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What Are Residential Proxies for Sneaker Bots & Copping?

By December 23, 2022Proxies

What Are Residential Proxies - AIO BotIf you want to make money online, then proxies are an essential part of your venture. It doesn’t necessarily just stop at sneaker bots and copping sneakers online. However, when we’re talking about the BEST application for proxies with the GREATEST profit; sneaker copping wins! And so, this is where the residential proxies come into play!

Generally speaking, proxies are different IP addresses that MASK your own IP address. Every proxy you put on is a different mask you wear. Therefore, you can guise yourself as a different person trying to cop the same sneaker from the same website – aka, copping in bulk! They also protect your own personal IP address from ever getting banned or blocked by sneaker websites. But, there are three different kinds of proxies that – although do the same thing – behave very differently.

Choosing the right type of proxies all comes down to what you need the proxy to do. Do you want speed? Or, do you want it to be reliable and stealthy? Keep reading to learn more about residential proxies and their features!


Sneaker Proxies for Sneaker Cop - AIO BotResidential proxies are a type of proxy server that acts as a middleman between your device and the website. A residential proxy is an IP address provided by a Residential Internet Service Provider (ISP). When you’re using RESIs, your internet traffic looks like it’s coming from the proxy server’s location instead of your own.

Also, residential proxies use a different method for masking your IP address – they don’t use data centers. Instead, RESIs use computers or phones connected to typical home ISPs to mask your IP address. This makes them a lot more reliable, realistic, and anonymous. 

Features of Residential Proxies

But, what other features of residential proxies make them so popular? There’s always a method to the madness. And, in the mad sneaker industry, there’s a method to everything. We always find loopholes in any antibot system. So, what does this loophole include?

  • You can have multiple IP addresses at the same time
  • Generate unlimited proxies and add them to your sneaker bot
  • Generate proxies from any region (US, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia)
  • Limited data usage
  • Ping range between 1000 and 5000 ms

Although residential proxies give you the chance to generate an unlimited number of proxies from across the globe, you still have a data usage limit. This means you have to plan out the number of tasks you run and how long you keep them running. Also, some plans have an expiration date so you have to use them before that!

In short, if you’re hitting a site that heavily bans proxies, if you’ve gotta run heavy tasks, or if you’re on a budget; go for RESIDENTIAL PROXIES.

Where To Buy RESI Plans

– Ape Proxies starting at $20
– ChiProxies starting at $25
– OculusProxies starting at $50
– PookyyAIO starting at $20

You can also check out this list of the best proxy server providers by clicking on the button below. You can find all the best websites to buy all the proxies you need.