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Where to Sell Sneakers for the Maximum Amount of Cash Back!

By June 14, 2023Make Money, Sneakers

AIO - Where to Sell SneakersOne thing you gotta know: sneaker reselling is worth your every effort. Matter of fact, the sneaker industry is among the 3 most profitable industries out there. Not only retailers and the actual brands that sell sneakers are the ones that get all the money. Because the sneaker reselling market does exist! And every single person on earth can take part in the profit-making hustle- aka the sneaker reselling hustle. But here, one main question might arise: where to sell sneakers?

Now, put differently, sneaker reselling is one of the most profitable side hustles. So, if you do it right, you’ll be making tons of money in no time. But the very first thing you need to do before diving head-first into this hustle is to learn how to buy sneakers for retail. So, for a complete cheat sheet on how to catch sneakers for retail on release day, click below! 

Also, some think the sneaker reselling market might be sinking. But they couldn’t be more wrong. Or they’re simply not sneakerheads keeping up with the much-alive and dramatic industry. Okay, so maybe Adidas is one foot in, one out with dropping Kanye for good. But that doesn’t mean there are no new epic collaborations happening. Nor does it mean, other sneaker brands aren’t performing better now than ever before. Actually, Nike and Jordan Brand have been dropping the best lineups, keeping the hype on literal fire, 

Where to Sell Sneakers?

#1 Sell Sneakers in Person

Sell Sneakers in PersonSo, you wanna know where to sell sneakers, but still prefer face-to-face human interaction? God knows why. Well, you can always sell sneakers by doing in-person deals like through annual sneaker conventions, on social media accounts like Facebook or Twitter, or even go on Craigslist.

Honestly, that seems like a lot of shady, sus work that requires too much effort for us. But, if you’re planning to become a local sneaker reseller within your region, then knock yourself out! Still, we gotta tell you to be careful! This IS the virtual era, and not a lot of people will be willing to do business in person anymore. Especially after the whole global pandemic thing and being under lockdown for so long.

Besides, the best thing about making money from reselling, is that you can do it straight from home! The upside about this is that you won’t have to pay shipping or platform fees. So, you’ll save a couple of bucks. Just try to be safe and use common sense!

#2 Independent Consignment Stores

Independent Consignment StoresPhysical brick-and-mortar consignment stores are another great place to sell sneakers – like Fight Club and Stadium Goods! Actual walk-in stores that you can visit to sell your shoes! But, if you don’t know how consignment stores work, we got you covered.

Here’s how it goes. You get your sneakers into the consignment store of your choice, get them appraised, priced, and then you leave them there to be sold. BUT, you don’t get paid upfront. You only get your money after they sell the sneakers. Also, the store always gets a cut – like 80/20 or something. So, make sure you take good care of your sneakers – ain’t selling beaters.

If your sneaker collection ultimately has a lot of deadstock pairs, then you might be looking into a very profitable way of making money! Of course, the drawback of this method is that it could take some time before you get your cashback. Also, this may not work for everyone – especially if you can’t find a proper consignment store in your area!

Here’s a list of the best consignment stores out there:
Soled Out
Stadium Goods
Sole Supremacy
Flight Club

#3 Online Sneaker Marketplaces

Where to Sell Sneaker - OnlineSo, you wanna sell sneakers online? But, where to sell sneakers online is the real question. Lucky for you, the sneaker industry has a LOT of online sneaker reselling platforms that you can choose from. It all comes down to transaction fees, authenticity checks, and reputation. Because let’s face it, you wanna know where to sell sneakers to make money. You don’t wanna end up OWING money. But, you see, some of these resale platforms charge pretty steep fees!

You can find yourself paying anywhere from 6% to 30% on every sale for every transaction! Wanna know more specifics about reselling on these websites? 

Here’s a list of the best online sneaker marketplaces:
Fight Club
Stadium Goods 

Now you know where to sell sneakers in every possible way! All you gotta do now is hop right into selling sneakers and get to money-making!