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What is AKAMAI: Security, Cloud Delivery, and ANTI-BOTTING

By June 26, 2021Bot, Sneakers

What is Akamai - AIO BotOne of the hottest topics in this industry is anti-bot systems. Systems that diligently work, day and night, to figure out ways to keep sneaker bots at bay. But, in recent years, a specific anti-botting system surfaced and got a bit of hype with anti-bot activists. We ain’t talking about sneaker hype, we’re talking about the buzz that gets sneakerheads anxious. The circulating rumors of a new anti-bot system that could possibly change the entire sneaker game! That’s what happened when Akamai first made an appearance. Everyone was asking, what is Akamai?

What does it do? What does it mean for the sneaker botting race? SO MANY QUESTIONS!

Chill. Keep in mind that Akamai has been in existence since 1999 – they definitely took their sweet time to develop anti-bots. But, it’s 2021, and we’re still here. So, we aren’t really worried, and you shouldn’t be either!

But, we are people of knowledge after all! And, it’s absolutely crucial for everyone to know what is Akamai. Know what you’re up against. The mark of a proper sneakerhead is studying the opponent. Shall we?

Also, if you wanna learn more about proper sneaker copping (no matter the anti-bot system); then check out these guides. You’ll have everything you need to cop sneakers off any websites – even if they use Akamai as their anti-bot system!

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What is Akamai?

Akamai_Bot Manager - AIO BotSo, what is Akamai? Well, their website does look a bit spammy at first, but your eyes get used to it after a bit. Does it give off scary anti-bot vibes? No. Not really. Does it give off extreme developer, techy-hacker vibes? Meh, maybe. 

But, we aren’t here to bash their website-building skills. Nor are we here to discredit the great amount of work, effort, and dedication put into the creation of Akamai! On the contrary, we are impressed! We like challenges. We are here to answer the question of what is Akamai, and how they intend on stopping bots.

In short, Akamai is an anti-bot security system that a lot of sneaker retailers use. It is most definitely NOT like a simple CAPTCHA, but a bit more on the complex side. 

How it Works?

So, now that we’ve established what is Akamai; we’re curious to know how it works. Akamai’s Bot Manager supposedly detects and mitigates bot traffic with edge servers. It detects, identifies, and manages bots at the edge of the server before they even get in!

Akamai uses signature-based, behavioral, and statistical anomaly to detect real users versus bots. It’s not just about cookies! Akamai checks your browser behavior and compares them against legitimate human behavior. It sounds like your typical, run-of-the-mill anti-bot security! Nothing a proper sneaker bot shouldn’t be able to beat!

So, if you’re buying a sneaker bot that  SUPPOSEDLY supports sneaker retailers using Akamai, that sneaker bot better have tons of success THERE. You have to know what to look for in a bot before buying it. And always go for bots with expertise, history, and consistent success.

The important question isn’t what is Akamai? The question is, which retailers USE Akamai? We’ve put together a list of sneaker retailers that use Akamai. So, as long as your sneaker bot supports these websites and COPS there; you’re fine! It also means that they figured a way around Akamai.

PLUS, this is why we always stress using sneaker proxies whenever you wanna run a sneaker bot. Regardless of the anti-bot security. Sneaker bots will make your behavior seem more human! We always find a way!

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