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Feezys Are the Ultimate WALMART Save! [Fake Foam RNNRs]

By July 2, 2021Adidas, Yeezy

Walmart Feezys - AIO BotFake Yeezys are something that we’d all be curious about at some point. Especially if they’re better than the original Yeezys! Yeah, we know. It’s pretty unnerving for seasoned vets of the industry to look at a Yeezy, and not know if it’s fake. Feezys are fake Yeezys – the newest and hottest tea in the game right now. Feezys are basically the most epic and sneaky knockoffs you can find on the market. And, who’s better at coming out with fakes other than the multinational retail corporation, Walmart!

Yes, you read that right. Walmart just came out with their own line of Feezys, and Kanye West is NOT happy. Well, more than usual. 

You would be too if a chain of hypermarkets spread out all over the US were making rip-offs of your sneakers. AND, making a whole lot of money out of it. This also does NOT sit well with sneaker resellers all across the globe. Walmart ain’t doing us a solid by selling these fake YZY Foamies. Foam Runners are one of the best shoes to resell and make money from them. So, you can just imagine what a bunch of fakes could mean for resellers.

Feezys… Feezys EVERYWHERE!

New YZY Material - Monofilament - AIO BotWhy are Feezys a big deal to a brand that’s worth billions of dollars? Well, fake sneakers could potentially cost a brand thousands of dollars. Fake sneakers sold by a multinational retail corporation could cost brands hundreds of millions of dollars. That’s the difference. 

The famous slip-on Yeezy that usually retails for around $75 – $80 had a huge cut down in price on Walmart. The Feezys sold for around $25 – $30 in different colorways listed as Daeful Adult Children Summer Beach Shoes Foam Runner. Or, also, Luxury Unisex Summer Beach Shoes Foam Runner.

if you were gonna fake a sneaker, wouldn’t you at least have the decency not to use its name? The Feezys look almost exactly like the Foam Runners – like you literally can not tell by looking at it. This makes us question everything that goes into the entire process of manufacturing Yeezys! They even dropped unreleased colorways for crying out loud!

Walmart Site Listings - Fake Yeezys - AIO BotKanye then proceeded to sue Walmart for the infringement and Walmart has since then pulled the product from the site. Walmart also claims that they do not directly sell the Feezys, and that it’s third-party marketplace sellers. A lot of people online find ways to fake or ‘take inspiration’ from Yeezys. So, not much of a surprise. You can buy multi-colored Feezys or Yeezy-inspired slides off Amazon for around $70. That’s even MORE expensive than the actual Yeezy slide retail price!

Bad Blood?

A lot of people keep trying to find ways to fake Yeezys. A few years back we had the Skechers-Beluga fiasco, and now Walmart? This isn’t the first time Yeezy clashes with Walmart. Last year, Walmart put Yeezy’s new logo trademarking process on hold after claiming that it looks like the Walmart logo.

According to some paperwork in the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, ‘Ye asked for Walmart’s appeal to be dismissed. It also stated that the opposer certainly knows, as does the consuming public, that the last thing Applicant wants to do is associate itself with Opposer. AKA, Kanye does NOT want anything to do with Walmart.


On brighter sneaker news, we’ve got two upcoming Foam Runner releases this July. Original Yeezy Foam Runners. So, make sure you check out all the details and updates on the release here.