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What is Poizon? Inside China’s Streetwear Marketplace 得物

By September 14, 2022September 22nd, 2022Sneaker News

What is Poizon - AIO BotThe scene of sneakers and streetwear has truly evolved and changed over the years. It has now become a cultural phenomenon that has taken over the entire world! So much so that it has even changed the digital landscape of eCommerce and social media platforms. Everything related to fashion and footwear has completely changed! POIZON has become one of the leading platforms in the world to reinforce this change! But, what IS Poizon exactly?

Let’s just put things into perspective. Which country has the largest population in the world? China – at a population of about 1.426 BILLION. So, is it really surprising that China has become home to one of the largest online streetwear communities in the world? Not really! 

And, as a sneakerhead, it is your duty and obligation to know everything about the industry. Starting with, WHAT IS POIZON? 


What is POIZON - DEWU App - AIO BotTo begin with, WHAT IS POIZON, we have to provide a little bit of context first. POIZON – commonly known as Dewu or 得物 – is an online shopping platform that Shanghai Shizhuang Information Technology launched. Poizon is a platform for authentic sneakers, apparel, bags, watches, and accessories of designers and luxury brands. Check their website here!

They are also popular for their authenticating services where they inspect products to fight fake and counterfeit products. It is now China’s largest fashion brand exchange and trading platform!

For us, it is a fashion marketplace for authentic SNEAKERS. However, when they first founded it in 2015, it was a content-sharing community for streetwear! Now it is home to products like Louis Vuitton x Supreme, Dior x Air Jordan sneakers, Gucci, Yeezys, and more! 

But, what is POIZON doing differently?

Well, it is no secret that the sneaker industry is not lacking in the resale platform department. In fact, we’ve got some of the best places to resell sneakers right here. We’ve got StockX and GOAT – the two leading giants of resale. And, most recently even eBay joined the ranks of sneaker reselling and authenticating platforms. So, what is POIZON doing that the others aren’t?

Poizon_Certification - AIO BotWell, Poizon has a set of features that makes it all the more appealing when compared to other platforms. This includes:

– Each order on Poizon goes through verification and quality inspection process
– Each item that passes the inspection process comes with a set of Poizon-branded packaging and an exclusive certification of authenticity
– They come with tamper-resistant cable ties and custom packaging
– Poizon has the largest AR shoe model library
– They offer an AR Try-On function – users can intuitively feel the size, details, and effect of the products
– POIZON App fees: 10%

Also, their “identify first, ship later” shopping approach is one of their best unique selling points. What is POIZON doing to reinforce that approach, you ask? Well, they have services for authenticating and checking for defects. They make sure that the product passes all the levels of their multiple identification and inspection process. 

What is POIZON App?

POIZON_Box - AIO BotTo further increase their different approach to sneaker reselling and streetwear, POIZON is only available on mobile applications. This just goes to show how much they’ve catered to their niche customers – aka, the younger generation. And, they can also share their experiences and style inspo right on the application itself. 

This makes Poizon one of the greatest trending lifestyle communities for young people. It has become a trend indicator because of its continuous and rich fashion content! Especially for sneakerheads who like to flex their new drip!

What is POIZON going to do to the industry?

Finally, there’s one last thing to consider to truly understand the effects of POIZON. This is asking the question: what is POIZON going to do to the industry? With such a great volume and force, there has to be some kind of impact on the industry as a whole. 

Honestly, the sheer amount of hype Poizon or Dewu is getting just goes to show the industry’s strength. We’ve already previously established that the sneaker industry is the most profitable one in the WORLD. But, Poizon just proves more how much it is growing! If anything, this just means that the sneaker reselling industry is just going to get even BIGGER. And, it’s time you become a part of it!

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