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When is the Next Yeezy Drop? A Quarter Past NEVER!

By October 29, 2022Adidas, Yeezy

When is the Next Yeezy Drop - AIO BotSo, this year’s Halloween season truly proved to be the most frightening EVER with the Adidas x Yeezy breakup! Therefore, this has a lot of us wondering: when is the next Yeezy drop?

Now, we’re not idiots. We all saw the Adidas statement on stopping production and stuff like that. But, the thing is, before all of this happen, the November Yeezy 2022 lineup existed. In other words, there were Adidas Yeezy sneakers waiting for their release. Also, we all know that Adidas Yeezy had a ton of Yeezy stock hidden somewhere in their warehouses. So, where’d they go? What are they going to do with a shit-ton of Yeezy sneakers?

We can just imagine the Adidas HQ full of Yeezy Foam Runners stacked up to the ceiling…

But, jokes aside, if there still IS a Yeezy stock, when is the next Yeezy drop? That’s basically all we want to know. When they’re dropping and what are the potential models we should expect? Now, we know that, although they were November drops, they ain’t dropping in November. The wound’s still fresh… 



No, seriously. When is the next Yeezy drop? Probably not anytime within the next month. Maybe until things have settled down a bit. This is, after all, the death of a sneaker collaboration that lasted almost a decade. So, Adidas selling off the remaining models is like having a bit too much fun in the wake… 

Yeah, we’re talking about you Ross!

So, since we don’t exactly know when is the next Yeezy drop, we’ll just talk about the almost-drops of November. In other words, the lineup was supposed to drop during November, but we don’t know what their deal is anymore… Sooo, these are the Yeezys that was supposed to drop in November of 2022! 

The Almost-November YEEZYs

350-V2-GraniteYeezy 350 V2 Granite
Retail Price: $230
Style Code: HQ2059

ONYX COLORWAYYeezy 350 V2 Onyx
Retail Price: $230
Style Code: HQ4540
Average Resale: $301

When is the Next Yeezy Drop - Yeezy 450 Stone Teal - AIO BotAdidas Yeezy 450 Stone Teal
Retail Price: $210
Style Code: ID1632

When is the Next Yeezy Drop - Yeezy Slide Azure - AIO BotYeezy Slide Azure
Retail Price: $70
Style Code: ID4133

Okay so, this might not be the exact answer you were looking for when is the next Yeezy drop? However, you should keep an open mind about this all. In the end, these are Kanye West’s sneakers and we know everything related to Yeezy is different. The Nike Air Yeezy collaboration ended on a sour note, and the sneakers are still EXPENSIVE AF.

And also, have to consider other options as well at this point. Since the whole checks over stripes thing are pretty much dead, join the checks! Nike sneakers are doing pretty awesome on resale – especially with all their best sneaker collaborations! Air Jordans have been going strong for YEARS with no sign of slowing down. So, we might not know the answer to when is the next Yeezy drop… But, you can always check the full Air Jordan lineup for the month. Maybe you’ll find something a little more to your taste!