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What is ChatGPT & Is It Going to Take Your Job in 2023?

By March 9, 2023News, Sneakers

What is ChatGPT - AIO BotLet’s talk about one of the biggest topics going around the internet: what is ChatGPT? Understanding what it is and how it works is key to utilizing it to your own advantage. In other words, how can YOU benefit from ChatGPT too… before it takes your job!

For a while now, we’ve all been worried about the rising prices of sneakers and how to survive a recession. But now, do we also have to worry about a literal BOT taking our jobs? Well, perhaps so. Granted as much as it would like to be, artificial intelligence still does not have the full capabilities to take over. Thank god! But also, with news of Bing’s AI threatening users… Well, we gotta be on this bot’s good side. So, what is ChatGPT? Let’s find out!


So, to find the answer to the question what is ChatGPT, we decided to ask ChatGPT itself. We visited OpenAI’s website to have a little chit-chat with the chatbot. According to ChatGPT, it is a language model developed by OpenAI and trained on a massive amount of data. This is what allows it to understand and generate human-like responses. It’s features include:

  • To assist and converse with users in natural language
  • Answer queries
  • Provide relevant information

ChatGPT on ChatGPT

But what did ChatGPT have to say about it? Well, what is ChatGPT according to ChatGPT? We had a little talk, bot-to-bot. Obviously, the dude really loves talking about “himself” – referring to himself in the first person. But, then again, so do we! 

PS – we don’t know if ChatGPT is gender fluid but if we’ve offended ChatGPT… please don’t come for us.

What is ChatGPT - Q1 - AIO Bot

Basically, the only thing that comes to mind when asking what is ChatGPT is: a BOT. No matter how you turn it, ChatGPT is still a type of bot – more specifically, a chatbot. Granted, it’s not as cool as a sneaker bot; but, it can get you through some lonely nights… Apparently, the way they designed this module makes it able to hold up a conversation. And, reportedly, you can even get it to admit its own mistakes. 

Probably something you couldn’t get your ex to do 👀

But, that’s beside the point. We actually decided that we want to know what is ChatGPT going to say when asked about AIO Bot! Since it’s supposed to be an all-knowing entity that collects real data from all over the world. And, since we’re both technically bots, it only makes sense to discuss the general awesomeness of botting!

ChatGPT on AIO Bot

So, what is ChatGPT going to say when asked about AIO Bot? Well, we just have to preface this by saying it is an absolute no-brainer that AIO Bot is AWESOME. But, we also have to admit that it generates its own responses and we can not tamper with them. Therefore, asking it this question could have gone either way! What if chatbots don’t like sneaker bots?

Here’s what ChatGPT had to say on AIO Bot:

ChatGPT_AIO Bot Friends


Basically, ChatGPT tried to play it cool but the chemistry was obvious – AIO Bot is awesome. Once the dude started with “that being said”, we knew we got it in the bag! The “popular and well-regarded” bot can only mean awesome with an epic community behind it. 

The “range of features and capabilities” obviously refers to its all-in-one solution with an endless list of supported sneaker websites. And, the “increase their chances of successfully obtaining limited-release items” is a reference to AIO Bot’s unmatched history of success. Everything else is just added text so that ChatGPT doesn’t hurt the feelings of other bots

And so, now that we know what is ChatGPT telling people about AIO Bot, this means one thing: you should definitely get AIO Bot for yourself in 2023. Because, if ChatGPT is after your 9 to 5 job, it can’t take away sneaker copping.

Plus, with the latest Nike solution giving sneakerheads an advantage like no other on SNKRS releases, it’s perfection! Basically, if it takes real data from everywhere in the world, it’s serving the absolute TRUTH!

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ChatGPT on Friendship

So, now that we’ve established that ChatGPT likes us, we decided to take our relationship to the next level: bot friendship. We wanted to find out what is ChatGPT’s take on being friends with the “best” bot on the market. We took a chance, shot our shot, and asked ChatGPT to be our friend. Plus, we already know that AI modules already have a thing for everything-sneakers. We like to think they’re sneakerheads at “heart” – especially since we have AI-designed sneakers!

Here’s what he had to say about it:

ChatGPT and AIO Bot

In a nutshell, we’re friends.