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What Are Cookies On Websites & How Do They Help Sneaker Botting?

By June 18, 2021September 1st, 2022Bot, Sneaker Tutorial

What Are Cookies on Websites - AIO Bot“We use cookies to optimize your experience on our website and for analytics and advertising purposes. By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy.” How many times have you read this little banner at the bottom of your screen while browsing the web? Most of the time, we don’t even think twice! We all just press YES! But, have you ever wondered what are cookies on websites? Like, why do our web browsers insist on storing them on our computers?

It’s not just random curiosity about baked sweets! Cookies are very important for sneaker botting. And that’s basically the only reason why we’re interested in learning about them on websites. Like, we see your cookies; but, what’s in it for us? What’s in it for our sneaker copping game?

Let us begin our cookie baking lesson, shall we? After this, maybe we’ll cop ourselves a sweet feast!

What Are Cookies on Websites?

So, what are cookies on websites? A cookie – also known as an HTTP cookie, browser cookie, or web cookie – is a tiny little bit of data. Your web browser stores them on websites on your computer while you browse that site.

The initial purpose of cookies is to remember certain information, activity, or even the history of the user – YOU. They also help in saving personal information like your name, address, passwords, credit card information, and stuff like that.

In brief, what are cookies on websites? They are what makes you a normal human being surfing the web. A human being Googling stuff, browsing some Footsites, and just trying to make a purchase! They help online retailers and brands try to cater content and material to YOU by following all your activities and learning your interests. Of course, after getting your consent. All of this is to provide you with a more personalized experience across the web.

How Do They Help With Sneaker Botting?

Get_Cookies - AIO BotThe more time you spend in this industry, the more you see the brilliance behind those who make sneaker bots. Programmers and developers kept looking for loopholes to overcome all anti-bot security measures on sites you buy sneakers from. 

What are cookies on websites? Aside from a marketing ploy for better advertising, cookies on websites are a way for bots to build a more human-like profile! Bots trying to be human? It does sound a bit creepy, we know. But, as long as it works, it doesn’t matter! 

They help sneaker bots pass as humans undetected. Don’t get them confused with sneaker proxies, though! Proxies mask your own IP address so you can appear as multiple HUMANS with different types of proxies. Cookies, on the other hand, just make your activities seem more human. 

It all comes down to your digital fingerprint: browser type, IP address, cookies, extensions, history, and all that stuff. Those are the aspects that make you human! Even the simplest aspects, like the movements of your mouse cursor, can be deemed SUS if not humanlike! If you don’t have valid cookies, odds are you won’t be able to cart or check out sneakers.

You can always use third-party applications to generate reliable cookies like Get Cookies, for a better and seamless botting experience. If you wanna learn more about the things you need for a proper sneaker cop, click on the button below!