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What to Do With Shoe Boxes When You’re Quarantined in One!

By April 24, 2020December 21st, 2022Food for thought

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The coronavirus outbreak has taken a heavy toll on worldwide industries and employment rates. And staying home under multifold stress hasn’t been easy on anyone. But since we currently don’t have other options, we’re trying to keep it together by keeping busy. We already made a list of tips to keep busy during lockdown like the sneakerhead you are! But now we have the entire family set for some bonding time! Here’s a top fun list of what to do with shoe boxes that might as well be remade into paper! But only if you’re 100% certain that transforming them into a foosball or pizza oven won’t affect your resale game! If that’s not the case, now’s the time to get your creative juices flowing. And keep the family busy!

3 Shoebox Craft Ideas for the Kid-at-Heart Grown-up!

Constellation Light Box

Got a thing for late night drives and feel short on star-gazing? Even got a kid who dreams of becoming an astronaut? All you need is a shoe box, some blue paint, and a LED string to stargaze right from home! You can paint a random blue sky with random stars. Or you can base the stars on a zodiac sign to make it special. Then pin it on a bedroom wall. Or even hang it from the ceiling!
Here is an easy step-by-step guide on how to create a constellation light box!

DIY Shoebox Phone Projector

Nothing beats watching a wall projection of your favorite film. But living around screens keeps you from experiencing the drive-in movie theatre chills you secretly want. Only now you can do it yourself for free! All you need is a magnifying glass, a foam board, a cutter, a ruler. And some glue and tape! Available household items that tend to your purpose will also do! And obviously a shoe box. With some popcorn and a cozy blanket, you’ll have an authentic movie night planned with your roomies TONIGHT! Check out this video to learn how to build it

Upscale Charging Station

Organized chargers mean an organized life. If you have a shoe box lying around and a mess of untangled chargers, all you’ll need is a cool wallpaper, a bunch of grommets, and a power cord. To reset your life. Carving tidy holes instead of hammering in grommets will also do. Plus you’re gonna need the usual scissor/ruler/glue office stash. This is a one time solution to a permanent struggle. You’ll thank yourself on the busy work days! Tutorial video here

3 Game-Inspired Shoebox Ideas for Family Laughs!

Mini Foosball

With a safe mini indoor foosball made basically from paper, kids are likely to triple the 2 outta 3 rule without getting bored! Make this into a group project. You’ll need to prepare cardboard cutouts of your favorite teams, poke a couple of sticks in place, and start playing! There is no “grown-up advantage” in this version!

Stale Pizza Oven

There’s nothing like cutting up ingredients without having to do the dishes! Make sure kids use safe scissors. Or are under adult supervision first. Then bring out your cardboard pile and start cutting your favorite pizza toppings! And building the oven is the fun part! But you’re gonna need a shoe box and a bigger box. For this to work right. Or you could just serve mini pizzas instead! Take orders, set timers, and even cut out fake money while you’re at it. Here’s how to build it.

Shoe “Box Office” Theatre

A splendid idea for bedtime stories and little writers! Play directors can use dolls, action figures, and even cardboard cut-outs of toy characters to tell their stories. But choosing the scenery is as important so you may want to prepare more than one shoe box. To switch among scenes! For a real theatrical experience, prepare a seating area and use a flashlight for the grand entrance! Your video guide is here. check it out!

Wall Art on a Lid is Super Lit!

All you need is wall space, an empty shoe box, and an artist’s will! If you’re a full-on sneakerhead, you can use branded shoe boxes (you’re sure you don’t need!) to create a brands centerpiece for your living room.If you could benefit from some shelf space but don’t want to get into drills and carpentry, make your own minus the noise pollution! But this is beyond your living space needs and sneaker ego. Painting and coloring have been proven methods for stress relief. Especially mandalas with layers of geometric shapes and levels. Put on some music. Or sit in silence and take the time to stay within the lines. Or create your own masterpiece by mashing up others into one! 2×2 and 3×3 make good measurements. But feel free to join boxes together for extra space. And make sure your drawing matches these measurements. Relax about what to do with shoe boxes and instead do what is aesthetically pleasing!


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