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What is CAPTCHA and Why Do We Have to Keep Solving Them?

By December 8, 2023Bot, Sneaker News

What is CAPTCHA - AIO Bot

What is CAPTCHA?

Okay, so we know what CAPTCHA technically is – we’ve solved hundreds or thousands of them in our lifetime. We know that they’re the super vague panels of very blurry and obscure images of boats, cars, and even motorcycles. Oh! And we can’t forget our favorite one – images of traffic lights. Others include stretched-out letters/numbers mix and stuff like that. 

So, CAPTCHA stands for Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart.

Yeah, that pretty much sums it up. Does it make sense? Not much. But, don’t worry about that, we got you. In short, it helps differentiate between humans and, well, bots – like our sneaker bots! Real users vs automated users! Apparently, solving CAPTCHAs is supposed to be challenging for computers and easy for people. “Supposedly”. We’re not saying they’re hard! But, man those images can get super blurry!

In a nutshell, ironically, CAPTCHAs are automated programs automated to detect automated bots. Catchy. But, thank the sneaker lords, most bots have moved to AI to solve the CAPTCHA automatically. Ain’t nothing standing in our way!

What is CAPTCHA and reCAPTCHA?


CAPTCHA is a service that requires users to identify certain distorted letters or specific images that bots, or in our case,  sneaker bots shouldn’t be able to do. Or so they think! The ones with the distorted letters are very old-school and sneaker sites don’t ever use them. But, either way, a proper sneaker bot should be able to do it all! 

To solve it, you should type out the correct letter or choose the right images and then submit it. If they don’t match, you gotta try again and again. 

The idea behind this is not to test your eye skills, it’s that bots won’t be able to solve it. However since sneaker sites started using Captcha to rule out bots, sneaker bot devs managed to find a way or another to go around this security measure. And now all the best bots in the industry are able to automatically solve CAPTCHAs. This is why Google (and other providers) has resorted to reCAPTCHA instead!

What is reCAPTCHA?

reCAPTCHA is a more advanced version of CAPTCHA. They require you to enter images of text and decipher the test. These include pictures from street addresses, textbooks, or newspapers. Other types of reCAPTCHA include image recognition, checkbox, and others.

CAPTCHAs on Sneaker Sites

reCAPTCHA Automated Software - AIO Bot

So, what is CAPTCHA? Well, could we possibly be going through and solving annoying tests after all technological development? Not necessarily. As of 2019, the only reCAPTCHA available is the image selection ones. Which works perfectly for us! Our sneaker bots are able to beat in a heartbeat.

A lot of sneaker websites like Shopify sites and recently Supreme use other CAPTCHA providers such as hCAPTCHA to try and stop more bots and add more protection. Other sites like Footsites have resorted to Geetest CAPTCHA to “stop bad bots”. Has your bot been a bad bad bot? AI is THE trend right now – especially for solving CAPTCHAs of all kinds! There are services like Capsolver or CapMonster that use AI for solving CAPTCHAs, and a lot of bots might rely on external services!

Just make sure that your sneaker bot supports Capsolver, CapMonster, and 2Captcha or an API built-in on their AI to solve reCAPTCHAs or whatever the website throws your way!

Also, the latest version of reCAPTCHAs includes background performance analysis to see how you behave as a human. But, that doesn’t do much to our experience in running sneaker bots. With the right amount of cookies and a few other botting magic, you can have a seamless experience. What is CAPTCHA? With a sneaker bot, you don’t even have to know.

Moreover, Capsolver stands out as an innovative service in this field. It automates the process of solving CAPTCHAs by employing advanced AI technology. Capsolver is adept at bypassing various types of CAPTCHAs, including reCAPTCHA, FunCaptcha, and hCaptcha, facilitating smooth access to websites without the need for manual solve of captcha.