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What Are Team Jordans Shoes & Why Do People Hate Them?

By October 26, 2023Jordan, Nike

What Are Team Jordans Shoes - Team Jordan Sneakers Guide - AIO BotSo, whether you’re a 90s kid or a confused sneakerhead, at some point, we’ve all wondered about “Team Jordans”. What are Team Jordans shoes, and why do people apparently hate them so much? What’s the story behind them? Also, whatever happened to them?

One of the most monumental parts of sneaker history, particularly Air Jordan history, includes this expansion of Jordan sneakers. And, considering these are legit Jordans at a cheaper price, it’s something we are VERY interested in! Therefore, let’s dive deep into history and find out more about these weird Js.


Back in the mid-90s, the Jordan Brand decided to separate from Nike and create its very own entity. In other words, take flight from under the Nike Wings! So, this ultimately meant creating a complete line of sneakers as part of an expansion pack for Air Jordans. And that is how Team Jordans shoes came to be!

But, what are Team Jordans shoes offering that the Air Jordans couldn’t? Well, you could look at them the same way you would look at the Nike Dunks Air Jordan 1 situation. The Jordan Brand wanted to release sneakers that were more accessible, had the same high-quality performance, and looked like Jordans! And so, the Jordan spin-off “Jordan Teams” debuted in 1997. However, unlike the Nike Dunks, the model wasn’t met with much enthusiasm. Some people thought they were knock-off cheap Jordans, others were just happy to get Jordans!

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So, the first Team Jordans shoes dropped in 1997 called the Jumpman Pro that Kevin Garnett wore. Other endorsements in Team Jordan included Ray Allen, Vin Baker, Eddie Jones, Derek Anderson, and Michael Finley! Even Michael Jordan himself wore Team Jordans in his last game at the United Center in 2003. It was his final NBA game in Chicago, and MJ decided to wear a pair of Jumpman Team FBIs!

Now, let’s check out the best Jordan Team Jordan shoes to ever drop! 

#1 Team Jordans Shoes Jumpman Quick 6

Team Jordans Shoes Jumpman Quick 6 - AIO BotYear Released: 1998
Price: $125

To start, we’ve got Team Jordans shoes Jordan Jumpman Quick 6, which was first endorsed by Eddie Jones. The Quick 6s were the Laker’s guard’s second signature model with Team Jordan. They featured design details from the Jordan 13 and 14, including the Jordan Ferrari logo on the heel! 

Also, they came with a Phylon midsole and a Nike Air unit heel with a Zoom airbag on the forefoot. PLUS, it also had a TPU shank plate and herringbone rubber outsoles. Everything about this sneaker’s anatomy screamed performance! 

#2 Team Jordans Shoes Jumpman Pro

Team_Jordans Sneaker Jumpman Pro - AIO BotYear Released: 1997, 2008
Price: $110

Next, we’ve got another Team Jordans shoes – the Jordan Jumpman Pro which was the original team model! It dropped in 1997, and, apparently, it was the main inspiration for the Air Jordan 12 design! The only difference is the higher collar. The Jumpman Pro came with a full-length carbon fiber spring plate, traction pods, full-length Zoom Air, and a Phylon midsole!

So, same as the Jumpman Quick 6, everything about the performance was there. The Jordan team was definitely not skimping on cushioning and performance. However, around this time, the design was taking precedence over performance. Which might explain why people weren’t the biggest fans of these kicks!

#3 Team Jordans Shoes Jumpman All-Star

Team Jordan Shoes - Jumpman All Star Select - AIO BotYear Released: 1999
Price: $140

After Michael Jordan’s second retirement, another Jordan Teams shoes dropped. It was the Jumpman All-Star or the Jumpman Select sneaker that Eddie Jones wore during his season with the Charlotte Hornets. However, this is like a Jordan urban legend. You can almost find no trace of the sneakers online – especially with the vague name it has. Is it the All-Star or the Select? No one knows! 

It featured a full-grain leather upper with a Phylon midsole and Zoom Air unit in the forefoot. It also had an encapsulated Air unit in the heel! Lots of cushioning! It takes inspiration from the Air Jordan 15. But we kinda like these more, NGL.

#4 Team Jordans Shoes Jumpman Team 1

Team Jordans Shoes Jumpman Team 1 - AIO BotYear Released: 1997 – 1998
Price: $200

These Team Jordans shoes might be the symbol of the sneaker roster here! The Jumpman Team 1 debuted on the court on the feet of most of the Bulls’ roster in 1997 – 1998. Players like Vin Baker, Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, and Derek Anderson all got to wear these shoes! It was released alongside the Jordan 13 and acted like the yin and yangs of sneakers. 

The Jumpman Team 1 featured a lightweight Phylon midsole with a TPU torsional plate and Zoom units at the forefoot and heel. It dropped in colorways inspired by North Carolina and Michigan schools. These sneakers marked the official launch of the Team Jordans collection and the brand itself!

#5 Team Jordans Shoes Super.Fly 2

Team_Jordans Sneakers Super.Fly 2 - AIO BotYear Released: 2012 – 2013
Price: $140

And, we can’t forget about the Team Jordans shoes Super.Fly 2 that released in 2013. It was Blake Griffin’s unofficial official shoes since he got his own PE and even his own logo! These sneakers were one of the best performers on the basketball courts. It dropped around the same time that the Air Jordan 28 did, and so took inspiration from it!

The Super.Fly 2 came with the same forefoot Air unit and Phylon midsole as the Jordan 28. And it had Dynamic Fit uppers with Jordan’s Flight Plate. Dr. Drain and Blake Griffin’s ad campaign was definitely one for the books!

#6 Team Jordans Shoes Hustle

Team_Jordans Sneakers Hustle - AIO BotYear Released: 2017 – 2018
Price: $110

Next, we’ve got the Jumpman Hustle Team Jordans shoes! It dropped during the 2017 – 2018 NBA season and debuted on the feet of Tim Hardaway Jr. and Victor Oladipo. The Jordan Brand really brought it all out when it came to performance and these sneakers! It was lightweight, had an impeccable design, and was very affordable at $110! This was the same year that the Air Jordan 32 released at a price point of $185!

The Team Jordans Jumpman Hustle featured full-length herringbone traction patterns with forefoot Zoom Air and Phylon midsoles. It was sleek with high tongue tags and comfortable wear! Really one of the coolest and most modern-looking Team Jordans shoes!

#7 Team Jordans Shoes Super.Fly 2017

Jordan Superfly 2017 - Team Jordan Retro - AIO BotYear Released: 2017
Price: $140

Finally, the last Team Jordans shoes on our list are the Jumpman Super.Fly 2017. These Team Jordans had one of the greatest sneaker fits ever! Perfect cushioning, traction, and material! The best basketball shoes you could ever wish for. Also, it looked a lot like an elevated Air Jordan 11. So, that was definitely a plus!

It dropped in 2017 and featured a cushioning system in the form of React Foam, which was all-new. So, naturally, with the introduction of new technology, there was a buzz going around the industry to try it out! It was denser and more durable than other iterations of Team Jordans and offered a more firm base! Players that wore these Jordans include Blake Griffin, Victor Oladipo, LaMarcus Aldridge, and Joe Johnson!

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