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What Does Botting Mean? A Full Guide into the World of Bots

By February 13, 2024Bot, Food for thought

AIO Bot - What Does Botting Mean - What is a BotYou might’ve been looking for ways to make money, and botting-related topics started popping up. Or you might’ve simply come across words like ‘bot’ and ‘botting,’ and now you’re confused as to what that exactly means. And whether or not you can benefit from such a thing.  If so, how can you do that? Now, such topics can have you falling down a rabbit hole, and that could make you more confused than before if you don’t refer to the right guide. And so, we’re here to break down the world of botting in detail. 

What Does Botting Mean?

What Does Sneaker Botting - What is a Bot - What Does Bot Mean - AIO BotWhat does botting mean? Simply put, it refers to the use of automated programs or software applications, AKA bots, to complete certain tasks made for humans. These tasks can include anything and everything from simple to complex processes that have something to do with decision-making. In fact, the term ‘botting’ actually comes from the word ‘robot,’ reflecting the automated nature of the programs. 

Are These Automated Programs Good or Bad?

Now that we got a general idea of what does botting mean, a not-so-new question arises: are bots good or bad? Well, like nearly every program or invention, there are both good and bad types of bots. For example, a malware bot is one type that’s specifically designed with a harmful intent in mind. It exists to simply ruin your day. From sending viruses, trojans, and worms to your system, to stealing sensitive data, it does it all. 

On the other hand, there are what you can call assisting automated software. They assist users by carrying out multiple repetitive tasks without human intervention and at inhuman speed. We have different types of those, such as Amazon price error, Amazon freebies, social media, SEO, and most importantly, retail or sneaker bots. 

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What Does Sneaker Botting Mean?

What does sneaker botting mean and how is it related to the sneaker reselling business? Well, you see the types of automated software programs mentioned above? They can be real money-generators if used right. But the most profitable among them is retail or sneaker bots. 

Basically, a sneaker bot is a software program used to help people buy limited-edition sneakers, and sometimes even collectibles and apparel, with inhuman speed. Its job is to target sneaker releases and cop them at inhuman speed, providing you with higher success chances. It even helps you cop sneakers in bulk! Something manual coppers cannot do. 

Are Sneaker Bots Illegal or Unethical?

That’s a simple NO to both. Sneaker automation tools are neither illegal nor unethical. They don’t violate any law in any way. But the reason such questions exist is the fact that sneaker automation annoys people who don’t like the competition in the sneaker market. And that’s exactly the reason why sneaker copping isn’t for everyone. At the end of the day. It’s a matter of preferences. 

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How Does Sneaker Automation Work?

Now that you’ve got an idea of what does botting mean, and got an overview of the different types of automated software, it’s time you dive deeper into the sneaker industry. This one has a lot to offer, including LOTS of money. To achieve that, you have to learn how botting works. 

It all starts with understanding sneaker automation tools and how they work. In simple terms, a sneaker bot helps you buy limited-edition sneakers AT RETAIL, which you can later sell at the resale market for a higher price. After that, you need to understand how different online retailer websites work. Meaning that, you need to make sure your automated software program works on the website you’re trying to target. 

For example, if you only plan on copping Nike, it’s better that you get yourself a Nike SNKRS bot. Keeping in mind, that you also should pick the right proxy providers and accounts that suit the software program you’re using. The same goes for Shopify ones. So, for a full guide on how to pick the most suitable sneaker automation program for you, click here. Also, for a detailed guide on everything sneaker botting-related, click on the button below!