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Where is Kanye West? We Can’t Seem to Find Ye!

By January 10, 2023February 16th, 2023Adidas, Yeezy

Where is Kanye West (1) - AIO BotSo, when it comes to the break up of the Adidas x Ye partnership, there’s a LOT to say there. But, after everything cooled off a bit, we were left wondering… Where is Kanye West?

If you have no idea what happened, let’s recap. We’re going to take you back to the main events leading up to the biggest breakup in sneaker history. Although Ye was generally considered a ticking time bomb, it still came as a surprise. No one really thought that Adidas would drop Ye, even Kanye didn’t think they had it in them! Find out what happened:

  • Yeezy Day 2022 dropped and Ye was very mad about it claiming Adidas created this monumental event without his consent
  • On October 16th, Kanye posts anti-Semitic Tweets and sets the entire world on fire, and claims that “Adidas can’t drop me”
  • However, on October 25th, Adidas announced that their partnership with Kanye is officially over
  • People started panic-selling Yeezys and some even BURNING them!
  • And then they later announced that they will be producing unbranded Yeezys
  • The first drop is the Adidas 350 Granite in January 2023, marking the death of Yeezys

If you want more in-depth information on everything leading to the break, click here!

But, after the dust kinda settled, everyone’s asking: where is Kanye West? Amid rumors of missing reports, kidnapping, and even death? We’re definitely a bit concerned. It is unlike Kanye to be quiet… unless he’s planning something. So, we did a little digging, and here’s what we found out!


Adidas_Yeezy Ends Collaboration - AIO BotFirst things first, Kanye West is not dead. He is not missing. And, definitely not kidnapped. But then, where is Kanye West? 

So, when news broke out that Ye’s ex-manager and business partner Thomas St. John couldn’t find Ye, rumors started. Apparently, his former business manager is attempting to serve Ye with court papers over alleged unpaid fees. The lawsuit would definitely be a multi-million dollar one ($4.5 million exactly), but he can’t track Ye down. Even more, it seems like Kanye doesn’t currently have an active lawyer working for him either. This all led people to believe that Ye HAS to be missing!

St. John is suing Ye for breach of contract after Ye had agreed to pay him a $300,000 monthly retainer. Apparently, the two had some kind of falling out and Ye stopped paying him.

Before this, Kanye was last seen in mid-December, attending church in a full-on face mask. But, after that, it was basic radio silence. In all honesty, when you hear this, you stop wondering about his whereabouts because he’s obviously hiding. LOL. the man’s paying $200,000 in child support! But, where is Kanye West going to go with this all?


After weeks of people speculating and asking where is Kanye West, we finally have an answer. So, according to TMZ, Ye was JUST spotted out and about. And, he wasn’t alone! We finally got a glimpse of Ye accompanied by a mysterious in Beverly Hills on Monday morning. And, he looked VERY MUCH alive… 

Who is this mystery woman? We have yet to find out. For now, all we gotta do is wait to see what plans Ye has in store for us. In the meantime, we’ll focus on the upcoming Air Jordan 2023 releases instead!