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101 Beginner’s Guide Answering “What is Sneaker Botting?”

By July 19, 2023July 21st, 2023Bot

What is sneaker bottingThe sneaker industry is one of the most profitable industries out there. The Jordan brand earned Nike $19 BILLION in 5 years. But the big bucks aren’t limited to shoe companies. Resellers can make anywhere from $500 to thousands a month, some even make a 500-dollar-profit per pair. This is literally insane because if you tried to buy a limited edition shoe before, you know how hard it is. So, how are they doing it? The answer is simple: sneaker bots. But, what is sneaker botting exactly? 

What Is Sneaker Botting? 

Sneaker botting is using a sneaker bot, or “shoe bot”, to buy shoes with a limited supply. A sneaker bot is a software program that does all the work for you to get your desired kicks at retail prices. 

When you want to buy an SB low Dunk, for example, you need to complete certain tasks like creating an account on the Nike website, solving Captcha, filling in your billing address, and completing checkout. 

This takes some time and on really hyped drops, time is not in your favor. So, the bot mimics this human behavior, automates these tasks, and quickly snatches the pairs. 

But, Why Is Copping With a Bot Better Than Manual Copping? 

You might be thinking, if a sneaker bot and I are doing the same thing, why would I use a bot in the first place? Because bots are faster and more efficient and you can buy multiple pairs despite the website’s 1-purchase-per-buyer restriction. 

  • Fastersneaker botting advantages

Well, as I said above, time is not in your favor. For example, recently, the JA 1 shoes sold out in minutes despite the controversy surrounding the famous NBA athlete

Do you know how fast and glued to your screen you must be to cop a pair in less than a minute? It’s a true hassle and a competition strictly for Sonic doppelgangers. And since we’re not blue hedgehogs, we rely on bots. 

Sneaker bots’ main advantage is their speed. They can do in 0.2 seconds what you do in minutes. So they ensure you get to the finish line before non-bot users even start.

  • More Efficient 

Not only do you have to be fast, but you have to fill out your information correctly and have reliable internet access mid-stress. 

Can you imagine if you were fast enough but you messed up your billing info? Yeah, it’d be a punch to the gut. 

So in the case of sneaker botting, you feed the software all this information. Slowly, in your own time, ahead of time, and it handles the rest. 

  • Allows You To Cop Multiple Pairs

Up until now, I’m only imagining a situation where you want to buy a single pair for personal use. But, what if you want to buy multiple? It’s okay, you can do it without a bot… right?

Sure. But most websites only allow one purchase per account. So you have to create multiple accounts, with different emails, and different billing addresses. AND, you have to try and use these accounts before the drop. 

Now not only do you have to quickly and accurately handle one account, but 10. That doesn’t seem possible if we’re facing our truths. 

A sneaker bot, however, can bypass this restriction and get you as many kicks as your heart, or feet, desire. These automated software have even more to offer. But let’s first understand how they work. 

What Is Sneaker Botting: How Does A Sneaker Bot Work?How to use a sneaker bot

Now you understand what is sneaker botting and why it’s so important. But, how does a sneaker bot work? You’re probably thinking the process is like the following:

  • You download the bot through a link
  • You link it to a sneakers’ website
  • You click start, and tada you have your shoes

Well, kind of but not really. The software is a tad bit more complicated than that but still easy to use. It has a specific structure and needs, what you can think of as “add-ons”. 

In short, the structure is the following:

  • Bot itself
  • Proxy server
  • Proxy clients that provide unique IP addresses

How Does The Process Unfold Then?

  • Download the bot.
  • Feed it the needed data like name, credit card information, shipping address, etc. You also need to enter your multiple accounts if you need to use more than one. 
  • Set up proxies.
  • Specify what you want the bot to purchase. You usually do it by entering a list of product URLs.  You can also retrieve this information from cook groups that offer support for botters. 
  • Initiate the bot and then the checkout process will run automatically.

What Are Proxies And Why Do You Need Them?

How Sneaker proxies workWhat is sneaker botting and what does it have to do with proxies?

I’ve mentioned proxies a couple of times now and you might be wondering, what the hell is a proxy? 

Let’s back up for a minute. Some websites restrict the limited edition drops to one purchase per user. And, how can they identify them? Through their IP addresses. 

Your IP address is the identifier linked to your device. You can create 10 accounts on your device but it’d still show up under the same IP address. Therefore, the website will block your purchase. 

Proxies, however, mask your real IP address and makes it show up as a different one, somewhere else in a totally separate location. 

When you want to run multiple accounts, you need multiple proxies. Basically, for each viable account, you need a unique IP address, therefore a proxy. 10 accounts need 10 proxies, etc. So make sure you hook yourself up with the best proxy providers

But, How Do Bots Avoid Detection?

If a sneakers website figures out you’re using a bot, say goodbye to your chance of snatching any pair. The selling point of sneakers’ automated software is that they don’t get blocked. So, how do they actually avoid detection? 

They do so by:

  • Creating fake and customized browser and HTTP fingerprints 
  • Mimicking real mouse movements and touchscreen moments
  • Using proxies to mask real IP address 
  • Bypassing CAPTCHAs either through offshore workers or using image classification algorithms 

What Is Sneaker Botting? 7 Different Types Of Sneaker Bots for Sneaker Botting

Now that you’ve an idea what is sneaker botting, you’re probably interested in sneaker botting and might want to get your own. Before hitting that purchase button, you should know the different types of sneaker bots. 


These sneaker bots monitor web pages and scrape inventory stock, pricing, and other relevant information.


This one is similar to the scraping but they can also search for live web URLs that the sneaker website didn’t make public yet. Basically, they can access the products before the drop. 

Account Creation 

This kind of bots can create multiple accounts in bulk using a list of generated emails. 

Account Takeover 

This type of bot typically acts in bad favor. It steals existing shoppers’ accounts and uses them to purchase shoes. 


Scalping bots are the most common type of bots. They completely wipe the available supply at maximum speed before real sneakerheads even get a chance to type out their emails. This one is mostly used by resellers

Denial of Inventory 

This type is why you see sneakers on secondary marketplaces like StockX before the shoes even drop. They add the pairs to the shopping carts and hold them without buying them. This prevents other users from buying them. 

Then they list the shoes on reselling websites. Once someone purchases them on the secondary website, the bot completes the purchase on the sneakers’ website. 

Cashing Out 

Cashing out bots validate stolen credit card information and use them to purchase sneakers. 

Should You Get Your Own?

What is sneaker botting? Sneaker botting gives you an advantage edge in the sneaker reselling business that makes you big bucks. It’s so profitable that even Nike’s former VP’s son was caught botting Nike’s website for his reselling business in 2021. But, maybe it’s not the perfect fit for you as it does inevitably require maintenance. So, here’s how to find out if you should get yourself a sneakers bot