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What is a Nike SNKRS Release & What You Should Know!

By January 24, 2023Nike

What is a Nike SNKRS Release - AIO BotWith everything that’s been going on in the industry lately, especially with Adidas and Kanye, we’ve made a decision: we’re going to shift our focus more to Nike and Air Jordan releases. Especially after laying eyes on the new Jordan Tatums! But, this also means learning more about a Nike SNKRS release and how it works.

Now, we’re going, to be honest right off the bat. If there’s anything that you should know about the Nike SNKRS release app, is that it is notoriously difficult. In fact, it is one of the most difficult platforms to buy sneakers online at retail. Also, a lot of what goes into the process is sheer luck – which, a lot of us don’t have. However, there is a certain amount of knowledge that can help you with that – without a Felix Felicis potion. In other words, no liquid luck, just pure sneaker copping skills! So, let us begin!


Nike_SNKRS - AIO Bot

First things first, what is a Nike SNKRS release? Well, that begins by going to the root of the release, aka the app. A Nike SNKRS release is a sneaker release featured on the Swoosh’s SNKRS App. This is the place where all the most high-profile, hyped sneaker releases. In other words, you can find Air Jordan releases, Nike Dunks, Off-Whites, and any Nike collaboration sneaker.

But, here’s the catch.

A lot of times a super-limited and hyped Nike SNKRS release is an EXCLUSIVE Nike SNKRS release.

In other words, sometimes you can only get your hands on some of these sneakers through the app. And, although there are many sneaker apps out there in the game, Nike’s app is a tough one! However, still not enough to stand up against the Nike bots!

So, this brings us to our very first piece of advice regarding the Nike SNKRS release app, get a bot. A Nike bot is the first and most effective way to increase your chance of copping sneakers on this app. Without a bot, you’ll be relying purely on your luck and the odds. And, in all honesty, in a sneaker race against THOUSANDS of sneakerheads… the odds rarely ever look good. Therefore, before you do anything else, get a Nike bot! Click on the button below for the best Nike bot options in the game!


Another question you’re probably wondering is what makes a Nike SNKRS release so difficult in the first place. Or, how do these releases work? So, a sneaker drop on this app usually has a set number of categories dictating the method of release. But, they all fall into two main sectors: releases, and draws

In brief, the main types of releases include:

What is a Nike SNKRS Release - GFX - AIO Bot

  • DAN (Draw)
  • LEO (Draw)
  • FLOW
  • Early/Exclusive Access
    Given to the most active SNKRS users on the app!
  • SNKRS Passes
    SNKRS app users who are nearby a specific city or event space get the opportunity to purchase 
  • SNKRS Scratcher
    Scratchable images on the app revealing a sneaker launch page (haven’t been used since 2020)
  • Shock Drop
    And, finally, the shock drops come with no warning – high speed is key!

You can learn more about DAN, LEO, and FLOW in addition to how the Nike SNKRS release app works here! Check the link for a more in-depth but easy guide on how to use the app PLUS answers to FAQs. This way you can guarantee that you have all the skills required to cop the BEST sneakers on the app!