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Where are Adidas Shoes Made – Main Locations Revealed

By February 8, 2024Adidas, Sneaker Tutorial

AIO Bot - Where Are Adidas Shoes MadeDid you know that Adidas’ workforce accounted for over 65,000 employees in 2019? However, by the end of 2022, this number decreased to 59,258. This shouldn’t be a surprise, since this was a classic post-covid effect for most companies around the world. But 59,000+ is still a huge number. But when it comes to factory workers, at some point, Adidas exceeded 775,000 workers, worldwide. So, how many factories do Adidas own? Or better yet, since we’re mainly interested in sneakers, including Yeezyswhich are returning soon, where are Adidas shoes made? Let’s find out! 

Where are Adidas Shoes Made? 

So, the 59,258 employees we just mentioned ain’t exactly distributed between a mere two or three factories in a couple of countries. If you haven’t known this before, Adidas have more than 400 independent factories that manufacture their products in around 45 countries. 

But again, where are Adidas shoes made? 

Most Adidas shoes and other products are mainly manufactured in China from over 100 factories there. But it’s also worth noting that the brand doesn’t own all of these factories. Some of them are third-party contractors. Vietnam is the second-largest producer of Adidas shoes. Then comes India, followed by Turkey and Indonesia. But it’s worth mentioning that these aren’t the only Asian countries that manufacture Adidas shoes. The list is long, but these are the main ones. 

Moving onto another continent, we’ve got Europe. And being the home to the international sporting goods company, it’s only right Adidas own some factories in Germany. And they do. We’ve also got Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom making it to the list of “Where are Adidas shoes made?”

In addition, we’ve got the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil as some of the main countries that manufacture Adidas shoes. Last but not least, Australia, New Zealand, as well as, African countries, such as Swaziland, Lesotho, and South Africa also contribute to manufacturing Adidas shoes. 

Where Are Adidas Shoes Made - AIO BotWhy Does Adidas Own That Many Factories Around the World?

Other than questioning “Where are Adidas shoes made?,” some wonder about the reason the brand chooses as many locations to manufacture shoes. In other words, why would Adidas, or any other sneaker brand, own so many factories across the world? Well, some of the main reasons they tend to do that, include:

  • Cost efficiency
  • Market access
  • Risk reduction

For one, costs, including production, labor, and materials, vary according to region. So, by diversifying manufacturing locations, Adidas can take advantage of cost efficiencies in different countries of the world. And logically speaking, owning factories near main markets offers the company an opportunity to respond to local consumer demand and preferences. 

In addition, this strategy helps reduce geopolitical, economic, or natural disaster risks by not depending on one single country for manufacturing products. So all in all, owning factories across the globe helps companies, like Adidas, optimize their global supply chain. 

However, it’s a common fact that expanding into various countries increases the complexity of a company’s operations and exposes it to a range of risks, including those related to workforce practices and sustainability. 

This may result in bringing out some of the biggest scandals in sneaker history. But sustainability-wise, Adidas has been upping the game in pushing sustainable sneakers like never before. You can read more about that by clicking on the button below!