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How & Where Are Yeezys Made [Before Kanye West Uproots the Brand!]

By August 21, 2020July 17th, 2021News, Yeezy

Where Are Yeezys Made - AIO BotHow and where are Yeezys made: A legacy unraveled!

Kanye West, the owner of one of the greatest footwear brands in sneaker history, began his trek with the Swoosh. This was the short-lived era of the ground-breaking Air Yeezy releases! Then, in 2013, the most amazing phenomenon occurred! Our man Yeezus decided to leave the Swoosh and partner with the German giant, Adidas. This was a total game-changer for both Kanye and Adidas, and the sneaker industry was never the same!

The once-striving Chicagoan rapper longed for a generational brand legacy and creative freedom – which Nike, according to him, failed to provide. The same thing happened with sneaker designer Sean Wotherspoon! You’d think they learned from the ‘Ye incident.

This just goes to show that Adidas knew there was a chance they HAD to grab instantly and offered him 15% royalty on wholesale.  If the almighty Michael Jordan receives 5% from Nike for the multi-billion dollar Jordan brand, Adidas must have seen West as a superpower worth hanging on to. This is the legacy of how Adidas Yeezy rose from Nike’s own burnt Air Yeezy ashes.

But, how much do you actually know about the brand itself and the production process of Yeezys? Like, where are Yeezys made? HOW or what goes into their production?  What’s the real story behind these out-of-this-world sneakers? Let’s find out!

Where Are Yeezys Made?

Why Are Yeezys_Expensive - Moving to US - AIO BotWhere are Yeezys made? CHINA.

In brief, Yeezys are manufactured under Adidas in China, but Kanye West has been aiming toward moving Yeezy production to the US by 2021. Well, it’s 2021 – do you think it’ll happen anytime soon? This whole move is to remove the hype brand from the US/Chinese tariff war and supply chain complex. While, at the same time, promoting stateside jobs, faster production, and eco-friendly fashion. Nothing short of the US-based American dream.

Do you think this is related to the sudden Yeezy material change in the all-new Yeezy Mono Pack release? We really hope our beloved PrimeKnit does not fall victim to such a drastic change. We also hope Kanye doesn’t decide to up the price tag – they already expensive sneakers. No cap.

Where are Yeezys made? YEEZY LAND.

Another more real answer to our question is in the head of the sneaker mastermind Steven Smith who joined creative forces with Kanye West to deliver the balance between top-notch quality and true identity. In addition to Jon Wexler, the General Manager of Adidas Yeezy, who relentlessly promotes the brand on his social media platforms. These three men joined forces to create the ultimate Yeezy land of sneakers!

Most recently in a Tweet on July 25th, Kanye West welcomed Tina Frey to the Yeezy family. What does a minimalist kitchenware designer have to contribute to an already minimalist sneaker? Perhaps Kanye wants a feminine reinterpretation of the colorways he’s been loyal to for almost a decade. 

What Goes Into Yeezy Production?

It wasn’t till the release of the Yeezy 750 that the Adidas TPU-foam realized its market potential as something greater than mere running shoe material. And, when Kanye introduced the Yeezy 350, it was a literal sneaker breakthrough!

Yeezy 350s basically feature Primeknit and Boost technologies that interpret the monochromatic fashion vision of Kanye West. Not to mention the synthetic yarn fusion that holds the silhouette together.

However, silhouettes like the Wave Runner 700 and 700 MNVN raise the question flag. The Wave Runner comes down to a smart mash of suede and mesh and the on-foot minivan is primarily nylon! A huge design shift from the Yeezy hype! We keep on paying a minimum of $200 for the kicks, but nobody seems to be judging. 

The Yeezy 500, nonetheless, played the shift smart. Instead of totally shifting from the fan-adored Primeknit structure, it features mesh underlays and suede materials. Since Adidas only pays BASF, the German chemical company that rightfully owns Boost, for exclusive rights. Which raised questions on its long-term incorporation of Boost. The 500s features adiPrene foam, owned by Adidas, as a substitute.

The Yeezy Foam Runner made primarily from algae-blended EVA retails for $75 – $80. This is a step down the price ladder from $220 nylon wrappers, but still pricey for ocean feet. Kanye makes his Foam Runner prototypes in Atlanta in a hydroponic farm plan. West even intends to include other types of farms on the 4,000-acre ranch.

Spotting Fakes!

Yeezys - Limited Run Sneakers - AIO BotDid you know that you can tell the difference between a legit and a fake Yeezy pair by checking the box sticker label? 

For example, the top left box contains a human figure closer to the top of a real pair. Whereas, a greater gap can be detected with a fake pair. The bar codes are also different. So, it is most recommended to scan the sticker before flexing the sneaker. Read here about the barcode scan test and the difference between legit and fake results. 

Although Yeezys with a country of fabrication label reading other than China are a no-no, we can’t solely rely on where Yeezys are made with a multinational corporation like Adidas. Also considering China’s long and hard history of counterfeit. So, we’ve carefully put together this list of other details to live by when wearing your Yeezy detective hat.

And, if your excitement got the best of you, feel out the wrapping paper and shoe trees with your fingers. If they feel crunchy thick and appear crumpled, they’re most likely the real deal. Since fake wrapping paper is usually super thin and falls apart easily. 

Where Are Yeezys Made? Who CARES?

The bottom line is, Kanye West considers his knack for experimentation as a “product guy” superpower. So, to answer the question of where are Yeezys made: it doesn’t matter much! Whether Yeezy production continues to happen in China or moves to the US, the brainpower behind them is the same. Kanye West and his trusted design team have established the Yeezy brand name in the market and aftermarket.

What matters really is your ability to cop these sneakers! No matter where Yeezys are made. They’re still one of the most coveted sneakers in the industry. You know how the copping game goes, it ain’t easy. Sneaker botting is the only way you’ll ever get your hands on a Yeezy! But, thankfully, you can always rely on the best Yeezy bot on the market – AIO Bot

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