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When is the Next Yeezy Drop? A Quarter Past NEVER!

By November 14, 2023Adidas, Yeezy

AIO Bot - When Is The Next Yeezy Drop - Adidas May Writes Off Remaining Unsold YeezysAnd the shitshow carries on… After postponing the third Yeezy sale, Adidas hints at the potential of writing off the value of remaining Yeezy stock. Which got people moving on from questioning: when is the next Yeezy drop, to will there be another Yeezy drop? 

Background Check 

When is the next Yeezy drop?

Around this time last year, Adidas terminated its partnership with Kanye West. However, at that time, a November Yeezy lineup had already existed and so that got sneakerheads wondering where did that stock go. And whether or not Adidas will drop the remaining Yeezy sneakers before Ye and Adidas go their separate ways. 

Turns out, Adidas had around $1.3 BILLION worth of Yeezys stacked up somewhere in their warehouses. That’s when the Three Stripes had to make its decision: either burn the remaining Yeezys to the ground leading to a huge loss in market share, OR cut back on those losses and make a deal with Ye to sell the stock. Thankfully enough, the brand picked the latter. However, halfway through that plan, Adidas announces that it’ll be postponing the third Yeezy sale, indefinitely. 

And to those who thought there was something off about the whole thing, you weren’t wrong. Because now Adidas hints that it might or might not release the remaining Yeezy stock- AKA the third Yeezy sale- EVER!

Potential Write-Off Value for Unsold Yeezy Stock by Adidas

Up till now, Adidas has sold around $1 BILLION worth of Yeezy stock through the first and second releases. But the remaining inventory of Yeezy merchandise is now valued at around $320 MILLION. And that’s one big number. 

When asked about their plans, Guldon refused to say what would happen if inventory remains unsold, but he did say, “We of course hope that we can do more drops next year and that we can get value out of it and donate proceeds to anti-hate groups but right now, financially, we haven’t made the decision.” 

He also added that the company writing off the Yeezy inventory is “financially the worst case.” Still, Adidas’ CEO did include a possible write-off of the remaining unsold Yeezys in the earnings outlook for this year. 

Which leaves us wondering yet again, when is the next Yeezy drop? 

When Is The Next Yeezy Drop?


No, seriously. When is the next Yeezy drop? Well, probably not anytime soon! And since we have no idea what’s happening next, why don’t we talk about the almost-drops of November? In other words, the lineup that was supposed to drop during November. But wait, they weren’t even revealed in the first place. So, we really don’t know what their deal is anymore… 

However, you should keep an open mind about this all. In the end, these are Kanye West’s sneakers and we know everything related to Yeezy is different. The Nike Air Yeezy collaboration ended on a sour note, and the sneakers are still EXPENSIVE AF.

At the same time, you have to consider other options as well at this point. Since the whole checks over stripes thing is pretty much dead, join the checks! Nike sneakers are doing pretty awesome on resale – especially with all their best sneaker collaborations! Air Jordans have been going strong for YEARS with no sign of slowing down. So, we might not know the answer to when is the next Yeezy drop… But, you can always check the full Air Jordan lineup for the month. Maybe you’ll find something a little more to your taste!