’re done, you can either keep the laces loose at the end or time them bow-style. Or, you can even tie them using the style below. 

#2 Cool Skater Kids

how to lace dunks AIO bot

Again, Dunks are the IT shoes of skateboarding. And skaters do know how to make their shoes stand out. They don’t want them loose at the end but also want to avoid the simple bow tie. 

And so, they do the cross-tie. It looks very cool and lucky for you it’s also very simple to pull off

Once you’ve reached the last eyelets, you’re going to tie your laces using the 4 side holes on each side of the shoe. 

  • Pull the aglet from under (12) and pull it through (14).
  • Then, pull it through (13) from underneath to go through (11) from the top.
  • Finish by making sure the aglets are tucked inside the shoe.

#3 Hitting The BarHow to lace dunks - hit the bar

Is this the part where I teach you how to lace dunks to hit the bar? Yes, but it’s a different bar than you’d expect. 

This style is called bar lacing because the shoelaces are in straight lines… like bars. Disappointing naming, I know, but it gives the shoe a very clean finish. 

  • Take the aglet from (1) and pull it through (4) from underneath it.
  • Then, thread it through (3) from the top to pull it through (7). Then go from (7) to (8). See how we skipped (5) to make sure we can thread it from (7) to (8). We’ll do the same thing on the other side. 
  • Using the other aglet, pull it from (2) to (5). Then from (5) to (6).
    Then, thread it from (6) to (10) to (9) and so on. 
  • Finish by tucking your laces inside the shoe. 

#4 Diamond Kicks 

Cool Skater Kids shoe laces

This is probably the most sophisticated way to lace dunks, or any other shoe for that matter. But, if you’re into that, I got shoe! Alright, it’s a very lame pun, I admit. Anyway, here’s how to lace your Dunks diamond-style.

The key thing here is that you have to put the laces through (1) and (2) by going under them. Not over like usual. And, the main concept is to do a criss-cross then tie a knot, then all over again. 

  • After making sure the laces are in (1) and (2) in the right positions, pull the lace from (2) to (6)
  • Then, from (6) to (4) but this time by going under (4). That’s the “tying a knot” bit. 
  • Starting from (1). Thread the aglet through (5) by going over it. 
  • Now, to “tie a knot”, you’re going to pull the thread from (5) to (3) from under it.  

You’re going to keep doing this. But, as you might have noticed, we’re always jumping one eyelet. Not to let you suffer halfway through, here are the steps, in numbers, for each lace: 

  • First lace: 1 – 5 -3 – 8 -9 – 7 – 11
  • Second lace: 2 – 6 – 4 – 7 -5 -10

And, again, once you’re done, make sure the laces are tucked inside the shoe. 

So, How Will You Lace Your Dunks?

Alright, now you know multiple ways how to lace your dunks. Let me know which style is your favorite. If you’re go-to is the diamond one, you’re definitely a hardcore sneakerhead. We can also help you learn how to lace your Yeezys and Jordan 1s. And since you’re already here, you might already know how profitable it is to get into the reselling business. So, to get you set on the right track, here are the top 3 rules for finding the best shoes to resell.