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Where to Sell PS5: A Guide to PS5 Reselling for Max Profit!

By April 28, 2022Retail

Where to Sell PS5 Consoles - PS5 Reselling - AIO BotRetail shopping is one of the most lucrative businesses that you can do straight from home! It actually makes so much money that people have resorted to the use of shopping bots just for the competition. And, one of the best money-making sales happens to be the PS5 reselling! So, this poses the question: where to sell PS5 consoles?

There are different places that you can go to resell your PS5. This is the same concept as sneaker reselling! All you have to do is find the platform or place to sell your PS5 that offers the MAXIMUM amount of profit. You want to resell your gaming console without losing profit to different fees. So, we’re going to lay out all the options for you to check out!

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#1 eBay

So, one of the first places that come to mind on where to sell PS5 consoles has to be eBay! The retail giant eBay has actually been gaining a lot of traction in the sneaker industry too. Therefore, it is definitely a legit place to start with for PS5 reselling. It also happens to be the place that kinda started the entire reselling concept. So, if you’re gonna start somewhere, you might as well start there!

If you want to sell your PS5 on eBay, expect a charge of 10 to 15% of the final value.

PS5_Reselling - AIO Bot#2 Amazon

And then, there’s Amazon – another good option for where to sell PS5 consoles. However, Amazon does still feel slightly posher than eBay. This is also because they have an entirely different method to their reseller programs. In order to become a PS5 reseller on Amazon, you have to choose a plan to pay per sale!

Therefore, if you want to sell your PS5 on Amazon, you have to choose between paying $0.99/item sold or $39.99/month + referral fees. These fees for reselling a PS5 gaming console range around 8%. Click here for more info.

#3 StockX

Where to Sell PS5 GFX - AIO BotAlso, if you’re a sneakerhead, you might definitely feel more comfortable in your zone – aka StockX! If you’re looking for where to sell PS5 consoles as a sneakerhead, StockX is for you! However, you can’t resell a used PS5 – strictly deadstock material. But, they do ensure complete integrity and you’ve got the added security.

PS5 reselling on StockX is going to cost you a 15% fee of the transaction price. Definitely a bit on the steeper side of fees.


Next, on where to sell PS5 consoles, we’ve got a place that is very user-friendly for anyone wanting to cash out! We’re talking about Swappa! You just sell directly to other people without needing a middleman which gives you the best prices and highest values. The only thing they require is a very small fair fee that Swappa splits between buyers and sellers.

So, to resell your PS5 on Swappa, you have to pay a small 3% seller fee!

#5 decluttr

Where to Sell PS5 GFX II - AIO BotFinally, the last place on our list of where to sell PS5 consoles – decluttr. Now, this is also another very user-friendly place to check out. They offer great prices for tech devices, and you get to send out your items for free. However, they work on the concept of ‘next day payments’. This means that you’ll get paid the day after your item arrives. You either get paid via Direct Deposit or PayPal!

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