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What Are NFT Trading Cards & Why do They Cost $5 MILLION?

By February 18, 2023NFTs

What Are NFT Trading Cards - AIO BotTrading cards have always been a part of our lives for a long time. The entire hobby of collecting sneakers or even NFT collectibles started with collecting trading cards. This is one of the pillars of the retail industry and also a great way to make money online! Like $5 MILLION Pokemon cards for example? But, what about the virtual world and $5 million NFT trading cards?

Yes, NFT trading cards do exist. But, there’s a huge difference between them and the cards you can find in a box in your attic. So, unless you own an NFT house on a piece of NFT land in the metaverse with an NFT attic full of NFT cards… you’re out of luck. But also, that’s not exactly how they work!

We’re going to get right into NFT trading cards and everything you need to know about them. But, before we actually do that, you first need to know more about non-fungible tokens in general. 

And so much more! There are a lot of things that go into non-fungible tokens. And so, before you get into NFT trading cards, you have to at least know the basics. Especially if you’re a beginner! Click on the button below to join our FREE hub of NFT knowledge. Get everything you need to know about NFTs and industry news!


NFT trading cards are digital collectibles in the form of trading cards that work exactly like any other non-fungible token!

So, the cool thing about them is that they have preserved the essence of the hobby. In other words, the thing that makes trading and collecting cards so special. You see when it comes to baseball cards, paintings, stamps, or even rare coins; there’s a common denominator: rarity.

Basically, NFT trading cards have to be unique and rare. This is what gives them value and makes them so damn EXPENSIVE. And, with non-fungible tokens, this rarity is not just a factor, it’s an asset. NFT rarity is something that a lot of people look after for the purpose of profitability and making money online! Therefore, when it comes to these digital collectibles, investors always look at the rarity score of the NFT.

NFT Aggregator - AIO BotJust like their real-life counterparts!

What started as a money-making hobby in the 90s has now turned into a multi-million dollar business. And, NFTs just made it easier. With NFT trading cards, you don’t have to worry about preserving or protecting the cards. They are all traded and stored on the blockchain!


NBA Top Shot Dynamic NFTs licensed from the NBA
Curio Cards One of the FIRST on the Ethereum blockchain
Candy Digital The office NFT platform for major league baseball
Donald Trump Cards 45,000 Donald Trump collectibles that sold within 12 hours and raised over $5 million
Axie Infinity A collection of digital pet cards

Should you invest in NFT trading cards? Definitely! This is because these types of NFTs offer a lot of value especially when you’re searching for something really rare! So, make sure you check them out!