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What on EARTH is a Walmart Bot? Time to Go On a Shopping Spree!

By July 3, 2021August 10th, 2022Retail

Walmart Bot - AIO BotWhen was the last time you actually physically went shopping? Do you even remember the last Black Friday? We don’t. With all of us working from home and keeping our distance, there’s not much to do other than shop! It’s safer, easier, and a lot more convenient than having to get dressed, drive, and shop. But, with almost the WHOLE world thinking the same way, we all need some competitive edge. Now, the virtual version of this fuss includes a Walmart bot

In a world gone virtual, shopping online has become something very much like the Olympic games! Or, to be honest, more like the Hunger Games because it’s way more brutal. If you think the sneaker industry is competitive, remember that it belongs to a bigger industry of retail. The retail sector on its own is a savage beast – ask anyone who works retail. This might be the driving reason for the dawn of the Walmart Bot! Your very own automated shopping companion!

We should probably preface this by talking about WHY you would BOT Walmart. But, to answer that question, you have to understand the magnitude of Walmart itself!

History of Walmart

Walmart_Bag - AIO_BotThe first Walmart, initially Wal-Mart Stores, opened in 1962 with 10526 stores in 24 countries and eCommerce websites. It is home to almost 2.3 MILLION employees around the world! You can find a Walmart in 49 out of the 50 American states – minus Hawaii. What started as a small discount store has grown to become one of the largest retailers in the world. 

So, if you’re wondering why you would want to bot Walmart, we’ll give you one reason. Walmart makes around $559 BILLION dollars a fiscal year in revenue.

You’ve got billions of opportunities to cop certain items in bulk and make money reselling – like a bunch of PS5s! Add to that, Walmart is FAMOUS for their insanely crazy Black Friday deals. A bot would most definitely come in handy.

What is A Walmart Bot?

Buy YZY Online II - AIO_BotIn light of the whole Feezy issues with Walmart, we think it’s fitting to start considering the concept of a Walmart Bot. The fake Yeezys sold on Walmart barely got the chance to stay up on the shelves before selling out. These fakes are probably out there reselling for a couple of hundred dollars passing for a regular Foam Runner.

So what’s a WalmartBot?

It’s an add-to-cart automated checkout bot that helps you buy limited-run items on In essence, you can buy any item that you want off their site just as you would using a sneaker bot. It can find your item online, select specific variants like color, size, and whatnot, then add it to the cart and check it out. 

Just think of it as a sneaker bot for Walmart that increases your copping chances. That’s exactly how users were able to snatch multiples of the PlayStation 5 and resell them for crazy prices! 

Walmart_Bag - AIO_BotYou know it works REALLY well when Walmart deploys a lot of effort into detecting and stopping these Walmart bots. They’ve got updated bot detection tools and different bot preventive actions. 

Walmart bots have mainly been used to buy consoles that are limited in stock.  The limited stock paired with high consumer demand is what brought Walmart bots into the industry. Add to that the fact that we’ve been at home ever since the beginning of the global pandemic! So, online shopping is inevitable. 


What Does This Mean For Botting?

A Walmart bot could mean one thing for botting in general. It means that bots – including sneaker bots – are gaining popularity every day. After spending so much time in lockdown, online shopping seems like a much more comforting idea than going out yourself. Especially with the shopping and Holiday seasons right around the corner!

That’s why an online buying bot might become a necessity with the increase in competitiveness on limited-run products. For us, it means more chances to make money on the resale market. Who said that becoming a reseller is only limited to sneakers? A sneakerhead can do it all.