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What is the Metaverse REALLY? Let’s Talk About the Future!

By November 2, 2022NFTs

What is the Metaverse - Full Guide - AIO BotThe thing about crypto technology and NFTs is that there are always these genius people talking about it. Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Satya Nadella, Brian Armstrong, and COUNTLESS more. Yes, these people are legit geniuses… But, let’s be real, we have NO IDEA what the hell they’re talking about most of the time! So much so that we STILL, after all this time, wonder: what is the Metaverse?

Is it a revolutionary type of technology giving us a chance to live a virtual life in a virtual world? Or, is it just another NFT video game? Someone said something about virtual cafes? We don’t understand! Is the Metaverse something like an enhanced and fancier form of Zoom? Or, is it just Facebook’s newly rebranded name? SOMEONE, PLEASE EXPLAIN!

In October of 2021, Facebook announced that they were rebranding to Meta and focusing on the upcoming metaverse. However, ever since that particular announcement, we still don’t know what is the metaverse. In fact, the term got even vaguer! So, we’ve had live concerts in the Fortnite world, art galleries in the NFT land Decentraland, even a Mark replica… which was creepy AF.

But, still, we’re asking… what is the metaverse again?


What is the Metaverse - GFX 2 - AIO BotSo, what is the metaverse? In essence, the term in itself doesn’t exactly have much meaning. In other words, it doesn’t refer to a specific type of technology like the term Web3 for example. Actually, the metaverse is a term that refers to the change in how WE interact with technology. 

But, you can also look at it this way: the metaverse is a 3D model of the internet – a place parallel to the physical world.

Most of the companies referring to the metaverse usually include virtual reality or augmented reality. These are places where people can create, buy, and sell digital, virtual products – like virtual sneakers and apparel! And, you navigate through it with your own customized, personal avatar! Neat! However, this isn’t to say that Fortnite, for example, is the entire metaverse! 

Many large companies like Microsoft, Meta, Nvidia, Roblox, and more are working on interacting with the virtual world. But, here’s the thing… to make this all happen, there has to be a single gateway. This ultimately means that competing brands would have to work together and bridge the gap between them. So, what is the metaverse term come to in the end?

The Metaverse Gateway

After understanding what is the metaverse, we have to understand why it hasn’t truly come to fruition. You see, it is very inconvenient for titanic brands to work together on one project. Therefore, the true meaning of a metaverse can’t really happen. And so, a lot of brands have chosen to refer to their own single game or platform as a “metaverse”. 

So, this is how every online game with its own world now counts as a metaverse. They’ve even taken it a step further by calling a collection of different worlds a “multiverse” or even a “hybrid verse”. But, since there is no single gateway to access the actual metaverse.

But, there are many platforms that offer you access to their own virtual realities. All of these are directly related to NFT gaming

This ultimately brings us back to non-fungible tokens which are directly connected to the metaverse. So, understanding what is the metaverse also means understanding NFTs. So, make sure you join our FREE hub of NFT guidance! Click on the button below to check it out!

What is the Metaverse Future Like?

What is the Metaverse - GFX - AIO BotSo, does this mean we’ll be living in a virtual house, sleeping in a virtual bed, and eating virtual food? What is the metaverse future looking like as of today? Well, despite how obsessed people are with the concept of the Metaverse, we’re still far off. We still need to work on the accessibility of the hardware it requires. There’s the problem of bridging virtual worlds together through different platforms. And, of course, there’s always the legal and commercial part behind it!

We’ve barely figured out how to legally and economically deal with NFTs, let alone an entire virtual reality!

However, selling NFTs is much easier than selling the entire future!

What is the Metaverse? We’re not EXACTLY sure yet. But, give us around 10 years and we’ll have an exact answer for you! But, for now, all we can do is just put on some VR goggles and enjoy a mini version of the metaverse.