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What Are Bots? The 6 Different Types and How They Work

By November 6, 2020September 29th, 2021Bot, Food for thought

What Are Bots - Types and How They Work - AIO BotWhat are bots?
Everyone starting fresh in the industry asks this question. Even the veterans of the sneaker industry have asked this question at some point in their lives. It is the rite of passage in sneaker knowledge to become acquainted with the type of bots in general. And no, we’re not just talking about sneaker bots – although they’re the ones we care about the most!

So, without further ado, get ready to learn about the six different types in the game and how they work. This will definitely help expand your horizon when it comes to their powers! And, although it’s SO good it feels criminal, botting is 100% legal! Therefore, why not make the best out of it?

What Are Bots?

To answer the question, what are bots, you gotta have the minimum understanding of software programs! You don’t have to understand the programming behind them, just understand what they are.

Bots are automated software applications that carry out multiple repetitive tasks without human intervention and at inhuman speed! They use sets of algorithms that programmers design to perform designated tasks – like copping sneakers! Did you know that Nike had a huge part in kick-starting their creation in the first place? It’s a very funny story indeed! Read more about it here!

But, they are currently responsible for more than half of the internet’s traffic. Considering that there are plenty of different types of bots operating at the same time. So, now that we’re got the question out of the way, we gotta discuss the types!

The Different Types

Social Media_Bots - AIO_Bot#1 Social Media Bots

So, what are bots going to do for social media? Well, here’s a rundown of how they work:
– Generate messages
– Infiltrate groups
– Provide daily reports, such as weather and sports updates
– Designed to mimic human behavior but don’t converse with users

Some disguise themselves as human users to manipulate public opinion to their advantage. In order to benefit from stock prices and create long-term success for their owners.

Ticket_Bots - AIO_Bot#2 Ticketing Bots

Okay, maybe not ALL robots were created with the intent of helping. Some of them may have bent the rules a bit too much – like ticketing bots. What are bots like these doing to some purchasing systems? Completely overrunning them!
– They check inventory and purchase tickets faster than humans
– They also purchase much larger quantities – in bulk
– The only types of bots that are actually illegal in the US
– Mass create new accounts for their users to pose as different people
– They are capable of sabotaging public events and businesses. 

Here’s an example: a 5,000 seat concert opens its ticket on sale. A ticket botter scoops up 1,000 tickets in the first minute and another ticket botter buys 500 of the remaining tickets in a few seconds. Desperate fans will either have to pay more for tickets, or they’ll drop the event altogether. Either way, the event either flops or the planners deal with raging customer complaints. 

How Are They Different Than Sneaker Bots?

What are bots gonna do that could be so BAD? Well, ticket bots are capable of jeopardizing businesses and putting people out of work. Sneaker bots, on the other hand, claim ownership over the pairs they cop. The resale market is a BOOMING giant that runs the sneaker copping game.

So, the bottom line, sneaker botting is a fair game AND no businesses are being negatively affected by it. Do you see Nike or Adidas complaining?

SEO or Spiders - AIO_Bot#3 SEO or Spider Bots

AKA web crawlers, SEO, or spiders. Kinda gives you the heebie-jeebies! What are bots like these and what do they do?
– They are automated to browse the web
– Copies and processes web pages on search engines
– Downloads and indexes HTML, CSS, Javascript, images, and content

What about web scrapers? Good spiders crawl across the web retrieving and optimizing useful information. Whereas, web scrapers download web content without permission for malicious and possibly illegal purposes.

Types of Bots - What Are Bots - Chatbots - AIO_Bot#4 Chatterbots

Hey Siri, why am I emotionally constipated? Chatbot, short for chatterbot.
– An AI feature that simulates human conversations mainly through voice command or text
– They interpret the words they receive and provide pre-formulated answers
– They gather information, support, and assist

The only downside to operating a chatbot is that it’s not human! It is only capable of answering straight-to-the-point first-level questions. What are bots of this kind going to give you other than preformulated answers? Well, you might face the challenge of having to break down your questions to your chatbot’s understanding. Other than that, they’re pretty boring. Unless you’re very lonely.

Game_Bots - AIO_Bot#5 Game Bots

The gaming community typically frowns upon this type of bot. Gamers using them are often found out and banned.
– Usually used for First Person Shooter (FPS) and Mass Multiplayer Online games (MMO)
– Players hire them to increase their scores and power through game levels without spending too much time or money 

But, what are bots going to do to the in-app economy? Let’s say an online game charges you $30 per month to play. If you hire a bot to replace your human wits, you might end up winning a level in less than a week. This decreases your monthly fees! And, that way, the money that is supposed to be spent on the game is instead spent on a bot.

Sneaker Bots - What Are Bots - Types of Bots - AIO Bot#6 Retail/Sneaker Bots

Retail or shopping bots are the “new apps” to a fulfilling shopping experience. They are the type of bots that have been here the longest!
– They offer real-time customer service
– Transaction processing
– Personalized product suggestions
– Offer contactless safe shopping experiences
– Opportunities to cop the most epic sneakers EVER

They are definitely not a new concept. But, after a global pandemic strike, copping sneakers from home became even more appealing. The prospect of making insane amounts of MONEY right from the comfort of your home became beyond attainable.

So, what are bots used for in the sneaker industry? It’s pretty obvious, making some CASH! Buying hyped and super limited sneakers without even having to leave your bed. Due to the high demand for popular sneaker releases and collaborations, they help users score the sneakers they want. To either flex, start their own sneaker collection, or flip for higher on the aftermarket. It literally takes the minimum amount of effort as a human being! Just click on the button below to learn more about them!


Everyone Has to Start Somewhere!

Understanding what are bots is the first step towards becoming an epic botter – regardless of the type! We do suggest that you go for a sneaker bot though. It is the only bot with actual money-making potential. 

Keep in mind that the sneaker resale market alone is worth at least a BILLION dollars. And, at some point, every reseller was a rookie who couldn’t tell the difference between bots. But, after reading this simple guide, you’re on the right track, fam!