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What Is a Sneaker Server & Why You Need It for Sneaker Copping!

What is a Sneaker Server - Update - AIO BotOne of the key components of any successful sneaker-copping strategy is a sneaker server. If you’re new to sneaker botting, you probably don’t know this. But, the ultimate sneakerhead mantra all comes down to three things: the bot, the proxy, and finally, the server. Which brings us to one question: what is a sneaker server? Why do you need it? And, when do you resort to server renting?

Here’s the thing. For most of the experienced sneaker botters out there, we all know that a sneaker server is important. But, sometimes it takes a few crashes to get you there. We’re making it all easier for you and just giving it to you straight. Even if you have everything you need:

You still can not guarantee that your device and internet connection will perform without a hitch! In fact, issues like internet speed, computer strength, and device crashing are a sneakerhead’s worst nightmare! But, what is a sneaker server going to do about that? Let’s find out!


Sneaker_Server 1 - AIO Bot#1 What is a Sneaker Server?

So, first things first, what is a sneaker server? Well, a sneaker server is a remote server that is faster, stronger, and more efficient than your own device. In short, a sneaker server is a SUPERCOMPUTER. 

  • Massive RAM Power
  • Super-Sonic Internet Bandwidth
  • Remotely Controlled Networks!

#2 Where Do You Get Servers?

Next, what is a sneaker server provider? There are so many options out there to get sneaker servers. Companies like Amazon and Google rent them out to you for typically $1-2/hour. These companies have big data centers that create these servers. 

This is what you call server renting. When you rent a server, you get permission from a company like Amazon to use one of its virtual computers. Can you imagine the amount of power and speed that these companies have to offer? If you’re interested, click on the button below to check out more options for sneaker server providers!


#3 Why Do You Need a Sneaker Server?

Sneaker_Server 2 - AIO BotSo, now that we’ve established what these servers do, there’s another question people are asking: what is a sneaker server going to do for YOU? We’re talking about pure sneaker copping. What is it that makes a sneaker server THAT much more appealing than running your own device without it? Well, a server provides you with 3 key advantages:


What is a sneaker server known for? SUPERSONIC speed. Sneaker servers are FAST with speeds reaching 1 Gbps up to 10 Gbps depending on the providers. In other words, the kind of speed you need to cop Supreme apparel or Shopify sites!

  • An internet speed above 25Mbps is reasonably good for botting.
  • Speeds above 100Mbps are classified as fast internet. 

But, what is a server going to give you other than speed? Well, you can customize its specs according to your needs. Generally, on sites like Finishline, Footlocker, and other Footsites; you have to have an EDGE. Odds are your device probably won’t handle all the pressure. This makes running your bot efficiently a little problematic. Features of a perfect device?

  • At least 8 CPUs
  • 12 – 16GB of RAM

Finally, the last thing that a sneaker server has to offer is independence. Now, we know what you’re thinking: what is a sneaker server got to do with independence? Well, it all comes down to how they function – INDEPENDENTLY! This means it does not depend on your device or the internet connection that you have.

So, if you shut down your computer, or even have an electric outage in your area; it won’t matter. The sneaker server keeps doing its things, and you get to cop your kicks!

What is a Sneaker Server - GFX - AIO Bot#4 When Should You Rent a Sneaker Server?

Finally, we’ve covered everything about what a sneaker server is and what it has to offer. Now, all you have to know is whether or not you need one. In other words, what is a sneaker server going to FIX for you? So, here are the reasons why you would definitely need to rent sneaker servers for botting sneakers:

  • If you have a mac, but your bot runs on windows
  • Your internet connection is slow & unstable
  • Low specs on your device cause lagging & crashing
  • You wanna run several sneaker bots at the same time
You have a Mac, But Your Bot Runs on Windows 

What is a server going to do for Mac users? A lot of people own Macbooks. But, the truth is some bots are only able to run on Windows devices. That shouldn’t stop you from botting on your Mac! You’ll use a sneaker server to compete with sneakerheads and level the playing field! Learn more about copping on your Mac here!

Your Internet Connection Is Slow & Unstable

If you feel like your internet is not fast enough, then you may want to consider using a sneaker server. Also, in case of power outages, then you always have to have a PLAN B – to avoid lots of Ls. Plan B includes being smart and running your bot on a server. In that case, if you experience an outage, your bot tasks wouldn’t be affected!

Sneaker_Server 3 - AIO BotLow Specs On Your Device Cause Lagging & Crashing

Also, even if you have a fast, reliable internet source; servers can still be a big help! Especially if you’re looking to scale up your bot tasks. If you frequently experience lag or crashing, then you need to upgrade your device specs or simply use your bot on a server. What is a server if it doesn’t help with specs?

Or, You Wanna Run Several Bots At the Same Time

Finally, what is a server going to do besides improving specs? Well, another benefit of using servers is running multiple bots simultaneously. Botters do this to increase their chances while hitting the same sites. That’s what the professionals do!

Well, logically, we are investing in this industry to cop in bulk. We want to make the most profit out of every release. Running multiple bots increases our chances by an infinite amount! So, it is really a no-brainer at this point!


Let’s circle back. What is a sneaker server? In a nutshell, it is everything you could wish your device could be! But, not everyone has access to their very own supercomputers. Luckily, server renting is accessible to everyone! Just make sure you choose a PROPER server that suits your exact needs and caters to your budget!

And that’s it! Start planning your sneaker-copping strategy now!