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Where Are Nike Shoes Made: Manufacturing the Swoosh!

By October 6, 2021Nike, Sneaker News

Where Are Nike Shoes Made - AIO BotSneakerheads are naturally curious beings… or at least WE are! Which is why we’ve always had to answer the question: where are Nike shoes made? 

We’re genuinely curious about where an American multinational corporation like Swoosh would develop and manufacture its shoes! Nike shoes involve a whole lot of sneaker technology, sample testings, tons of different collaborations, and sustainable material. So, it’s interesting to know where Swoosh handles all its manufacturing business. 

In short, we know where Jordans are made, we know where Yeezys are made, and now it’s time for Nike!

Where Are Nike Shoes Made?

Sneaker Boxes _Nike - AIO BotWhere are Nike shoes made? Well, Nike shoes are made in China, Vietnam, Japan, Thailand, Italy, and Indonesia. But, China mainly manufactures Nike sneakers. In fact, here are a few things you should know about the manufacturing of Nike kicks!

1. Production of Nike sneakers spreads over 54 countries/regions in between material and finished goods manufacturing
2. It involves 605 contract factories 7 facilities, 1M+ factory workers, and 500K+ different products
3. China and Vietnam handle 36% of the total Nike sneakers manufactured worldwide
4. Indonesia accounts for 22% of the total Nike sneakers manufactured worldwide
5. And, Thailand accounts for 6% of the total Nike shoes manufactured worldwide

*NOTE: The values above are provided from the Nike Manufacturing Map that answers the question: where are Nike shoes made. It uses transparency as a fundamental part of its new sustainability strategy. Also, you can find the name and location of each factory, including the type of product they produce. And, you can even find information about the workers at the Finished Goods facilities! 

Manufacturing Scandals & Controversies 

Sneaker Boxes _Nike - AIO BotWhere are Nike shoes made? We’ve got that covered. But, how are Nike shoes made? That’s a whole different story. Here’s how they do it.

In short, and without being too technical, the manufacturing process of Nike kicks looks like this!
1. The workers first cut up all the material in the shapes and forms according to sneaker anatomy
2. Then they sew the pieces together right above the soles
3. After that, they prepare the “stock fittings” – the soles
4. Also, they prepare the attachment of the uppers to the soles
5. Next, they attach and shape the bottoms of the heels for the final form
6. Finally, add whatever accessories they need and final touches

In other words, it’s a very long process indeed that definitely requires long working hours and effort. Where are Nike shoes made has everything to do with the actual manufacturing. Also, these regions and countries offer low-cost labor and less strict conditions. A lot of which brought out some of the biggest Nike scandals in history. You can read all about that by click on the button below!


But, thankfully, Nike now works on far more sustainable and ethical production and manufacturing strategy. They’re trying to bring more humane and natural colors into their production with eco-friendly and ethical fashion. They’ve got the Nike Grind movement, the Move to Zero, and so much more. So, where are Nike shoes made? In ethical, sustainable sneaker heaven!