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What Does Deadstock Mean? Properly Defining Deadstock Sneakers 

By January 6, 2022July 14th, 2022Food for thought, Sneaker News

What is Deadstock - What does Deastock Mean - AIO BotWhat does deadstock mean? What is deadstock in the first place? And, above all, why should we – as sneakerheads – care about deadstock sneakers anyways? Well, we’re gonna get straight into it. So, keep reading!


Sneaker slang is something that takes a little time to get used to, and can often get very confusing. And, more often than not, your journey will begin on resale markets like Facebook groups, or maybe even on eBay. This is where you’ll find all kinds of sneaker abbreviations that you do NOT understand. You’ve got DS (deadstock), UNDS (undeadstock), NDS (near-deadstock), VNDS (very-near-deadstock), and so much more! Check out this cheat sheet here!

So, what does deadstock mean?

What is Deadstock - What Does Deadstock Mean I - AIO Bot

DS sneakers are sneakers that are brand-new, in-box, and NEVER worn! Not even tried on! Sneaker resellers use this term to quickly and easily describe the condition of their sneakers. Of course, in the past, the term DS also meant sneakers that were completely OOS! But, the official definition is in favor of brand-new kicks!

In short, deadstock sneakers mean authentic, new, unworn pairs of sneakers. They come with the original box, original box lid, and the box label with the shoe size. And, if the release includes accessories, they should be included in the package.


What_Does Deadstock_Mean II - AIO BotBut, what does deadstock mean other than just brand-new? We gotta clear all possible confusion on the matter. So, what is deadstock other than just unworn sneakers?

Well, before retros, consignment stores, and the flourishing of the resale market – deadstock was a collector’s bread-and-butter. The true OG sneaker collectors would buy sneakers off from people who just wanted to get rid of their stock. So, in other words, deadstock were sneakers that retailers couldn’t sell! The sneakers no one wanted to buy in the first place. This isn’t the same as unauthorized authentic sneakers. They’re still the real legit thing!


What_Does Deadstock_Mean I - AIO BotSo, what does deadstock mean? WHO CARES, right?… WRONG! Knowing what is deadstock might be one of the most important aspects of being a sneakerhead. 

Short answer: MONEY… Long answer: LOTS OF MONEY.

Also, considering that the sneaker reselling industry might just be as big as the sneaker industry itself, DS is everything! There are so many sneaker reselling platforms that thrive off of reselling DS sneakers. Some people just don’t wanna buy used Yeezys or even pre-owned Jordans! Some people don’t even want you to try them on before selling them! And so, they go for DS sneakers.

And so, what does deadstock mean other than a ton of money-making? A full-on business. People will always pay a price premium for DS sneakers! People live for the flex of a clean, pristine-condition sneaker. 


What is Deadstock - What Does Deadstock Mean II - AIO BotFinally, the most important thing about understanding what is deadstock is knowing where to buy them! What does it matter if you answer what does deadstock mean and not know where to get some? 

Of course, the first and most legit place to get DS sneakers is from the retailers themselves! That’s where all deadstock pairs come from, to begin with! So, how are you supposed to get sneakers from retailers? Easy, use a sneaker bot. That’s the only way you’ll beat the resellers from getting them before you! A sneaker bot will help you level the playing field and avoid paying the premium! Click on the button below to find out more!


On the other hand, if you don’t mind paying more money, then you’ve got no choice other than resale platforms. You can check out many different platforms and compare the prices. Just make sure they are trusted platforms – check out the full list here. These are the platforms that ensure 100% legit and no scams!