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What Are Mesh Bots & How Do They Work? [FULL GUIDE]

By February 22, 2022Bot, Sneaker Tutorial

What Are Mesh Bots - Mesh Bot - AIO BotSometimes, all the sneaker slang and industry jargon might get a bit confusing. There are so many types of bots that you often can NOT keep track of! But, for us, the most important bots are sneaker bots! But, what about mesh bots? Are they the same?

 This is where things get a bit confusing! When you first come across the words “mesh bots” or “mesh sites” you’re probably not gonna understand it much. We’re sneakerheads! The most that pique our interest are Shopify bots, Yeezy bots, Raffle bots, Supreme bots, Nike bots, and AIO bots! But, if there’s money to be made with them, then we’re all ears! Isn’t that the whole point of botting in the first place? To make money?

And, we’re BOT people, fam! Wherever the bots go, we follow! So, let’s get right into this matter and talk all about mesh bots. Are they worth it?

Mesh _ BANNER - AIO_Bot


What Are Mesh Bots - AIO BotBefore we actually get into mesh bots and what they do, you have to understand mesh sites. Because, obviously, mesh bots work on them! So, what are mesh sites?

Mesh sites are basically an eCommerce Platform that connects different eCommerce solutions together. These websites are not hosted on Shopify or Demandware and they come in 2 types: free and premium. The premium mesh (paid) sites feature:
– Higher add-to-cart speed
– The ability to buy products that are OOS or not yet released
– Supports more than one user at the same time when purchasing

Mesh sites do not allow mesh bots to pass through although they are not illegal. So, if they do detect bot-like actions, they will ban you. Same with other types of sneaker bots unless you take necessary precautions, you’re not copping anything. Read more here! Mesh sites also usually have websites (a frontend) and an app (backend). 

In short, Mesh sites host some of the dopest, most hyped releases ever – sneakers, apparel, and so much more! Therefore, with mesh bots, you can cop all the EU releases/restocks you want! Mesh Sites Include:
The Hip Store
JD Sports


Mesh_Bots - AIO_BotFinally, onto mesh bots! What are mesh bots, what do they do, and how do they work? Mesh bots are automated software programs that autocomplete a checkout process. 

They basically work exactly like sneaker bots or retail bots do. If you don’t already know that, click here to find out how!

Mesh bots multitask and help you buy more than one pair of hyped products including super hyped sneakers. It searches for new items, browses the stock, submits orders, and even gives you updates on your transactions. Make sure that the mesh bots you choose offer CAPTCHA solutions and have a PayPal option – not all bots do!


Mesh_Bots II - AIO_BotSo, when you’re on the market looking strictly for mesh bots, you probably won’t find too many! One of the most popular mesh bots is Hawk Mesh which is – sadly – out of stock! Or SneakerCopter that actually retired back in 2021 and is no longer in service!

However, another smarter choice would be going for an all-in-one bot instead! This way you can get the best of both worlds – cop mesh sites and all other sneaker sites too! Just check out their list of supported sites, and see if they got mesh sites listed.

Also, this means that you don’t even have to be limited by mesh sites. Unless you live in the EU region and have absolutely no interest in widening your sneaker copping scope! But, if you’re a serious sneakerhead looking to make a business, you have to think BIG! And, in the world of botting, BIG means all-in-one bots! Click on the button below to check some options out of our list of the BEST bots in the game!